Newsletter 4 – 26th September 2014


Dear Parents

Art Project We have been overwhelmed and delighted by the wonderful art work that has been coming into school for the competition! Such a lot of great work has been done on this project. Winners will be announced in next week’s newsletter – but I hope that everyone feels as though they have had fun with the project whether they are winners or not. We will ask children to take their projects home as soon as the judging has been completed as the models are filling up all available space in school! Thank you all for your support of this collaboration with the Parish Council. We can see that a lot of encouragement has been given to children by their parents to produce such high quality work. Homework is a lovely way to engage with your children about their experiences at school – it is one of the main reasons we set homework. We like parents to be involved and enjoying their children’s learning.

Uniform A reminder that our PFA have a second hand uniform sale on the last Friday of every month – I do commend this service to you as children wear out or grow out of uniform so quickly. Pass on your good uniform to the PFA and we can recycle successfully through the school.

New uniform can be bought through the Tesco uniform service – . We have added a few items such as a cardigan and another sweatshirt option. The uniform is ordered on line, you can get Tesco points, the school gets a donation and the uniform is sent out free of delivery charge. If you prefer not to use Tesco, Galileo Clothing in Devizes (opposite the Crammer) will embroider sweatshirts for you with the school logo.

We do not have a school uniform coat or jacket but we encourage parents to provide their children with an ordinary coat, hat and scarf for winter – nothing extreme or designer or covered with emblems!

No jewellery may be worn to school except a pair of small studs for those with pierced ears and a small, simple and snugly fitting wrist watch. Hair must be swept back off the face (boys and girls) and should not be dressed in extreme styles. No makeup or nail polish should be worn to school. These policies help to ensure that children are free to concentrate on learning and friendships rather than trying to outdo each other or worrying about their appearance too much.

Art Presentation We were very fortunate to have Mr Chapman, one of “Our Grandparents”, who is an Art History lecturer, come into school to give a tremendous presentation on Turner, his paintings and how they developed through his life. Children were riveted. We are always very grateful to our wider community for offering their services in this way to enrich our children’s experiences in school.

Fire Safety Presentation Children in Silbury and White Horse classes had a presentation on Fire Safety delivered by education officers from the Fire Service, this week. Every Year 2 and Year 6 child will have this training to help ensure that they understand, at an age appropriate level, enough about Fire Safety.

Nature Club The children have asked if we can have a Nature Club in school. Rather than limit this to one hour a week, I shall be handing out projects and ideas for enjoying nature to anyone who expresses an interest, and children will be encouraged to complete these at playtimes. Your child might already have taken part in the first challenge – ask them about it!

School Dinners We have remarkably good take up of the Universal Infant Free School Meals – thank you to all parents who have signed up to this initiative. We have had a few queries about the meals and we would like to make it clear that, whilst juice is on offer for a fee, the majority of children drink water with their dinner. Please do not feel pressured into ordering juice. Also, there is always a little pudding option – children can choose between fresh fruit, yoghurt and whatever the pudding of the day is – usually a small piece of homemade cake or biscuit, a spoonful of ice cream or something similar. Our view is that, having eaten a good, healthy main course, children should be allowed to enjoy a small pudding at the end if they wish. Because they are very active, most children burn off the calories quickly – we have very little obesity in our school. If you wish us to stop your child eating pudding, we will do so.

Harvest Assembly takes place on Friday 3rd October at 2.15pm. Donations of non- perishable items can be brought in to school from next week. Our donations always go to the Devizes Foodbank (run by the Trussell Trust) – see their website at ). Here is a list of items that they particularly need: Milk (UHT or powdered), Sugar (500g), Long life fruit juice, Tins of Soup, Pasta sauces, Sponge pudding (tin), Tinned Tomatoes, Breakfast cereals, Tinned Rice pudding, Tea Bags, Jar of instant coffee, Instant mash potato 500gms , Rice 500gms,  Pasta, Tinned meat/fish, Tinned fruit, Jar of Jam, Packets of biscuits, Snacks. Please ensure that all items are still in date. 

Census Day We will receive funding from the Government for the Universal Infant Free School Meals based on the number of Infant children who claim their free school meal next week on Thursday 2nd October. We would therefore be very grateful if you would order a meal for your child on that day, even if it is not something you do regularly or if it is a meal they do not particularly enjoy. If you don’t, the school will get no funding for your child’s free school meals for the entire year! It would help us enormously if as many Infant children as possible ordered a meal on this day.

Secondary School places Application forms have gone home with our year 6 children to apply for their secondary school place – please note that the deadline is 31st October 2014.

Primary School places We have application forms in school for children who will be four years old before September 2015. The deadline for these applications is 15th January 2015.

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon – Please come along to the world’s biggest coffee afternoon on Friday 26th September from 2pm-4.30pm at The Pavilion, Great Cheverell. Everyone is welcome to join us for tea, coffee and some delicious cake to raise funds in aid of the Macmillan Cancer Support.


AGM  Please make a note in your diary that the Annual General Meeting will be held in school at 6.30pm on Thursday 2nd October.

Harvest Assembly (see above) The PFA would like some help arranging the harvest donations on Friday afternoon, please meet at school at 1.45pm to set up the display and also help dismantle/pack up and then drop off to the packets/tinned good to the Trussell Trust and fresh produce to the church in Devizes.

Friday 3rd October – Pyjama Day!! Come to school in your pyjamas and bring £1 per child – all monies raised will be donated along with the harvest food.

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning

We welcome and value your opinion. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Head teacher or Chair of Governors.

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