Newsletter 38 – 17th July 2015

Dear Parents

We wish all our families a wonderful summer holiday, with lots of fun, sun and time to rest and refresh themselves.

Children return to school on Wednesday 2nd September, (except for the new Foundation Stage children who start on Monday 7th September).

SATS results Once again, we have been delighted with the KS2 SATS results which put us significantly ahead of the national levels. All our children (100%) reached at least a Level 4 in all areas (the expected level, achieved by 79% of children nationally). All made 2 levels of progress in all areas – most made significantly more, putting us at least in the top ten percent of the country on this measure. A full statistical analysis of the results will be published by the Government in November.

Level 5 is above the national expectation and Level 6 is the expected level for Year 9 children!

(SPAG: Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar)

Level 6                                             Level 5+

                        Our school        National                   Our school      National

Reading:             0%                     0%                          79%                 49%

Maths:                37%                   9%                            89%                 42%

Writing:               21%                     Unavailable             63%                  33%

SPAG:                16%                  4%                              84%                  52%

Our KS1 statutory assessments also put us significantly above national levels, 100% of our Year 1 children passed the phonics screener, and our Early Years results show us to be working above the level of schools nationally and in the local authority (the only comparative data we have at present). Across the school, our children exceed national expectations by a significant margin.

We have outstanding teachers and TAs in every classroom, every day, and, together with our outstanding children, governors and families, we have a winning combination. As ever, we like to emphasise that the excellent academic achievements are only a small part of the outstanding education we provide, and, in fact, we are more delighted with all the other qualities of our children which will ensure that they are tremendous citizens of the future – they are compassionate, aspirational, courageous, joyful people, showing great integrity and generosity. These are the real triumphs of the education we and our families provide for our children.

Music Concert Once again, this was a tremendous event, showing the immense talent and confidence of all our young musicians. The standard is remarkably high and we enjoyed the performances very much. It was a long programme but everyone remained focused and supportive – our sincere thanks for all your patience and engagement. Music is a performing art and we are delighted that so many of our children wish to perform in front of an audience.

Parents in school It was wonderful to have so many parents from Silbury, White Horse and Stonehenge classes come into school to celebrate the end of term with their children! We were very lucky with the weather, the children and staff worked hard to ensure everything was perfect and our parents were as lovely as ever! There are photos on the school Facebook page.

Life Education Bus The children take part in a short course of activities each year, at their own level, to help them make correct choices about healthy living, avoiding substance abuse and many other areas of concern for young people in the modern world. The programme is fun for the children and they grow in understanding of the issues involved each year.

AGM The AGM, where parents are invited to a presentation by the governors on aspects of our school and are encouraged to air their views, was very poorly attended. In future years, we shall ask for parents to sign up to the AGM and if there is not enough interest, the meeting will be cancelled.

Hit the ground running!  Please continue to read with your child through the summer holidays, using the library reading challenge or any other reading they wish to do books, comics, blogs, recipes etc. If you can also encourage them to do a bit of writing, perhaps to make up a magazine about their hobby, or a diary of their holiday, this will help them to retain their learning. Online times tables games can help them keep their number facts fresh so that when they return to school they are ready to hit the ground running!

Witchcombe Close Plea Children are increasingly bringing their scooters to use in Witchcombe Close after school and skimming them along the kerb stones which is a stunt action. There are several damaged kerb stones now and residents have to pay to have these replaced as the road is private. The residents are currently trying to have the road adopted and must have all damage repaired and are asking parents to stop their children using this road in this way as it is going to cost a lot to repair. In addition to this there have also been several near misses as children come out from behind parked cars as residents leave their own drives and there are concerns that it is only a matter of time before an accident occurs. Thankyou

Gardening Club – a message from Liz Read who also deserves our thanks for all of the work she does with this club…….. thanks to the children who attended gardening club, and to Jane, Debi and Konnie for their help. Also thanks to Lucy Bates at The Three Daggers at Edington for their bedding plants.  We will be meeting again on Monday the 20th July then not until Monday the 7th of September. If you would like your child to attend gardening club, and you are able to assist with the sessions, please contact Liz via the school office.

Tuck Shop Also thanks and well done to Jane Gibbons for Friday Tuck shop – it has not only raised money for the PFA, but provided a social time for parents as well as experience handling money both for those children buying from the shop and those who helped to sell items.  She has worked really hard and has been really dedicated to making it a success.

Upcoming events

Leavers’ Assembly                                          Monday 20th July at 2.00pm

Last day of term                                              Tuesday 21st July

Children return to school                               Wednesday 2nd September

Foundation Stage start school                        Monday 7th September

TD dates next year:                                        Tuesday 1st September, Monday 4th January, Monday 6th

June, Tuesday 7th June and Friday 22nd July.

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning


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