Newsletter 8 – 21st October 2016

Dear Parents

This is the last day of this half term. Please remember that Monday 31st October is a TD day and children will not be in school. Everyone returns to school on Tuesday 1st November for our exciting Christmas term! Enjoy the beautiful Autumn half term break.

Stop and Drop  So far, this new initiative seems to be working well – our thanks to all of you who are working so hard to ensure the safety of our children.  Please let us keep this going – no parking in the layby, just stop, let your child jump out, check that they have got inside the gates safely and drive away. Thank you!

Parent/Teacher Meetings You have been invited to go online and book an appointment to meet with your child’s class teacher to discuss their progress and attainment. The meetings will take place on Wednesday 9th November and Thursday 10th November. Each meeting will last 10 minutes (we are very strict about the time so that people are not kept waiting). Most people have already booked – thank you for your prompt responses!

Eisteddfod Choir As Monday 31st Oct is a TD day, after-school choir practice that week will take place on Friday 4th November instead.

Our Governors You will see photos of our governors up in the school hall – please do not hesitate to approach them with any questions about governance issues. Governors are responsible for setting strategic goals, ensuring that the budget is spent wisely, setting policy and providing challenge and support to the Headteacher to pursue the school vision. All management of the school is delegated to the Headteacher, so please approach the Headteacher or the class teacher with any concerns about day to day management of the school or educational matters. We are very grateful to our highly skilled board of governors who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to their roles. Governors are unpaid and do the (often very demanding) governors’ work as a service to the community to ensure that children have the best possible education.

Policies Each year at this time I like to summarise in the newsletter some of our most relevant policies and procedures, so that parents are familiar with them. This week, we will discuss briefly the Attendance policy.

We are very grateful to our families for supporting our school so effectively – we have outstanding attendance in this school and this contributes to the outstanding outcomes for children. It is a legal requirement for parents to ensure their children attend school regularly and are punctual. Any child whose attendance falls below 85% is at serious risk of underachieving.  The school day starts at 8.40am. Parents are asked to inform the school, in writing, where an absence is planned e.g. hospital appointments, ballet exams etc.  Where a child is absent due to illness, parents are asked to inform school by telephone in the first instance and by letter on the child’s return.  If a child is absent and there is no notification from the parents, the school will contact the parents to ensure that the child is safe and to find out the reason for the absence. Should the child be absent without a reason for 3 days, the Education Welfare Officer (EWO) will be informed. Persistent lateness will also be reported to the EWO. Parents do not have a legal right to take children out of school on holiday. The school will only permit holidays to be taken in term time under very exceptional circumstances. These may include the following:

  • a family needing to spend time together to support each other during or after a very serious crisis;
  • for service personnel and others who cannot take a holiday in any of the allocated school breaks if the holiday will have minimal disruption to the pupil’s education.

Holidays will not be authorised for the following:

  • better availability of cheap holidays;
  • better availability of the desired accommodation;
  • overlap with the beginning or end of term.

If there is unauthorised absence of 10 sessions (5 days) or more in any 6 month period with additional unauthorised absence being recorded within the previous 12 months, the Education Welfare Service will be notified and the Local Authority may issue a penalty notice to each parent for each child.

Young Engineers We are delighted to be able to offer a new club for the third half term of this year. This is a Young Engineers’ club, where children will have the opportunity to make a range of items such as catapults, windmills, air rockets, pneumatic monsters and torches. The six sessions are practical, hands-on and involve science, engineering and technology. The club will be for KS2 children only (Years 3 to 6) and will take place on Tuesdays, starting on the 3rd January with the final session on 7th February from 3.00pm – 4.00pm. To reserve a place for your child please register your details and pay online through the website: . If this is successful, we might hold a KS1 club later in the year.

Military exercises I have been asked to inform you about Exercise Wessex Storm, a joint military exercise involving British forces and which will be held between the 3rd and 20th of November. Keevil airfield will form part of this exercise, being used by both day and night. Expect more noise and aircraft than usual as a result.

Great Cheverell Autumn Fayre   Come and enjoy an afternoon of fun and community on Saturday 29th October from 2 – 4pm in the village hall. Stalls, face painting, teas and much more!

Upcoming Events (Calendar of events is available on the website at www.
Friday 21st October Last day of term 3.00pm
Monday 31st October TD day
Tuesday 1st November Children back to school
Wednesday 9th November Parent/Teacher meetings – 3.15pm  – 6.00pm
Thursday 10th November Parent/Teacher meetings – 5.30pm – 8.00pm
Monday 12th December Christmas play 10.00 am KS1,  1.00 pm KS2
Tuesday 13th December Christmas play 5.00pm KS1, 6.30pm KS2
Wednesday 14th December Christmas play 5.00pm KS1, 6.30pm KS2
Thursday 15th December Church Service – all welcome 9.30am – 10.00am
Friday 16th December Last day of term
Tuesday 3rd January Children back to school

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning

PFA News

A big THANK-YOU to Jane and her team for today’s ‘Halloween’ Tuck Shop, to you for your chocolate brownies and to our very own Gardening Club for the prize pumpkin!

:: A DATE FOR YOUR DIARY – Coming up soon is Cinema Night – Friday, November 18th from 5-7pm. Great fun for the kids!

:: WAKE AND SHAKE & COFFEE MORNING – Dust off those trainers and limber up for the PFA Wake and Shake one morning next term – followed by coffee and biscuits in the school hall (date tba) – no experience necessary!!

:: CHRISTMAS AROUND THE CORNER – Planning for Christmas festivities will be in full swing when we return to school in early November. We’ll keep you updated.

And a reminder about ‘’ if you’re planning any online Christmas shopping. Our cause is ‘Holy Trinity School PFA – Great Cheverell’.

Thank-you for your support and have a great week ahead!

From Debi, Louise, Julie, Poppy, Jane and Gemma

We welcome and value your opinion. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Head teacher or Chair of Governors.

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