Newsletter 9 – 8th November

Dear Parents

Parent Teacher meetings We hope that you have booked an appointment to see your child’s teacher on either 11th or 13th November. Please remember that each appointment is only 10 minutes long and we aim to keep strictly to time. If you require a longer appointment, please feel free to ask the teacher for this extra meeting when you see them. Of course, you are most welcome to contact your child’s teacher at any time to ask for a meeting to discuss any aspect of your child’s education during the course of the year – you do not need to wait for the next formal meeting invitation.

Lantern making Mrs Jelf has very kindly agreed to organise a Lantern Making Workshop for parents and their children. If you and your child would like to make a lantern and then take part in the Devizes Lantern Parade, please do come along. The workshop will take place in the Art Centre from 3.00pm – 4.30pm on Tuesday 26th November. Parents must accompany their children to this workshop. The cost is £2 per person. Please complete the slip or let us know at the office if you would like to take part – final date for sign up is Friday 22nd November. Payment in advance please.  We can only accommodate 20 children with one parent each, so please sign up quickly if you want a place in this workshop.

Visit by an author On Wednesday we had author Adrian Townsend come and talk to our children about his writing career. (He has written the Gran’s Gang books.) We are always keen for our children to read as much as possible and we hope that this visit will stimulate more children to read for fun.

Winter Please send your children in with coats as it is cold up on our school field and the children go out to play regardless of the temperature. All clothing MUST be marked with your child’s name – even if you just write on the label in pen. In icy conditions, we will grit the pathway from the pedestrian gate on the High Street to the door that opens onto the playground. We almost never close the school due to poor weather – in the absence of any notification, please assume the school is open. If we have to close the school because roads are impassable or conditions unsafe for children and staff to travel, text messages will be sent out, a note will be published on our website and on Facebook, and the local radio stations will carry the message.

Policies Each year at this time I like to summarise in the newsletter some of our most relevant policies and procedures, so that parents are familiar with them. This week, we will discuss briefly the behaviour and anti-bullying policy. Behaviour in our school is usually exceptionally good. We use a very direct positive behaviour strategy – we constantly say to the children how beautifully they behave and how proud we are of them. This helps them to understand what the expected behaviour looks like. If we do need to sanction anyone, we might meet their eye (often this is enough to stop any unwanted behaviour), or have a word with them. If this does not work, they may have a few minutes being separated from the rest of the class. If the breach is serious or ongoing, they may have to meet the Headteacher and/or have playtime detention. We have never, in the 14 years of my headship, needed to exclude any child. The ethos of the school encourages good behaviour and children want to do the right thing to make sure the community works effectively for all.

We have zero tolerance of bullying in this school. Any allegation of bullying will be investigated as a matter of urgency and, if upheld, will be dealt with in line with our anti-bullying policy. Bullying is defined as deliberately hurtful behaviour, repeated over a period of time. This could be physical or emotional bullying, cyber bullying or discrimination. Sometimes children will accuse each other of bullying when in fact they mean that they have fallen out with a friend. In these cases, they are given support to cope with social situations. If there is evidence of bullying, a file of bullying will be opened. All parents involved will be informed, the victim will be given support, and the perpetrator will be given sanctions and might have a behaviour plan put in place if necessary.  If a child continues to bully another child, we would consider a fixed term or permanent exclusion for this offence. We are fortunate that we have very few bullying incidents in this school and children tell us that they feel safe in school. Children understand that they have to report to an adult if they know of any bullying taking place in our school community.

Collective Worship This week, we reflected on Remembrance, courage and compassion, and the work of the British Legion. We shall have two minutes of silence on Monday 11th November at 11.00am.

Collection of reusable clothes – These will be collected on Tuesday 19th November. A bag has been sent home already – the company pay 50p a kilo for reusable clothes that people will want to buy and wear as affordable clothing around the world – all clothes need to be something you’d wear out yourself or pass on to friends and family. Please do not send in poor quality items which are dirty, ripped or soiled. They do accept paired shoes, belts, handbags & jewellery but no pillows, duvets, curtains or any uniform.

Extra Mural Activities at Holy Trinity: Although we have extra mural clubs most afternoons, as well as through some lunchtimes, if you feel that you would like offer another club, please approach us with your ideas. Special interest clubs are always popular. At present, we offer several sports clubs, crochet and other handcrafts, chess, choir, handbells, ukulele, pop-up gardening, drama and art.

It is worth pointing out that research shows that children should be allowed to be “Bored” for several hours every day – this means no organised activities, no screens or devices. Just let them have access to cardboard boxes, paper, pens, construction sets, outdoor space, etc. They can then let their own creativity flow, and embed their learning. Some research shows that many children work much longer hours than their parents once all the hours of organised activities and clubs have been added together. Just being allowed to play freely and on their own in their safe, rich environment at home is a very valuable and precious thing.

Witchcombe Close  Some of our parents have been parking in Witchcombe Close (which is a private road and NO ONE should be parking there except residents) and we are horrified to learn that some people are then being aggressive and using bad language in front of children when the residents challenge them. One of our parents apparently almost rode over one of the residents who was challenging her. The police are being informed of these incidents, photos will be taken of the licence plates and these details will be sent to the police. No one should be parking in Witchcombe Close or in Chitham Close.  These areas belong to the residents. Please respect their private property and please treat everyone with courtesy and respect.

Erlestoke Medieval Fireworks postponed due to very windy and wet conditions, will be held on 9th November starting at 5.00pm in the Walled Garden at Erlestoke. Come along and enjoy the event.

 Upcoming Events (Calendar of events is available on the website at www. )
Monday 11th November Parent/Teacher meetings 5.30pm – 8.00pm
Wednesday 13th November Parent/Teacher meetings 3.10pm  – 6.00pm


Wednesday 11th December Handbell and choir Christmas concert in school hall 5.00pm – all welcome
Monday 16th December Christmas Performances – tickets will be sent out closer to the time KS1 – 10.00am

KS2 – 1.30pm

Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th December Christmas Performances – tickets will be sent out closer to the time KS1 – 5.00pm

KS2 – 6.15pm

Thursday 19th December Christmas Service at the church and Christmas Party at school 9.30am for service

12.00pm start of party

Friday 20th December Last day of term & Christmas dinner by Lataca

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning

We welcome and value your opinion. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Head teacher or Chair of Governors.

PFA News

This Term This term is set to be a fun and busy one for the PFA and your ongoing support by attending events, volunteering your time or purchasing items that create funds is much appreciated. As it is a rather full term, if you are available to help out in any way with any events or fundraisers, please get in touch with your class rep or by emailing us directly.

Christmas Cards and Tea-Towels Thank you to all who have taken the time to design and order Christmas cards. Thank you also if you have submitted a self-portrait design for the Holy Trinity tea-towel. The deadline for tea-towel designs has now been extended until MONDAY (11th November) so if you have not yet had a chance to do yours, there is still an opportunity. Extra pieces of the correct size of paper are available at Reception.

Non- Uniform Day and Christmas Fair Friday 22nd November is Non-Uniform Day for the whole school. The PFA ask for a ‘secret jar’ for the school fair in exchange for your child coming to school in their own clothes for the day. Please fill a jar with small prizes such as sweets, stationery, balls, stickers, crafts and jokes and wrap your jar to keep the contents hidden! The jars are hugely popular with the children at the Christmas Fair. If you have any questions about this then please get in touch.

The Christmas Fair this year will take place on Friday 6th December 3-4:30pm.

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