Newsletter 8 – 4th November 2011

Dear Parents

Carnival My very sincere thanks to all of you who supported us by coming along to the carnival – it was tremendous event with parents and other members of the community lining the route, cheering the children on and having fun. The children had a wonderful time and looked fantastic in their costumes. We are grateful also to Rev James Campbell who led the church service, giving thanks for the diversity of our country.  

Clothing It is getting colder and we do ask that you send your child to school with a coat from now on. We also ask most earnestly that you put your child’s name in the coat, in their scarves, gloves and jumpers and in all other items that they might lose. We have a huge box of lost property – really lovely things and we cannot return these to their owners because they have no name in them. We would also be grateful if you could look inside the items that your child is bringing home and check that they have their own clothing – things get swapped by mistake sometimes.

Parents Evenings Thank you to all who came to the parent-teacher meetings held this week. These meetings provide a great opportunity for you to chat about your child’s attainment and progress and other aspects of school life. I would like to emphasise that parents are most welcome to make an appointment whenever they wish to discuss any aspect of their child’s education, or to celebrate their success with their child’s teacher.  

Oxenwood meeting Parents of children in years 3 and 4 are invited to a meeting on Thursday 10th November at 5.00pm to learn a bit more about  this residential trip which will take place from Wednesday 28th March to Friday 30th March 2012.

Auditions We will be holding auditions for the KS2 Christmas play on Monday 7th November at lunch time. The main parts go to the Year 6 children, but sometimes there are supporting roles for talented Year 5 children as well. They will be given a little script and encouraged to act this out in front of the audition panel to the best of their ability. They will audition in small groups so it is not too frightening. If your child does wish to audition and is successful, it is important that you are able to arrange for them to stay after school on Tuesday afternoons from 3.00pm – 4.00pm for rehearsals for the rest of this term. They must also be able to attend the performances –two of which are in school time (on 12th and 13th December) and the last one is on Wednesday 14th December in the evening.  

Netball We have very few children in our netball club at present and would like to have enough children that we can play a little match at the end of each session. If your child is in KS2 and would like to join, please let Mrs Garraway know.

Primary Places Parents of children who are due to start school in September 2012 need to apply for a place by 15th January 2012. Applications are made to the County offices and can be completed online or we have forms available from the office.

Children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) There is a meeting for parents of children with SEN on Friday 18th November at 10am in the Corn Exchange, Devizes. This event will help people to understand the SEN system and provision more effectively. Professionals will be there and there will be speakers to talk about relevant issues.  To book a place, call 01672 569300.

Policies I like to present a very short summary of some of our policies in this newsletter each year – please note that the full policies can be read on our website, or if they have not yet been published online, then you can request copies at the school office. This week we will look at the behaviour policy:

 The following  code of conduct, which forms the basis of the behaviour policy, has been formulated with the safety and well-being of the children in mind, and to enable the school to function efficiently as a place of learning.

  • All members of the school community are asked to respect each other, whether adults or children – everyone has a right to feel safe at school
  • All members of the school community are expected to challenge prejudice or stereotyping
  • All children are expected to respect their own and other people’s property and to take care of books and equipment
  • Children are asked to be well-behaved, well-mannered and attentive
  • Children may not engage in activities that might endanger themselves, other people or property
  • If a child has a grievance against another child, it must be reported to a member of staff who will deal with the matter
  • Physical violence is not acceptable, neither is retaliation. Repeated or serious incidents may lead to exclusion
  • Abusive language will not be tolerated on school premises
  • Children are expected to be punctual
  • Children must not bring sharp or dangerous instruments to school, or any other item that might pose a risk to health and safety, a risk to good order in school or might prevent good learning taking place. Mobile phones are not allowed at school
  • Children should wear the correct school uniform, or appropriate clothing.
  • Jewellery should not be worn – one pair of small stud earrings may be worn if ears are pierced. Hair attire should be simple.

Children in our school generally behave extremely well and we rely mainly on positive behaviour strategies (praise and rewards for good behaviour) to achieve this.  Occasionally, however, sanctions are necessary. These might  include a verbal reprimand, sitting alone, loss of privileges or responsibility, a visit to the headteacher and loss of playtime. In extreme circumstances, a child might be excluded from this school either temporarily or permanently. Parents will be contacted if the poor behaviour is persistent or serious and a behaviour plan might be drawn up.  

 *Baby & Children’s Nearly New Sale* Come along to Great Cheverell Pre-school’s Nearly New & Second-Hand Sale. A family event with tombola, face painting, children’s games and refreshments to enjoy. Buy, sell or donate toys, clothes and equipment. Come and see us on Sat 19th November at Holy Trinity School Hall from 10am – 12.30pm. To book a stall/donate call 07941 201998.

PFA News

 We are busy planning the Christmas Fayre which takes place on Friday 2nd December in School during the afternoon. Please put the date in your diaries! Nearer the time we will be sending out a request for raffle prizes and teddies.

We are also looking for a Face Painter….if you are interested in helping out at the Christmas Fayre and prepared to spend a couple of hours painting faces please let me know (Louise George 816228).

 In addition, we are having a Non Uniform day on Friday 25th November.

Best wishes

 M Henning

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