Newsletter 6 – 12th October 2012

Dear Parents

Parent/teacher Evenings The dates for the parent/teacher meetings are Wednesday 7th November from 3.00pm – 5.00pm and Thursday 8th November 6.00pm – 8.00pm. You should have sent in your slip telling us which is your preferred session by this morning and we will send out the precise appointment times on Tuesday of next week. Please check your child’s bag for this slip. We do try to coordinate families with more than one child so that you do not have to wait too long between meetings. Please note that these meetings are only 10 minutes long. If you require a longer meeting please arrange this separately with your child’s teacher.

Phonics workshop Mrs Abbott is running a workshop for parents whose children are in the Foundation Stage, to explain how we teach phonics. This will help parents to support their children’s reading successfully. The workshop will run on Wednesday 17th October at 3.10pm. Please come along if you have a child in the FS.

PFA  On Friday 9th November just after drop off time, all parents are invited to the home of Mrs Jacqui Hart who lives over the road from the school in Witchcombe Close for a “Meet a Friend” coffee morning. Everyone will go over together in a group, so no one needs to feel uncomfortable. This promises to be a really lovely way to meet new friends and have some time to catch up with those you already know. Please do come along to this event. My thanks to the new PFA for this initiative.

Punctuality I would like to say thank you very much to all our families – almost without fail, almost every family is managing to get their children into school for Wake and Shake so that they are ready to walk into school with their class. This makes learning so much more effective than when children come into class late and unprepared. We are very grateful for your efforts in this regard.

Wake and Shake  PLEASE join in with Wake and Shake if you are in the playground first thing in the morning – the Year 6 children work so hard on their routines and it is a great reward for them to see everyone joining in and having fun. If you decide not to join in, please move to the back of the playground so that the children have clear visibility of the leaders at the front.

Individual photos Mr Gyllenspetz will, once again, take the individual photos of our children in the week commencing 15th October. Stonehenge children will have their photos on Monday, White Horse children on Tuesday, Sarum children on Wednesday, Avebury children on Thursday and Silbury children on Friday. Sibling photos will probably be taken the following week. Slips to order these photos will be sent home soon after they have been taken. As well as providing families with a lovely portrait of their child, this project raises money to purchase resources for our children.

Brownies The local Brownies are collecting used stamps to help raise funds for “Help for Heroes”. Please drop any you may be able to gather to the office & we will pass them on.

Bike and Buggy Sale on Saturday 13th October in the village hall, West Lavington. Bicycles, scooters, prams, buggies, large toys, baby equipment etc. Please bring items to sell at 9.30am, buying begins at 10.30am. 


I like to present a very short summary of some of our policies in this newsletter each year – please note that the full policies can be read on our website, or if they have not yet been published online, then you can request copies at the school office. This week we will look at the behaviour policy: Children in our school generally behave extremely well and we rely mainly on positive behaviour strategies (praise and rewards of various kinds for good behaviour) to achieve this.  Occasionally, however, sanctions are necessary. These might include a verbal reprimand, sitting alone, loss of privileges or responsibility, a visit to the headteacher and loss of playtime. In extreme circumstances, a child might be excluded from this school either temporarily or permanently. Parents will be contacted if the poor behaviour is persistent or serious and a behaviour plan might be drawn up.  

The following  code of conduct, which forms the basis of the behaviour policy, has been formulated with the safety and well-being of the children in mind, and to enable the school to function efficiently as a place of learning.

  • All members of the school community are asked to respect each other, whether adults or children – everyone has a right to feel safe at school
  • All members of the school community are expected to challenge prejudice or stereotyping
  • All children are expected to respect their own and other people’s property and to take care of books and equipment
  • Children are asked to be well-behaved, well-mannered and attentive to their learning
  • Children may not engage in activities that might endanger themselves, other people or property
  • If a child has a grievance against another child, it must be reported to a member of staff who will deal with the matter
  • Physical violence is not acceptable, neither is retaliation. Repeated or serious incidents may lead to exclusion
  • Abusive language will not be tolerated on school premises
  • Children are expected to be punctual
  • Children must not bring sharp or dangerous instruments to school, or any other item that might pose a risk to health and safety, a risk to good order in school or might prevent good learning taking place. Mobile phones are not allowed at school
  • Children should wear the correct school uniform, or appropriate clothing.
  • Jewellery should not be worn – one pair of small stud earrings may be worn if ears are pierced. Hair attire should be simple and long hair must be held back off the face.

Primary School places We have application forms in school for children who will be four years old before September 2013. The deadline for these applications is Noon on 15th January 2013.

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning






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