Newsletter 6 – 11th October 2019

Dear Parents

Keep children safe It has come to our attention that there are children in our school who are accessing their electronic devices without parental supervision, are searching for You Tube videos which are harmless but the algorithm on You Tube will then feed other (apparently similar) videos to the children. We have been told that these videos are often unimaginably horrifying. Children do not wish to let their parents know because they do not want their freedom or devices removed, and so are dealing with the horror on their own.

We cannot emphasise strongly enough how important it is that parents consistently supervise their children’s viewing. No child should have an iPad, phone, laptop or any other device that connects to the internet in their bedroom. They should have time limited access to the internet – apps can be used that will ensure that your child’s device switches off after half an hour and cannot be accessed after 7.00pm etc. We are very concerned about children who are being exposed to things that are entirely unsuitable and often horrifying. They are also open to being groomed for later abuse or bullied through apparently innocent games online. These things, of course, are life threatening. Please make sure you are supervising your child carefully when they are online. They do not know enough to keep themselves safe. It is the job of their parents to ensure they are safe.

Visit to the Mosque We are taking everyone in our school to a mosque in Swindon on Thursday 17th October, next week, so that children can continue to find out more about, and respect, the cultural diversity of our country. Please make sure you are at school punctually as we will be leaving at 8.45am. There will be nobody left in school for latecomers as all staff are accompanying the trip. Please ensure your child has a packed lunch without meat products to eat while we are there. They ask that everyone is modestly dressed in trousers (no shorts) or skirts with tights. We will be back before 3.00pm.

Salisbury Museum Visit We had experts from Salisbury museum come into our school this week to work with each class on finding out more about the Romans who came to make their home in our country two thousand years ago. Children got to investigate real Roman artefacts and replicas, and each child also made their own “Sherd” of pottery. We learnt a lot about the improvements that Romans brought to our country when they arrived, with great benefit to all. We also discussed how it might have felt to be coming to a new country and how it might have felt to have different people coming into our country.

Reading and Maths afternoon for parents – Tuesday 15th October at 2.00pm. Please do come along to this event. Supporting your child at home is a really effective way to help them make good progress. The event comprises a workshop and a short classroom experience with your child.

What is reading? Children need to learn to “Decode” each word, of course, but more importantly, they need to understand what they have read. If your child brings home a book that is too difficult for them to read, then you can read it to them, asking them to read short passages, or to find words or letters that they are familiar with. Then ask them questions about what you have read. If they bring home a book that is very easy, that is also absolutely fine. Let them read it easily and with enjoyment and then discuss the text and the pictures, making sure that you explore nuance and hidden meanings. Your child is free to bring home any book from the library that takes their fancy, once they have progressed past the very early phonics books. (Please help us by ensuring the books get brought back again.) We want children to love reading, and to enjoy books. We will also order books that the children request for our library.

Fruit in KS2 We give a fruit snack to the children in KS1 at morning playtime. If your KS2 child would like to have a snack at morning playtime, please feel free to send a piece of fruit in, and they can eat it whilst standing with the adult on duty before they run off to play. Only fresh fruit please – no other snacks.

Absence If your child is away from school for any reason, please telephone the office first thing in the morning to inform us (so that we know your child is safely with you) and follow up with a letter or an email explaining the absence so that it can be noted on the register.

Collective Worship This week, we reflected on how we are all expected to be aspirational, to identify our talents and to use them effectively to support our community, both locally and further afield.   We discussed finding fulfilment in being generous, compassionate and thoughtful. As ever, this is linked to maintaining good mental health, always a priority in our school.

E-Safety Karl Hopwood, who is an online safety expert, will be here at our school on Monday 21st October at 5.00pm to deliver a presentation on what you can do to help your child stay safe online. Please do put this date in your diary and try to have at least one representative from your family attend this event.

Pumpkin Day in Edington Parish Hall on Saturday 26th October – see the poster on front door for details of competitions and activities.

Upcoming Events (Calendar of events will be available on the website at www. in the coming week)
Tuesday 15th October Workshop for parents on reading and maths 2.00pm in school hall, then classrooms
Thursday 17th October Visit to a mosque – please bring a packed lunch on this day
Monday 21st October Online Safety Expert, Karl Hopwood’s presentation to parents – please come! 5.00pm in school hall
Tuesday 22nd October  Wednesday 23rd October Hooke Court residential trip for Year 3 and 4 children 8.15am drop off on 22nd  October

5pm pick up on 23rd October

Wednesday 23rd  October Last day of term
Monday 4th November Children back to school
Monday 11th November Parent/Teacher meetings – appointments to be booked online nearer the time. 5.30pm – 8.00pm
Wednesday 13th November Parent/Teacher meetings – appointments to be booked online nearer the time. 3.10pm  – 6.00pm


Wednesday 11th December Handbell and choir Christmas concert in school hall 5.00pm – all welcome
Monday 16th December Christmas Performances – tickets will be sent out closer to the time KS1 – 10.00am

KS2 – 1.30pm

Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th December Christmas Performances – tickets will be sent out closer to the time KS1 – 5.00pm

KS2 – 6.15pm

Thursday 19th December Christmas Service at the church and Christmas Party at school 9.30am for service

12.00pm start of party

Friday 20th December Last day of term & Christmas dinner by Lataca

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning

PFA News

This week we have a few words from Adrienne Conlon who is our new PFA Chair.

“Thank you to everyone for warmly welcoming me, not only into the PFA but also into the role of Chair. A number of other new faces have joined the PFA and, with those who have been part of the team before, we’re looking forward to what we hope will be a fun and revenue generating year ahead. Our first committee planning meeting is next week and thereafter we will be sharing our thoughts and plans for the terms ahead.”

As you may be aware, we have been putting plans in place so that each year group in the school has a PFA representative in order to disseminate information more effectively across the whole school. Thank you to Katie Ridd who has taken on the coordination of this and thank you to those who have stepped up to the role.

The PFA welcomes all parents and carers, and it would be great to have your ideas and feedback. We’d also love everyone to be involved with us, whether that be for a one-off or for something more regular.

To contact us you can email: or join our Facebook page “Holy Trinity (Great Cheverell) PFA

We also have an email mailing list which we use to send out updates. Please email us to be added on to the list.

Many thanks,

Your PFA

We welcome and value your opinion. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Head teacher or Chair of Governors.

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