Reading Comprehension Questions

Unpicking the text
Questions you might like to ask before reading:
• What is the title of the book?
• Have you read any other books by this author?
• Have you read the ‘blurb’ on the back cover?
• What does the cover tell you about the book?
• What do you think the book is about?
• What are you curious to find out about this book?
• What do you already know about this book?
• What do you want to learn?
• Why are you reading this book?
Questions you might like to ask during reading:
• What has happened so far?
• What do you think will happen next? What gives you the clues to this?
• What is the problem in the book?
• Which is your favourite character? Why?
• How are these characters connected? (friends/relations/partners in crime…)
• What do you like/dislike about Bernard? How do you know he is like this?
• What do we know about Bernard? (physical and personality characteristics, habits, job, likes/dislikes …) How do you know this?
• Why do you think Bernard did/said/felt that? What makes you think this?
• When you were reading this part, what were you picturing in your head?
• Why is this part in a different type of writing (bold/italic/typeface)
Questions you might like to ask after reading:
• Describe the setting of the story.
• Describe how a character changed throughout the book. Explain using examples from the text.
• Which of the characters did you like best? Why?
• What were some of the problems or situations the characters encountered?
• Tell about a part that you liked or disliked and explain why.
Encourage your child to refer to the text, to give examples from the text for their views and to look at words critically to see what the nuance and implications might be of those particular words.

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