Newsletter 39 – 21st July 2016

Dear Parents

We wish all our families a wonderful summer holiday, with lots of fun, sun and time to rest and refresh themselves.

Children return to school on Friday 2nd September, (except for the new Foundation Stage children who start on Wednesday 7th September).

Hit the ground running! Please continue to read with your child through the summer holidays, using the library reading challenge or any other reading they wish to do – books, comics, blogs, emails, instructions, recipes, adverts, menus etc.

You might also, for instance, with younger children, ask them to divide a chocolate between each member of the family, or work out how much cutlery is required for a picnic if each person has 3 items and there are 4 people coming on the picnic. Older children might like to work out how much 20% off the entrance fee to a theme park would be, or what time it will be when you arrive at your destination if it takes 1 hour and 23 minutes to get there. There are online times tables games and other number games which children enjoy.

They could write postcard to grandparents, or an invitation, a menu or an instruction leaflet. They might like to produce a newspaper for the family, asking for contributions and writing articles, jokes, letters etc themselves. A holiday pamphlet persuading people to come to their holiday destination is always fun – with photos taken by the children. A report on a museum or sea life centre is interesting. Any real life learning like this will support your child’s learning and help them understand the point of learning.

On our webpage there are resources that you can use to help you think of things to do to help your child over summer.

Keeping up with reading, writing and maths over the summer, means that children can “Hit the ground running” when they return to school in the new academic year. None of this needs to take very long, just a few minutes each day, but it will really help your child when they return.

Parents’ Welcome Meetings You are all invited to come along to school on the dates below, meet your child’s class teacher, find out about their school routines and ask any questions you may have. We have also arranged for the meeting about the Year 3/Year 4 residential trip to be amongst these meetings so that hopefully you will be able to coordinate the evening and get to all the meetings.

Sarum Class Welcome Meeting:                               Tuesday 6th September 5.00pm

Residential Trip Meeting for Year 3 and Year 4:   Tuesday 6th September 5.30pm

Avebury Class Welcome Meeting:                            Tuesday 6th September 6.00pm

Stonehenge Class Welcome Meeting:                    Wednesday 7th September 5.00pm

Silbury Class Welcome Meeting:                                               Wednesday 7th September 5.30pm

White Horse Welcome Meeting:                               Wednesday 7th September 6.00pm

NO CARDS IN SCHOOL Please do not allow your child to bring swapping cards into school – it causes so much argument and distress and the teachers end up spending far too much time trying to sort out problems associated with the cards. This includes Match attax cards, Pokemon cards, Star Wars cards etc.

School Bags Please remember, as you are buying your child’s school bag, to ensure that you do not get a ruck sack. We have no room for these in school. There are serious health and safety issues with large bags falling off the hooks and blocking circulation areas that lead to fire exits. Children should have a flat, fabric book bag (which goes into a crate) and a draw string PE bag and their lunch boxes. Nothing else ought to come into school.

NO Sharing on the first day back Please note that there will be no Sharing Assembly on the first day back – Friday 2nd September. But from then on, Sharing Assembly will take place every Friday at 2.15pm and you are all invited most warmly to attend.

Supervision of children Sadly, across our country, many children are hurt in the summer holidays as they take their bikes or scooters out and forget the basic traffic safety rules. There are also accidents on railways, powerlines and in water courses. Children spending too much time online can result in a spate of cyberbullying over the summer holidays. Please make sure that your child is supervised at all times. Whilst we do not advocate risk aversion, young children make wrong decisions because they do not have enough life experience and they need adult support to stay safe as they run and explore and have adventures.

Video of Space Seed Project Mrs Bell-Hoskins and Mrs Read have worked very hard with the classroom teachers and children in Sarum class to carry out the research project which aimed to discover if seeds are impacted by being in space. They have made a lovely video of the project which will be uploaded to Drop Box. All parents who wish to see this will be able to access it via a link but we do ask that no part of the video is distributed, uploaded to social media, to You Tube or any other forum since children are clearly identifiable on the video. We shall be sending out the link in the new academic year. Our very sincere thanks to everyone who has worked so hard to get to this point.

Upcoming Events (Calendar of events is available on the website at www.
Monday 18th July Y6 Leavers’ trip All day
Wednesday 20th July Y6 Leavers’ Assembly 2.00pm
Thursday 21st July Last day of term
Friday 2nd September First day back for children Year 1 – Year 6

No Sharing Assembly on this day!

Tuesday 6th September Year 1 and Year 2 children to visit Stonehenge – packed lunches please!


Sarum Class Welcome Meeting:

Residential Trip Meeting for Y3 and Y 4:

Avebury Class Welcome Meeting:


Within the school day







Wednesday 7th September Foundation Stage children start – half days only 8.30am – 11.45 am
Wednesday 7th September Sarum and Avebury classes to visit Stonehenge – packed lunches please!


Stonehenge Class Welcome Meeting:

Silbury Class Welcome Meeting:

White Horse Welcome Meeting:

Within the school day






Thursday 8th September Silbury class to visit Stonehenge – packed lunches please! Within the school day


Best wishes

Mercedes Henning

We welcome and value your opinion. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Head teacher or Chair of Governors.

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