Newsletter 39 – 18th July 2014

Dear Parents

This is the last newsletter of the year! Our last day of term is Wednesday 23rd July and we finish at 3.00pm as usual. We wish all our families a very happy, refreshing and relaxing summer holiday.

We look forward to welcoming you all back on Tuesday 2nd September, ready to enjoy the challenges and rewards of a new school year.

Government Assessments Once again, our children have done remarkably well in all the statutory government assessments – the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile, the Year 1 Phonics Screener, the Year 2 SATS and the Year 6 SATS. The school will once again achieve significantly higher than most other schools nationally. Detail on the test results will be published in the newsletter when the government statistical analysis is published in November. As I always remark at this time, although we are delighted with their outstanding academic achievements, we are always just as delighted with the kind of people our children are growing into – people of integrity, tolerance and courage, people who understand their responsibility to the wider community and people who aspire to be the very best they can be in all areas. These aspects of their success are at least as important as academic achievements and will ensure that they grow into happy and fulfilled adults.

Leavers’ Assembly This event is to celebrate the achievements and fun that our Year 6 children have had in their years at this school. There are also a few awards that will be presented to children throughout the school. It will take place on Tuesday 22nd July at 2.00pm.

Indian School project White Horse class has been spear heading the campaign to raise funds to help pay for improvements to our link school in India – an orphanage called the Mathieson Trust. We are delighted to announce that we have raised £216 which is 2,160 bricks! What a tremendous achievement! My thanks to Mrs Mehaffy and White Horse class and to all of you who have contributed so generously to this project. 

Themes for the coming year We map out very broad themes for the coming year at this time –though they are open to change should something else come up that the children are very interested in. At this stage, however, we plan to have a history theme for the first term, based on the period 1485AD – 1901AD. This will start off with the visit to the Historic dockyards in Portsmouth, and will use the painting by Turner, “The Fighting Temeraire” as a stimulus. The second term will be about Christmas, light and dark and celebration.  In the last terms, we will be using the book “The Quiltmaker’s Gift” as a stimulus – with some classes drawing themes from the Native American culture. The middle terms will have themes that each teacher chooses in line with the interests of the class. If you are able to get to London during the holiday, you might like to take a trip to the National Gallery (off Trafalgar Square) to show your child the Fighting Temeraire (by Turner) and the Bathers (by Seurat) as well as all the other wonderful treasures in the gallery.

School Eucharist We had a wonderful celebration in the school hall, with the Archdeacon of Wilts, Ven Ruth Worsley. The year 6 children performed a beautiful liturgical dance, and there was lots of singing and water splashing! This celebration gives us a chance to reflect on the values that make our school great, whether we are Christians or not, and to think about the new beginnings that will face us all in September.

Leavers’ Trip Our Year 6 Leavers had their final trip together – this year they went to Brokerswood, where they engaged in den building and making bread over an open fire. The “tips” that they had earned from their Graffiti Bridge/Tea Party afternoon with parents, were spent on ice creams during the day, as always happens with this money.

Class Splits On Thursday, children were given the chance to spend the afternoon in the classroom where they will be in September and to meet the group of children that they will be with for the next academic year. Whilst there are always a few who are disappointed – they would have preferred to stay in their existing classroom, or would have preferred to move to the next classroom, our experience and the statistics show that children settle quickly and will continue to do equally well, no matter which classroom they are in. Children in the Year 2 are all in White Horse classroom. Children in Year 3 are all in Sarum classroom, and children in Year 6 are all in Silbury classroom. The other year groups are split and your child will have been given a slip yesterday to tell you which classroom they are in.  A lot of your child’s success at this transition depends on how you react to it – please be positive and supportive so that your child feels happy and motivated for the coming year.

Holiday clubs  Sports Stars Holiday club will run from 28th July to 1st August and a second week from 11th August to 15th August. The Music Holiday Club will run from Monday 4th August to Thursday 7th August. Please feel free to drop in to any of these, for a day or for longer periods, as there are a few places available on each session. More details are available at the office.

Lost property There is a vast amount of lost property here in school. It will all be recycled over the summer holidays so if you have lost anything, please come and claim it before the end of term.

TD Days for the coming year

Monday 1st September 2014; Friday 28th November 2014; Monday 1st June and Tuesday 2nd June 2015; and Wednesday 22nd July 2015.


Some Dates for Summer Term

Leavers’ Assembly:                                         Tuesday 22nd July 2.00pm

Last day of Term:                                            Wednesday 23rd July

Children in Years 1 – 6 return to school         Tuesday 2nd September

Children in Foundation Stage start school      Monday 8th September

Woodborough Garden Centre are holding a Children’s fun day on Sunday 20th July from 10am-4pm on the theme of “Bugs and Butterflies”. Mrs Read and the gardening club have entered a barrow in the wheelbarrow competition, please go along and vote for your favourite! There will be face painting as well as dance and music sessions and refreshments along with strawberry picking.


PFA News 

A huge “Thank You” to all the parents (and friends) who have supported the various events run by the PFA during this academic year.  Funds raised are much appreciated and support extra projects for the pupils.  Thank you, as well, to the Year 6 PFA parents who have consistently given time and energy to the PFA team of helpers whilst their children have attended Holy Trinity.  Have a fabulous summer and see you in September 2014!

Best wishes              

Mercedes Henning

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