Newsletter 40 – 17th July 2020

Dear Parents

Thank you! We wish to thank all our families for their unfailing support of our school through this very difficult time. Your children have clearly been very well educated at home through the Moodle resources and your own creativity, and you have prepared them beautifully for their return to school – which has been seamless so far, with all our children coming back happily and full of enthusiasm. Without your generous and whole hearted support, this would have been so much harder for your children and for the school community. We salute the great work you have all done through these unprecedented times and thank you for your tremendous efforts.

We say good bye to our Year 6 children today – certainly the most unusual Year 6 end of term that I have ever known as a teacher or headteacher. It will be remembered forever. We wish them well as they start on the next phase of their career. They are an exceptional group of young people, friendly, hardworking, kind, brave and joyful … they have all the skills they need to thrive in secondary school, living out our values in their daily lives. They will be very much missed.

We welcome the children in years 2, 3, 4 and 5 into school on either Monday or Tuesday for a day of transition with their new class. School uniform and packed lunches please! Please make sure that you all know the precise time slot for arrival and departure in the new academic year – this is a requirement we have to follow to keep children and staff safe.

Pilgrimage Day  We had a lovely day of reflection on Wednesday, where we all had the chance to think about our lives and our responses to things that happen to us, to remember the things we ought to be thankful for, to remember those who need our help, to consider how best to look after our world and our own mental health, and how find a quiet place in our hearts. We were delighted that Bishop Andrew sent us a lovely message to start the day, reminding us of how we should enjoy our life’s journey. My thanks to Mrs Edwards who worked so hard to ensure the smooth running of the day, and to all the teachers, TAs and children for throwing themselves into the activities with such enthusiasm.  It was a complicated business to arrange all of this outside on the school field whilst maintaining strict Bubble isolation but we did it.

Leavers’ Assembly This was an unusual event – no teachers except the staff for those Bubbles, no parents, none of the other children from other classes – but it was beautifully done and the children gave a lovely presentation on their memories of school. A video of the event will be sent to each of the Year 6 families as soon as it has been edited. Our thanks to Patrick Williams who filmed and edited this on our behalf.

Special consideration One of the new children who will be starting at our school in September is immunocompromised as a result of chemotherapy and we must make sure we keep them safe. If your child has chicken pox or measles in particular, please let us know straight away as these are diseases which can be particularly serious for vulnerable children. We also remind you that we are a nut free school as we have children who have very serious nut allergies which could be life threatening.

Sunflowers If you have grown a beautiful sunflower over the lockdown, please send a photo and the height of your sunflower. We shall have a display of these images in the hall when we return to school. All photos and measurements to be sent to Mrs Goddard at

Bus arrangements The Local Authority will run our bus service as usual so if you cannot bring your child in and out of school in some other way, the bus service is in place. Please make sure that your children sit on the bus in their class groups and at a distance from children in other classes. Primary school children do not have to wear face masks, and may not wear them in school so please do not send them in with one on.

Welcome Meetings As you know, we usually have welcome meetings for parents at the end of the summer term or start of autumn term but we are not allowed to do that at present. So each teacher will send out a letter telling you about the daily routines, expectations and systems in their classroom. Please do phone in or email in if you have any questions. We are only too delighted to help in any way we can.

40th Anniversary of our school! The Tree of Life looks superb! See the photo at the bottom of this newsletter. Thank you to everyone who participated. We will keep the display up for a while and then leave a mounted photo up – a permanent display of this very unusual anniversary.

Returning to school While most children are likely to make the transition back into school with no particular difficulty (certainly this has been our experience so far with children coming back into school very happily and confidently) there may be those for whom it will be more difficult.

Do feel free to have a look at the photos on our website and on Facebook to help your children remember what school looks like. Ask them what they enjoyed about the different areas of the school – the field, their classroom, PE lessons, lunch etc. Talk to them positively about what they enjoy about school and encourage them to talk positively as well. Encourage them to be independent – they may have lost these skills during this very difficult time. Leave them to complete tasks unaided with a reward at the end for success. Encourage them to try new things without your support. Leave them to play on their own without adult intervention sometimes.

The teachers will be sending out welcome letters in place of our usual face to face welcome meetings –  chat to your child about the routines and expectations outlined in these communications. If you are positive, serene and cheerful about the situation, your child is likely to find it easier. We will offer support to any child who is struggling when they come back.

Please remember to order school lunches through Lataca’s Parentmail as usual – the menu for September will be available over the summer holidays.

Wrap around childcare Just for your information, we have decided to go forward with offering wrap around childcare at Holy Trinity, operating out of the Art Centre for Breakfast club and After school club. We hope, Covid permitting, that we will be able to launch this in January. Whilst we may not be able to break even financially in the short term, we hope that more and more children will join and make it viable to keep running in the long term.

Notification of a change to our admissions policy Because there is the option of applying for admission to this school on faith grounds, with proof of regular church attendance being required in this case, we have had to effect a change in the admissions policy to reflect the fact that there was no church attendance possible during the Covid Lockdown period. If you wish to see the updated Admissions policy, it is available on our website, under “Information for Parents”.

E-safety Please continue to monitor your child’s online activity rigorously – ensure that you have filters and time limits installed on their devices and make sure that you can always see what they are doing online. Children are very much at risk in the online world as they are tech savvy but very naïve. Summer holidays are a time of especially increased risk to children. Please be vigilant and ensure that you are aware of what your child is doing and who they are contacting at all times when they are on their devices.  

Summer holiday safety There are always lots more accidents, some very serious, amongst children during the summer holidays. These can involve water, railways, electricity, falls from height and traffic. Please make sure that your child knows how to keep themselves safe and please maintain close supervision of your child, especially when they are near any area that might be a source of danger. We do not want children to be too risk averse, and as children get older, hypervigilance can be somewhat relaxed but it is very important that you know where your child is at any time and that you know that they are safe and able to risk assess situations sensibly.

BBC Bitesize Please do have a look at the BBC Bitesize resources if you are still educating your child at home – they have great projects and interactive lessons that you might like to do once you have finished the work set by your class teacher. They will also have activities for the summer holidays which you might enjoy.

Don’t Forget! Wiltshire Local Authority has set up a Wellbeing Hub. You can make contact with them and they will signpost you to the most appropriate support for your particular needs, whether this is emotional, financial or physical. Their details are:  “Wiltshire Wellbeing Hub”

Email: or phone 0300 003 4576

We wish all our families a wonderful, safe summer holiday! Come back refreshed!

Best wishes,

Mercedes Henning

40th Anniversary of our school – our tree of life!

PFA News

The PFA would like to wish you all a happy Summer holidays. The second half of this academic year has been far from what anyone had planned and all PFA activity has been suspended since March. That said, we remember the successes we have had this year- the wonderful Christmas party and fair, numerous cake sales and uniform sales as well as our special Holy Trinity tea- towels and Christmas cards. The PFA have also subsidised trips, the building of a new boat in the playground and also the year 6 leavers’ books- certainly not a lost year. 

We are hopeful that we will be able to start up with more activity in the new term and will keep you informed of meetings and activities you can get involved with when we have more information. 

Thank you all for your support this year.  Wishing ‘good luck’ to our Year 6s moving on to their new schools and we look forward to seeing everyone else in September. 

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