Newsletter 5 – 5th October 2012


Dear Parents

TD Day REMEMBER! Children are not in school on this coming Monday 8th October as the teachers will all be joining with our neighbouring schools’ teachers to continue with their professional development. We are diligent in making sure our teachers and TAs are always kept abreast of current educational developments so that our children can be given the very best provision.  

Harvest Assembly Thank you for all your generous donations. More than ever, in these difficult economic times, many families are experiencing hardship. Your donations will support local families as they try to put their lives back together after a crisis.  My thanks go to the PFA for a great display and for organising the produce before and after the celebration.

Parent/teacher Evenings Slips to book an appointment with your child/ren’s teachers will be sent out next week – please return these by Friday 18th October so that we can finalise your precise appointment time. The dates for the parent/teacher meetings are Wednesday 7th November from 3.00pm – 5.00pm and Thursday 8th November 6.00pm – 8.00pm. Each family will be given a 10 minute slot to discuss their child’s progress and attainment. If you think you need a longer appointment, please arrange this with the teacher separately. We work hard to make sure the meetings are only 10 minutes long at these events so that waiting times are kept to the minimum.

Collective Worship We have 15 minutes of collective worship each day, always in the Christian tradition at this school. This is led by various people, teachers, clergy of various denominations and by the children themselves. Children are given time to reflect on important themes (this term we have examined the school’s values) and their response to these. Children tell us that they value the quiet time in their busy lives and they enjoy the variety of themes and styles of presentation that we arrange. It is a great time to feel “together” as a school community, singing together, sitting quietly together and joining in with stories or activities together. The success of our school is rooted firmly in this community joining together and reaffirming what values are important to us all. We always warmly welcome any parent who is in the area at 10.00am to pop into school to join our collective worship with us Monday to Thursday, and then at 2.15pm on Fridays when we have Sharing Assembly.

PFA Please return the slips that were sent out recently by the PFA – in order to plan the year’s activities, the committee need to know how much support they have. Many thanks to those of you who have already responded so generously.

Phonics workshop Mrs Abbott is running a workshop for parents whose children are in the Foundation Stage, to explain how we teach phonics. This will help parents to support their children’s reading successfully. The workshop will run on Wednesday 17th October at 3.10pm. Please come along if you have a child in the FS.

Individual photos Mr Gyllenspetz will, once again, take the individual photos of our children in the week commencing 15th October. Stonehenge children will have their photos on Monday, White Horse children on Tuesday, Sarum children on Wednesday, Avebury children on Thursday and Silbury children on Friday. Sibling photos will probably be taken the following week. Slips to order these photos will be sent home soon after they have been taken. As well as providing families with a lovely portrait of their child, this project raises money to purchase resources for our children.

Barrister visit My thanks to Mrs Marshall and her team who came into school yesterday and did an interesting presentation to our children on how the courts of law, especially civil law, work in this country – we always hope that these events will inspire our children as they plan their future.


I like to present a very short summary of some of our policies in this newsletter each year – please note that the full policies can be read on our website, or if they have not yet been published online, then you can request copies at the school office.

This week we will look at the anti-bullying policy.

We have zero tolerance of bullying in this school. Any allegation of bullying will be investigated as a matter of urgency and if upheld, will be dealt with in line with our anti-bullying policy. Bullying is defined as deliberately hurtful behaviour, repeated over a period of time. This could be physical or emotional bullying, cyber bullying or discrimination. Sometimes children will accuse each other of bullying when in fact they mean that they have fallen out with a friend. In these cases, they are given support to cope with social situations. If there is evidence of bullying, a file of bullying will be opened. Parents will be informed, the victim will be given support, and the perpetrator will be given sanctions and will also have a behaviour plan put in place if necessary.  We are fortunate that we have very few bullying incidents in this school and children tell us that they feel safe in school. Children understand that they have to report to an adult if they know of any bullying taking place in our school community. 

Primary School places We have application forms in school for children who will be four years old before September 2013. The deadline for these applications is Noon on 15th January 2013.

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning






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