Newsletter 9 – 13th November 2020

Dear Parents

Individual Photos Each year, our resident photographer, Mr Gyllenspetz, takes wonderful individual portraits of our children and we arrange to sell them to parents through a website that prints the photos for us. This year, with all the other challenges facing us, we have decided to approach this differently.

We will have to take the photos of the children outdoors, to reduce the risk to each Bubble. The children will be at more of a distance from the photographer than usual for their photos. And we hope to be able to send these portraits out to parents electronically and for free. Whilst this will add to the workload of our staff in school, we feel that it will be a way of helping our families through these difficult times. You will then be able to print off the photos yourselves if you wish to. Photos will be taken some time during the week commencing 16th November – as soon as there is a day that is dry enough to set up Mr G’s photographic equipment outside.

Church Visit Stonehenge class had a beautiful walk to our local village church, St Peter’s, this week, to see the display that the congregation have put up there, showing our children’s work on Poppy Day themes. We love to have these close links with the local church and enjoyed this joint project between school and church very much even though we were constrained by Covid restrictions about what we could do and how long we could stay in the church.

Christmas fun We have been very fortunate that so many of our parents have given generous financial donations to help us manage the difficult situation we are in at present. As the result of these, we are able to plan some great events over the coming term. The most recent event to be added to our calendar is a petting zoo that will visit our children on the 8th and 9th December. Children will be discussing the nativity at this time, with the animals being part of that story, so to have real animals coming to visit us will be a wonderful treat. The children will see the exhibition in their separate Bubbles, will have lots of hand washing, and all hygiene and safety precautions will be taken. My thanks to Mrs Twentyman and our generous benefactors who have organised this for our children.

We also hope to have a Panto and Popcorn event in each classroom – we will buy a license for the virtual panto and then we can show it to each Bubble in the safety of their own classroom. Oh yes, we can!

Our wonderful PFA are arranging for Santa to drop off some little gifts on our Christmas party day, and the PFA will provide each class with a box of party treats, crackers etc. Please do order your lunch as usual on that day, Thursday 17th December, as we shall not be providing a full lunch as we usually do for this event.

We are also looking forward to having a school choir, singing and recording some Christmas songs in a very careful and Covid safe way, with lots of percussion. Patrick Williams and Mrs Jones are collaborating to produce something amazing which we can share with parents, in an electronic format.

As already mentioned, our Hindu/Diwali day will take place on Wednesday 25th November. Children can wear their brightest coloured clothes on this day – the brighter the better! They do need to be warm, as the school is cool at the moment, and they do need to wear their trainers.

Our last day of term will include the usual hot Christmas dinner – do order this if you wish your child to have it, even if you do not usually have school dinners. There is a charge for children from Year 3 and up. The usual Christmas entertainer, The Science Boffin, will be in school on that day as well – performing for the children in their Bubbles rather than having us all together as we usually do.  

And each class will be taking part in their own celebrations and events as well – night time walks, trips to the church, radio plays, Christmas poetry, Christmas nativity plays to be performed outdoors, and so much more. This will be a magical and special term for children, in spite of the difficult circumstances.

Parental Canvassing Thank you to those parents who have already sent back the Canvassing form – your comments and views are very valuable and we are grateful for the time you have spent completing the form. We would be grateful if everyone else could complete this survey and send it back to us by Wednesday 18th November. It is very useful for us to hear your views on our provision – what we do well, and what we could do to improve. Your views are important to us and will be taken into account as we plan for the future.

Waterproofs Please make sure your child has a waterproof jacket and a change of shoes/wellies in school as well as their extra fleece. We continue to have the children outside as much as possible to ensure we reduce the risk of infection. We ask that you label every item with your child’s name – even just written in biro on the manufacturer’s label will help us return lost items.

Hot Dinners Please make sure you have ordered your child’s hot dinners from Lataca if you wish to have them from next week.

Wrap Around Care  We still have plenty of capacity in our Wrap Around Care provision. If you wish to register for a place, please contact the office or go onto our website under “Information for Parents” where there is a tab for Wrap Around Care. The forms that need to be completed are on that page.

Collective Worship This week, we reflected on Remembrance, courage and compassion, and the work of the British Legion. We thought about how important it is that each of us is a peacemaker. We had two minutes of silence on Wednesday 11th November at 11.00am, each Bubble doing this separately rather than as a whole school as we usually do.

