White Horse

In our class we have all the Year 2 children and some of the Year 1 children. Our teacher is Mrs Twentyman and our teaching assistants are Mrs Trusler and Mrs Hiscock. They make our learning fun and exciting and we enjoy school.

This term, we are working on the theme of Antarctica, with special reference to penguins. We have worked hard on lovely art projects and have done plenty of map work as we find out more about this cold region.

Our theme last term was about the history of transport and we found out about the history of flight and also of bicycles! We had a trip to British aerospace museum where we saw lots of old fashioned vehicles and also the Concorde.



Salisbury Museum came to our school to show us amazing artefacts from the Ancient Romans! This is part of our Diversity Project where we learn more about the different cultures that make up our country.






We are very good at making friends in this class and welcome new people very kindly. We are proud of behaving very well and caring for each other. We enjoy our French and sports lessons as well.