Newsletter 37 – 12th July 2013

Dear Parents

Sports Day We had a wonderful day on Wednesday, with our children showing all their usual resilience, good sportsmanship and determination to do their best and win! My thanks to all the parents and families who attended and thanks to all the staff who made sure everything went smoothly on the day. Once again, our PFA were tremendous, serving refreshments through the whole event – we are very grateful to them. Special thanks to Mr Amor who works so hard each year to ensure that this complex event is such fun and so efficiently run.

Music Concert Well done to all our talented musicians in school! What a lovely concert we had with a significant percentage of the school’s pupils represented. We enjoyed performances from Recorders, School Choir, Guitars, Hand Bells, Ukuleles and the Silbury class ensemble. Lots of work went into this event and we are grateful to all our music teachers, Mrs Barbey, Mr Gundry, Mrs Heath, Mrs Jenkins and Ms Sharman, and to the children who have worked tirelessly to get to this level of performance.

Brass instrument tuition We are pleased to be able to offer Brass Instrument tuition next year if your child is interested in this. The person who takes our ukulele club, Mark Gundry, will be offering this tuition on Wednesdays after lunch. He will charge £8 per 20 minute session for individual lessons, (less for group lessons depending on numbers (max 4)).  Initially he recommends group lessons as it takes a while to develop the embouchure (correct position of the mouth).  He is able to supply some instruments for the first week or two (depending on numbers).  Mr Gundry can teach any brass instrument and can advise parents/children on this if they wish.
Here is a link to John Packers who do good starter instruments to loan/purchase.  (scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘How does the scheme work?’)  If you are interested in this club, please complete the form at the bottom of this letter.

Reports Your child’s school report has been uploaded onto the Parent Portal. Please log in to Parent Portal from the Holy Trinity website to read it. Feel free to make an appointment with your child’s teacher between now and the end of term if you wish to discuss anything.

Leavers’ Assembly This event is to celebrate the achievements and fun that our Year 6 children have had in their years at this school. There are also a few awards that will be presented to children throughout the school. It will take place on Monday 22nd July at 2.00pm.

Walk to Little Cheverell Church The whole school will walk to Little Cheverell Church on Wednesday 17th July after lunch (about 1.10pm). You are most welcome to come along on the walk, enjoy the short service and accompany the walk back to school. It is always a lovely afternoon, with the older children caring most beautifully for the younger children, chatting and enjoying the countryside together and then spending a few minutes in quiet reflection in the church. Our thanks to Rev James Campbell who will be leading the service.

Virtual Choir We will have a musician and media producer, Mr Patrick Williams, in school on Friday next week to help our children learn more about how choirs can be formed and sing together from across the globe – without the need for everyone to be present in the same room. If you wish to see something of this in action, click on and watch their rendition of the Seal’s Lullaby by Eric Whitacre. This is part of our ongoing link with Wiltshire College and we are delighted to be able to offer our children this enrichment of their curriculum. When they are adults, this type of leading edge technology will be part of everyday life.

Class swaps will take place on Thursday 18th July – children will be told on this day which classroom they will be in next year, and a letter will go home on that day to notify parents whose children’s year groups will be split – that is, the children in Year 4 and Year 5. (Parents of children in Year 1 have already been informed). If your child is going into Year 2, Year 3 or Year 6, they will be in White Horse, Sarum and Silbury classrooms respectively, since these year groups are not split.

PFA The AGM will be held on Monday 16th September at 2pm in school. Please do consider coming along and becoming part of this valuable support group we have in school. It is also a great way to make new friends and feel really integrated into school life.

Leavers’ Trip This will take place on Monday 15th July. Please ensure that you have the notices about this event.

Last day of term is Tuesday 23rd July and we finish at 3.00pm as usual. Children return to school on Wednesday 4th September.

Rucksacks  A reminder that children may not bring rucksacks into school. There is nowhere to hang them up and store them safely, and we end up with things lying all over the floors, causing trip hazards and blocking fire exits. Children should bring PE kits in small, drawstring bags and books in flat reading folder type bags which can be stored in a crate. Aside from lunch boxes, nothing else should be coming into school.  We simply do not have space to accommodate a lot of luggage.

Lost property  We will be recycling all the lost property at the end of this term. Please check through the box over the next couple of weeks if your child is missing items.

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning


Brass Instrument Tuition

We would like our child to learn to play a brass instrument in school time on Wednesday afternoons. We understand the cost will be £8 for an individual lesson (less for a group lesson), payable termly in advance, and we understand that we will be responsible for providing an instrument.


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