Newsletter 38 – 13th July 2012

Dear Parents

Sports Day What a wonderful day we had on Wednesday! Our children are determined, enthusiastic and energetic athletes and it was great to see them striving to do their best in every event. Thanks to Mr Amor whose hard work and organisation ensured that the event went so smoothly, to Mrs Fredericks for “Opening” the games, to Mrs Heath and Mrs Andrew for organising the Maypole dancing and to all the teachers and support staff who worked so hard in the preparation for this. Thanks also for the wonderful weather!  My special thanks to all the parents who attended and to those who remained for the picnic afterwards – we love having you in school.

Music Concert We are very proud of all our talented young musicians in this school – their performances were excellent and we were delighted with how many children had the confidence to perform in public.  Thank you to our peripatetic music teachers, and Ms Sharman as well as Mr Amor who all contributed to this evening of music. 

No Sharing Assembly next week on 20th July!

Last Day of Term Friday 20th July, finishing at 3pm. 

Back to School Tuesday 4th September (Year 1 – Year 6) and Monday 10th September (Foundation Stage)

Leaver’s Trip Year 6 children have a surprise outing on Monday 16th July during the school day.

Leaver’s Assembly takes place on Thursday 19th July at 2pm. 

Fun Evening Last Friday we had our first ever completely wet Fun Evening – but Louise George and her team were not daunted and their efficiently laid plans meant that the evening was as successful as ever in spite of the rain – some events took place outside, others in the hall and classrooms and everyone really did have fun.  Thank you to all of you who worked so hard to make the event such a success and for raising so much money for our children.  The PFA do remarkable work in our school and are urgently in need of people to take up some of the leadership – please do consider coming along to join.

Welly Wanging This event was held outside on the Fun Evening – Mrs Hughes was completely soaked by the end but people had great fun out there.  

Year 6 Restaurant Once again, the children in Silbury Class entertained their parents to a very professional restaurant experience. They were efficient at taking the orders, preparing and plating up the food and making sure that their guests had an entertaining and relaxing afternoon with great food at the “White Star Diner”. Thank you to Mr Amor and Mrs Heath who made sure our children were supported in this very ambitious venture.

Olympic Torch All our children have had their photos taken with the Olympic Torch – we will give each child their photo as a memento of this exciting year hopefully before the end of the term. My thanks go to Paul Sperring for giving up his time so generously to share this with our children.

Parking and Traffic I am afraid that once again some parents have been very inconsiderate in both their parking and their driving around school. On Monday, a young child in our school was very nearly killed by a driver, going too fast past the Green Lane turn off. The child and her mother were very shaken but were able to see that the driver was a parent at our school. Once again, I do plead with you to drive very slowly and carefully around the school.  

Also, parking in both Chitham Close (where the staff car park entrance is) and in Witchcombe Close (across the road from the school) has caused real problems for the residents. Some of our parents have actually parked across the driveways of residents in Witchcombe Close so that they were not able to leave their properties, and in both places, our parents’ cars have limited the access to the estates. Over the past month, ambulances have been required twice in these areas, and if they had been needed at the times when our parents were parked there, they would not have had access. The consequences could have been very serious and the owners of the cars parked incorrectly would have had to be called to account.  For the sake of our children and of our neighbours, I do ask you to be very careful in driving and parking around school. If there is no parking opposite the school, please park at the pub, at Garston, or along the streets further down the village and walk up Green Lane – a five minute walk through pleasant surroundings.  We must make sure that we do all we can to keep our children safe, even if it does mean an extra five minute walk.



Firstly, thank you to every one for supporting the Fun Evening last Friday. The weather was very unkind to us, despite this so many people turned out to raise funds for the PFA. We raised £800, an incredible amount bearing in mind the current economic climate and weather. THANK YOU!

The PFA is in desperate need of new members to help organise both fun events for the children and fund raising events. In addition to new members we also need a new Chairman and Vice Chairman in addition to a Treasurer. Unfortunately, unless we have people in these roles the PFA can no longer function or exist. This would be a dreadful shame as the children gain much from the PFA.  The following is a list of how the PFA benefits our children:

Film night or other Yr 7 leavers’ night in September

Christmas Party, Christmas Fair, refreshments at Christmas Plays and funding for the puppet show

Pancake Races and Easter Term fund raiser

Summer Fun Evening and Sports Day drinks

Funds Yr 6 leavers’ trip and leavers book

Organising themed dress downs or wacky hair days at school

Organising themed craft competitions during the year

Providing funds to the school

The PFA AGM will be held on Monday 17th September in school at 2pm, at this meeting members will be elected and roles filled. If you are able to help out on the PFA, then please think about joining and come along to the AGM in September.

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning

We welcome and value your opinion. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Head teacher or Chair of Governors.

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