Newsletter 8 – 6th November 2020

Dear Parents

Lockdown 2.0  Earlier this week, we sent out a letter itemising some of the new restrictions that are in place to keep us all safe during the new lockdown which started yesterday and will last until (at least) 2nd December. We want to thank you all for being so rigorous about what happens before and after school – people are really making sure they are compliant with the requirements at this time. Whilst children will still be coming into school, and all school activities, including Wraparound Care, will continue as usual, no other social interactions should take place outside the school grounds. If you wish to talk to someone in school, please email or phone in. We are not allowed to have parents on site at all at this time and want to reduce face to face contact between staff and parents as much as possible.

If you do not have a school age child with you, and you are on your own, you can arrange to meet with one other adult in a public place – but no more than that. We do not want children to be mixing outside their Bubbles if at all possible. Please do not arrange play dates for your children through these four weeks, and do not ask other people to pick up your children unless they are part of your usual childcare arrangements. Please make sure you have no visitors to your home, either inside or outside.

Hot Dinners We are working very hard to try to find a way to offer hot dinners again. We labour under the disadvantage of not having a kitchen here, just a servery. Our staggered lunch times, to prevent Bubbles crossing, result in children eating dinners from 11.30am – nearly 1.00pm so hot dinners would be hanging around in the warming unit for too long. We are trying to find a solution by changing when and how children eat, so that the dinners are fresh and appetising, can be served very quickly, without crossing Bubbles, and taken into classrooms safely (we do not want young children carrying hot meals through the school) and clearing up quickly and safely at the end, while still giving children enough time to play.  And in between all of this, the staff also have a right to a short break and children have the right to a good education without losing too much time over lunch. It is a bit of a conundrum.  However, working with Lataca, we think we have come up with a plan.  

So over the next few weeks we hope to be able to launch the offer of a hot dinner option. It will take the form of easy to serve, easy to manage food which can be given to children in environmentally friendly, disposable containers, eaten with a wooden fork, in their classrooms. The logistics remain challenging, but we hope it will work out.

Forest of Dean Residential Trip Thank you to all who responded so swiftly to our invitation to the Forest of Dean Residential trip. The overwhelming majority of parents have sent in their deposits so we were able to book the trip. Those children who are not going will be supervised here in school by Mrs Heath whilst their peers are away. 

Feedback on your child’s progress and attainment On Wednesday 18th November, we will send out a short written report on your child’s progress and attainment since they returned to school this year. This takes the place of the face to face parents’ meetings that usually happen at this time. If you have any questions about the report, please contact us to arrange a phone appointment with your child’s teacher.

Parental Canvassing As most of you know, we ask our parents to take part in parental canvassing at the Parent/Teacher evenings. We would still like to get your views on our provision and so, accompanying this newsletter, is the parental canvassing form. We have a few extra questions on there at the end to canvass your opinion on our response to Covid and all that was entailed in that work. We would be grateful if you could complete this survey and send it back to us by Wednesday 18th November. If you wish to remain anonymous, please send it back to us in a plain envelope. If you don’t wish to remain anonymous, you are free to email these back to us. It is very useful to us to hear your views on our provision – what we do well, and what we could do to improve. Your views are very important to us and will be taken into account as we plan for the future.

Wrap Around Care We still have places in our Wraparound care provision. The early feedback has been hugely positive and children really enjoy their time at the provision. My thanks to all our school staff who have stepped up to run this for our families, and especially to Mrs Roberts-Phare who has taken on the lead role, planning wonderful activities for the children. 

Policies Each year at this time I like to summarise in the newsletter some of our most relevant policies and procedures, so that parents are familiar with them.This week, we will discuss briefly the Attendance policy. We are very grateful to our families for supporting our school so effectively – we have outstanding attendance and punctuality in this school and this contributes to the outstanding outcomes for children. It is a legal requirement for parents to ensure that their children attend school regularly and are punctual. Some of these protocols have changed slightly because of Covid, but in more typical times, the following applies:

Any child whose attendance falls below 85% is at serious risk of underachieving.  Parents are asked to inform the school, in writing, where an absence is planned e.g. hospital appointments, music exams etc.  Where a child is absent due to illness, parents are asked to inform school by telephone in the first instance and by letter on the child’s return.  If a child is absent and there is no notification from the parents, the school will contact the parents to ensure that the child is safe and to find out the reason for the absence. Should the child be absent without a reason for 3 days, the Education Welfare Officer (EWO) will be informed. Persistent lateness will also be reported to the EWO. Parents do not have a legal right to take children out of school on holiday. If there is unauthorised absence of 10 sessions (5 days) or more in any 6 month period, the Education Welfare Service will be notified and the Local Authority may issue a penalty notice to each parent for each child.

Covid changes to attendance protocols:

At the moment, with Covid, we ask parents to keep their children at home if they have a cough, a high temperature, or a change to their sense of taste or smell. They should then get a Covid test done, and isolate for 10 days, or until a negative result comes back. The rest of the family must isolate for 14 days or until the negative test is returned. We MUST be notified of a positive test so that we can work with Public Health to isolate all close contacts of that person. Attendance is likely to fall in these difficult times but we are grateful for the huge efforts you are making to keep children in school.

Remembrance Day Although we cannot have money coming into school and poppies and other items going back home this year, we do commend the Royal British Legion charity to you at this time – if you can afford it, please consider going onto their website to offer a little donation to support their valuable work with the armed forces.

Wiltshire Wellbeing Hub If you are struggling with any aspect of the Covid situation –  whether it is emotional, financial, mental or physical wellbeing or even things like getting deliveries – please do get in contact with the Wiltshire Wellbeing Hub. They have specialists who will reach out and support you.

Upcoming Events (Calendar of events will be available on the website at www. in the coming week)
Wednesday 18th November Feedback to parents on children’s current progress and attainment – written format.  
Wednesday 25th November Hindu culture awareness day Wear your brightest coloured clothing
Friday 18th December Last day of term School Christmas dinner to be ordered from Lataca Science Boffin workshop event
Tuesday 5th January Everyone back to school (Monday 4th January is a TD day)

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning

We welcome and value your opinion. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Head teacher or Chair of Governors.

PFA News

We are very pleased to say that Maxine Knox has volunteered to step-up from the role of Secretary to Chair of the PFA this year. Liz Read has kindly volunteered to be Secretary and Kevin Cleveley has agreed to continue as our treasurer. Thank you so much to these people for making it possible for the PFA to continue. 

PFA Annual General Meeting

The PFA will be having a virtual AGM in the evening on Wednesday 18th November 2020 at 8.00. The link to join the meeting is:

As a parent or guardian of a child at Holy Trinity school you are entitled to attend and will be very much welcomed.

The AGM will vote committee members into their roles, review the accounts, and discuss plans for the year ahead.

Christmas Cards

Thank you so much for getting your Christmas card artwork and forms in on the date required.

Many thanks to the volunteers who sent out reminders, collected, checked and sent off the cards and forms.

To contact the PFA:


Or join our Facebook page: “Holy Trinity (Great Cheverell) PFA”

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