Newsletter 7 – 14th October 2011

Dear Parents

Half Term Last day of this half term is Wednesday 19th October and we return to school on Monday 31st October. The last day of the Christmas term is Friday 16th December and we return to school on Wednesday 4th January since Tuesday 3rd January is a TD day. All holiday dates and other important school dates can be found on the school website at

Punctuality We are very grateful for the vast majority of our children who arrive in good time for the start of the school day. Late arrival does impact on the children’s learning. It is hard for a child to have to go into their classroom as the latecomer when everyone else has had a chance to chat to their friends and has settled down, and coming in late disrupts learning for whole class as the teacher has to stop and settle the latecomer. Wake and Shake, our morning exercise routine, is part of the school curriculum and every single child ought to be ready to take part in this every morning. The bell rings at 8.40am for the start of Wake and Shake. No one should be coming into school later than this unless there is a real emergency.

I would also like to thank those parents who take part in Wake and Shake. Your example is invaluable in supporting the programme which is part of our “Healthy Living” education in school. Exercising together builds a sense of community and the children join in much more enthusiastically if parents are also taking part. We have some tremendous Wakers and Shakers among our parents and the Year 6 choreographers and leaders are always delighted when parents join in.

Film Night When you come to collect your children tonight after the film event, please note that we trialling a different system to release children in order to make sure that we know who has taken each child. Parents who are collecting children will be asked to come in through the main entrance and past the office, walk through the hall to collect their children, and then leave the school through the double glass doors of the hall so that there is a sort of one way system.  Teachers will be on duty to record children who are going home with people other than their own parents.

Parents Evenings You will be invited to come to school on either Wednesday 2nd or Thursday 3rd November to meet with your child’s teacher. Slips to book a meeting have been sent out and must be returned by Tuesday 18th October. The final precise appointment times will be sent back to you on Wednesday 19th October – do look out for these notes. We would like to remind you that you are welcome to make an appointment to see your child’s teacher at any time – but these parents’ evenings are an opportunity for a short, formal discussion on your child’s progress.

Carnival procession As the culmination of our work on Carnival this year, we will hold a mini carnival procession through Great Cheverell village on Tuesday 18th October at about 1.50pm. We shall walk downGreen Lane, throughBartletts and up the High Street to the church for a very short service of thanksgiving for our wonderful country with all its diversity. Do join us for the fun.  The more people lining the route, the more the children will enjoy it.

Dressing up clothes If you have any unwanted dressing up clothes or character hats, White Horse would love to have them so the children can dress up during wet play times.

Secondary Places  If your child is transferring to secondary school next year, the deadline for an application is noon on 31st October. Either apply online or ensure that your form is at County Hall before this date.

Sibling Photos will take place on Monday 17th October, if you wish to have these done please remind your children to go to Mr G at break time.

Primary Places Parents of children who are due to start school in September 2012 need to apply for a place by 15th January 2012. Applications are made to the County offices and can be done online. Parents can name three schools, with the first school being their top preference. The County administrators try to get as many children into their first preference school as possible. Sometimes that school is full and in that case, parents will be offered their second or third preference, and if all those are full, County administrators will offer a place at the nearest school with a vacancy. 


I like to present a very short summary of some of our policies in this newsletter each year – please note that the full policies can be read on our website, or if they have not yet been published online, then you can request copies at the school office. This week we will look at the anti-bullying policy.

We have zero tolerance of bullying in the school. Any allegation of bullying will be investigated as a matter of urgency and if upheld, will be dealt with in line with our anti-bullying policy. Bullying is defined as deliberately hurtful behaviour, repeated over a period of time. This could be physical or emotional bullying, cyber bullying or discrimination. Sometimes children will accuse each other of bullying when in fact they mean that they have fallen out with a friend. In these cases, they are given support to cope with social situations. If there is evidence of bullying, a file of bullying will be opened. Parents will be informed, the victim will be given support, the perpetrator will be given a sanction and will also have a behaviour plan put in place if necessary.  We are fortunate that we have very few bullying incidents in this school and children tell us that they feel safe in school. Children understand that they have to report to an adult if they know of any bullying taking place in our school community.  

Hallowe’en Night County have asked schools to remind families that children should not go out Trick or Treating on their own but must have an adult with them. They should only go to homes where they know the residents and must not go to any home with a “No Trick or Treating” sign.  They must not talk to strangers and must be visible and careful on the streets. Elderly or vulnerable people can be frightened by Trick or Treating so children must be careful not to frighten anyone. Vandalism (eg. damaging property, or throwing eggs or flour) can be classed as criminal damage and, as well as causing damage and misery, could end up in trouble with the police. The County advice (which the school would endorse) is to stay at home and have a party with your friends rather than going out Trick or Treating.

Children’s Movie Night on Friday 21st October, 6-8 pm in Erlestoke Church, there will be a showing of “Josh and the Big Wall” (CCLI 1198824). Donations of £1 for food are gratefully accepted.  Children under five must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. 

Best wishes

M Henning

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