Newsletter 37 – 10th July 2015

Dear Parents

Reports Please complete the slip at the bottom of this newsletter, giving any comments you wish about your child’s report. You are also welcome to make an appointment to discuss the contents of the report with your child’s teacher if you would like to.

Class splits Next week we will be letting children know which classroom they will be in next year – for some year groups there are no options (Foundation Stage are all in Stonehenge classroom, Year 2 are all in White Horse classroom, Year 3 are all in Sarum classroom and Year 6 are all in Silbury classroom). The other year groups are split by ability and the number of children we need to ensure that each classroom has about 30 children. We ask that you trust us to make the correct decision for your child – we will ensure that your child makes the very best progress they can whichever classroom they are in and our statistical analysis of results shows that it really does not matter which classroom your child is in – there is clear overlap of achievement of children of the same age regardless of their classroom. Children can play with each other in playtimes and break times regardless of which classroom they are in and can sustain friendships easily if they wish to.

Sports Day Sadly, we were only able to run the first half of our sports day on Wednesday as the rain came down too heavily and wet the ground too completely for us to continue. We will have finished the second part of our sports day on Friday before Sharing Assembly. We apologise to all parents and grandparents whose plans were disrupted by the poor weather – we are aware that people had taken days off work and some had travelled a long way to get here – but we hope that the second part of the event will be as wonderful as the first.

Our children are so kind to each other, and show such outstanding sportsmanship, gracious in victory and defeat. It is always lovely to see the determination and focus on their faces as they strive to win their races – and lovely to see the support they give each other. Our Year 6 children in particular work hard to make sure that every little one is supported and secure as they challenge themselves. My very sincere thanks to Mr Amor who works so hard to ensure that everything runs smoothly and according to a strict schedule on Sports day and also makes sure that the children have fun. Thanks to the PFA for supplying refreshments and to all our staff who have supported the children strongly to do their best on Sports day.

School Eucharist It was lovely to welcome the Bishop of Salisbury to our school to celebrate the annual school Eucharist on Wednesday. The children sang beautifully, the Year 6 children performed a lovely, reflective dance, and we all had time to pause in our busy rush to the end of term for a moment of quiet. My thanks to Rev Mark Jones and Rev James Campbell who have supported the planning and preparation for this event so strongly. The Bishop, addressing a gathering of over 400 clergy on Wednesday, mentioned our school and said, “The children at Holy Trinity school made the weather: they created the sunshine (the joy) that I experienced on my visit.”

Shakespeare Day We had a wonderful day on Thursday, rehearsing “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, making props and performing elements of this play for parents.

Superchoir My sincere thanks to Ms Sharman who has worked so hard with our Superchoir children. This culminated in a great event at Dauntsey’s school on Thursday, with our children and children from many other primary schools joining into a wonderful massed choir and performing in the evening concert. It was inspirational! Thank you also to the volunteers who helped supervise our children, to the parents who have supported them so strongly and to the children themselves who have worked so hard to reach these impressive levels of choral singing.

Links with local schools All our teaching staff had a staff meeting at Lavington school this week, with staff from Lavington and other local primary schools, to share good practice in teaching. It was a very interesting afternoon.

Music Holiday Club   Our brass instrument and ukulele tutor is going to run a music holiday club from Monday 27th July to Thursday 30th July. Mr Gundry is a very talented musician and always makes sure the children have great fun, making music, making instruments and enjoying visiting musicians’ performances. Sign up forms for this holiday club have been sent home.

Sports Holiday Club Superstars will be running our sports holiday club in the week commencing Monday 3rd August and Monday 17th August. Again, this club is always very popular. You can sign up on-line. A letter went out about this last week.

TD Dates for next year: The following dates in the coming academic year, 2015-16, will be used for professional development for our teachers, so children will not be in school: Tuesday 1st September, Monday 4th January, Monday 6th June, Tuesday 7th June and Friday 22nd July.

Upcoming events

FS and KS1 and Silbury class parents              Tuesday 14th July

Music Concert                                                 Tuesday 14th July 5.00pm

Parents’ AGM with Governors                        Wednesday 15th July at 6.00pm

Leavers’ Assembly                                          Monday 20th July at 2.00pm

Last day of term                                              Tuesday 21st July

TD dates next year:                                         Tuesday 1st September, Monday 4th January, Monday 6th

June, Tuesday 7th June and Friday 22nd July.

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning

PFA News

**CASUAL CLOTHES DAY** in celebration of summer on Friday 17th July.  We would like a 50p donation please.


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