Feedback on your child’s progress and attainment On Wednesday 18th November, we will send out a short written report on your child’s progress and attainment since they returned to school this year. This takes the place of the face to face parents’ meetings that usually happen at this time. If you have any questions about the report, please contact us to arrange a phone appointment with your child’s teacher.

Policies Each year at this time I like to summarise in the newsletter some of our most relevant policies and procedures, so that parents are familiar with them.This week, we will discuss briefly the behaviour and anti-bullying policy. Behaviour in our school is usually exceptionally good. We use a very direct positive behaviour strategy – we constantly say to the children how beautifully they behave and how proud we are of them. This helps them to understand what the expected behaviour looks like. If we do need to sanction anyone, we might meet their eye (often this is enough to stop any unwanted behaviour), or have a word with them. If this does not work, they may have a few minutes being separated from the rest of the class. If the breach is serious or ongoing, they may have to meet the Headteacher and/or have playtime detention or miss a privilege in some way. We have never, in the 15 years of my headship, needed to exclude any child. The ethos of the school encourages good behaviour and children want to do the right thing to make sure the community works effectively for all.

We have zero tolerance of bullying in this school. Any allegation of bullying will be investigated as a matter of urgency and, if upheld, will be dealt with in line with our anti-bullying policy. Bullying is defined as deliberately hurtful behaviour, repeated over a period of time. This could be physical or emotional bullying, cyber bullying or discrimination. Sometimes children will accuse each other of bullying when in fact they mean that they have fallen out with a friend. In these cases, they are given support to cope with social situations. If there is evidence of bullying, a file of bullying will be opened. All parents involved will be informed, the victim will be given support, and the perpetrator will be given sanctions and might have a behaviour plan put in place if necessary. If a child continues to bully another child, we would consider a fixed term or permanent exclusion for this offence. We are fortunate that we have very few bullying incidents in this school and children tell us that they feel safe in school. Children understand that they have to report to an adult if they know of any bullying taking place in our school community.

Primary School Applications If your child will be turning 5 years old sometime between 1 September 2021 and 31st August 2022, you will need to apply for a primary school place for them by 15th January 2021. Parents can apply using the online system, which is available through or by calling 01225 713010 and a paper copy will be sent out).

Upcoming Events (Calendar of events will be available on the website at www. in the coming week)
Week commencing 16th November Individual photos to be taken sometime in this week, outdoors. Wear school uniform
Wednesday 18th November Feedback to parents on children’s current progress and attainment – written format.  
Wednesday 25th November Hindu culture awareness day Wear your brightest coloured clothing
Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th December Farm animal visit Bring wet weather gear in – this will go ahead in the rain if necessary
Friday 18th December Last day of term School Christmas dinner to be ordered from Lataca Science Boffin workshop event
Tuesday 5th January Everyone back to school (Monday 4th January is a TD day)

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning

We welcome and value your opinion. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Head teacher or Chair of Governors.

PFA News

PFA Annual General Meeting

We are looking forward to our virtual AGM on Wednesday 18th of November at 8.00pm.

The link to join the meeting is:

Meeting ID: 752 1076 2298

Passcode: qE2iT8

We are very pleased to say that the main committee roles have people ready to fill them, and we have enough volunteers to run the committee. The PFA activities are great fun to be part of and we need all your different skills.

As a parent or guardian of a child at Holy Trinity school you are entitled to attend and will be very much welcomed.

The AGM agenda will be emailed to the PFA mailing list – if you wish to be removed from or added to the list please email

Christmas events       Here are two dates for your diary:

  • Non uniform day Friday 27th November (suggested donation £1)
  • Christmas parties in classrooms on Thursday the 17th December (with goodies and games organised by the PFA remotely)

Easy fundraising  With lots of Christmas shopping inevitably going online this year please consider signing up to Easy Fund Raising if you haven’t already. You simply do your shopping via the app and money gets donated to our PFA at no extra cost to you. Over 4,000 shops and sites are involved, including Amazon, John Lewis, M&S and notonthehighstreet.

It literally takes minutes to sign up and is really easy to use.

Please sign up and support us:

Many thanks

Your PFA

To contact the PFA:


Or join our Facebook page: “Holy Trinity (Great Cheverell) PFA”

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