Newsletter 5 – 30th Sept 2011

Dear Parents

Trips The children inStonehenge class had a trip to our local vineyard (a’ Becketts). It was a wonderful warm, clear day, lots of apples were picked and when they got back to school, they baked them into all sorts of apple cakes and crumbles. We are very grateful to the owners of the vineyard who make no charge for this and welcome our children so warmly.

PFA AGM My thanks to our wonderful PFA who work so hard on behalf of our children.
It was great to see some new faces at the AGM as we said thank you to a few “old” helpers who are leaving having done decades of work between them! My thanks particularly to Louise George who has done a tremendous job of leading the PFA and to her office bearers and members of the committee. Please do consider joining the PFA if you can – their work is invaluable.

Harvest Assembly A sharing assembly with a Harvest theme will be held on Friday 7th October at 2.15pm. Non-perishable donations will be sent to Devizes Foodbank and perishables to local community groups. Do come along to this.  

Forest of Dean Meeting A meeting to talk about the Forest of Dean experience is to be held here in school on Thursday 6th October at 5.00pm. If your child is in Y5 or Y6 and you plan that they will be coming on this trip, do come along to the meeting.

Carnival procession As the culmination of our work on Carnival this year, we will hold a mini carnival procession through Great Cheverell village on Tuesday 18th October at about 1.50pm. Do join us for the fun.  The more people who join, the more fun it will be.

Individual class photos Mr Gyllenspetz will be taking the individual class photos in the week commencing Monday 10th October. Photos will be taken at lunch time, with Stonehenge class on Monday, White Horse class on Tuesday, Sarum class on Wednesday, Avebury class on Thursday and Silbury class on Friday.  Contact prints will be put up on the hall door and if you are not happy with the photo of your child, Mr G will be doing sibling photos and any that need re-taking on Monday 17th October at lunchtime.

School Council The children in each class have voted in 2 class representatives to sit on the school council – the council will meet with me from time to time to discuss school issues and strategy. The councillors are always very sensible and represent the views of the majority accurately – their input helps me make decisions about the school because they reflect the voice of the children themselves. I have to say that children in this school use lots of routes to inform me of things that affect them, including (and most often) just popping into my office to talk about things or writing me letters. But the Council is another valuable tool for gathering important information. Congratulations to those who have been elected.

Secondary Places  If your child is transferring to secondary school next year, the deadline for an application is noon on 31st October. Either apply online or ensure that your form is at County Hall before this date.

Picking children up If you ask someone to pick your children up from school, and we do not know them, we will need a letter or phone call from you telling us who they are and also we will need that person to show us their ID when they arrive in school if we have not met them before. This rule is particularly applied to those children who are under 8 years old. (Older children often walk home or make other arrangements and we accept that they are more independent – we still need to know how your child usually gets home, whatever age they are). If your child is going home with another child for a play date, you need to let us know about that as well so that we can be sure every child is safe. Please do not ask the office staff to carry messages about play dates around the school – they are very busy and the last hour of the school day is often taken up with messages being carried around the school. Make sure a note has gone in to the class teacher in advance.

Thank you Mr Amor and Silbury class would like to thank the parents who responded to the diversity survey. The class were able to evaluate the results and include them in their learning.

For sale – two male Jack Russell Terriers, contact Kerri at 07734363203.

Children’s Movie Night We’ll be cooking up something really BIG on Friday 21st October, 6-8 pm at Church of the Holy Saviour, Erlestoke showing “Josh and the Big Wall” (CCLI 1198824).

Oh, Boy!  After 40 years of wandering in the desert, the children ofIsraelfinally get to go to the Promised Land!  Only one little thing they’ve overlooked though…Jerichois surrounded by huge walls and some bristly characters.  No one gets to the Promised Land without going throughJerichofirst!  But how?  Joshua has God’s directions, but they sound kind of …well, weird.  To make matters worse, some of the Israelites are cooking up a plan of their own.  In the end, they have to decide whether it’s better to do things their way, or God’s way….

Donations of £1 for food are gratefully accepted.  Children under five must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. 

PFA News

Harvest Festival in school is on Friday 7th October, we like to make a display for sharing assembly and then all donations of food will go to the Devizes Foodbank. Please bring in all donations of produce (tins, packets etc) from the Monday 3rd and any fresh produce on the day please, thank you!

The Leavers Film Night is on 14th October, all the leavers in July 2011 are invited back to enjoy a film and popcorn with all our current children. We will canvas the children in school for their film choice. More nearer the time…

Best wishes

M Henning


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