Newsletter 36 – 2nd July 2021

Dear Parents

Booking for Parent/Teacher Meetings Booking for our Parent/Teacher meetings is open. Please do log in and book your slot to see your child’s teacher using the booking platform called “Parents Evening Systems”. The instructions for this booking system are at the end of last week’s newsletter, .

The meetings will be held after school on Monday 12th July and Wednesday 14th July. Please do NOT bring children with you. We will not be able to allow you on site if you have children with you, because the risk of their mixing with children in other Bubbles/other families is too great. The meetings will be held outdoors and we will be limiting numbers of people on site in order to comply with Covid restrictions and our own risk assessments. All adults on site must maintain social distancing. We will need people to arrive at their exact time, neither earlier nor later. Please do not come at all if you have any Covid symptoms. We do not want to risk anyone’s health at this stage.

Holy Trinity Olympics In light of the Covid restrictions on our usual Sports Day format, we have decided to turn this into an opportunity for something even more wonderful and have a Holy Trinity Olympic Week, with various sporting events being held every day. Children will have to remain within their class Bubbles, of course, but they will be given the chance to have lots of competitive sport across the whole week. Then at the end of the week, all the points scored will be tallied and the usual Sports Trophies will be awarded at our Sharing Assembly on Friday afternoon. We will work around the weather conditions and other activities that are being planned since we have the flexibility to do so, but children will have a really exciting sporting experience. My thanks to Mr Amor who has worked very hard to ensure that we can run these events safely and still have a sense of a whole school competition.

Silbury Class Restaurant In order to comply with the Covid restrictions, we are having to adjust this event this year, but we are determined to find a way to hold it somehow. We will have to run it outdoors, so we hope for good weather, and with limited numbers. In the event of rain, we will have to cancel. We will have to run it over two days, hopefully on Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th July so that we can limit the number of people onsite at any one time. More detail will follow.

Leavers’ Assembly We are trying to find a way to present this safely to parents of Year 6 children, if possible. It will be an abbreviated event, held outdoors, and will have to be cancelled in the event of rain. By then, we may just have reached Step 4 of the easing but we will continue to be very careful for the last 4 days of school since we do not want anyone to get sick just before the summer holidays. Our staff, in particular, need protecting since they have had a busy and exhausting year and we need them to rest over the summer, and not to be ill, so that they can come back to school in autumn feeling refreshed. We know that adults, even when vaccinated, can be made ill by Covid and we wish to avoid that at this late stage in the term.

Year 3/Year 4 performances Again, we hope to be able to hold these in a Covid safe way. We are strictly limiting numbers of adults in the hall, maintaining social distancing and will have very good ventilation. Each performance will be only 15 minutes long, and will be followed by fallow time to refresh the air before the next performance, with the next small group of parents. Even though we may by then be in step four of the easing, our priority at this late stage in the term will be to make sure that everyone can remain well for their summer break and we will take no chances.

Group/class photos The photos of your child with their class which were taken recently will be printed professionally and you will be able to order one in due course. There is a formal, cheerful photo and one with the children making silly faces. You can order either or both.

Covid This paragraph is part of the Government’s current Step 4 information and is worth keeping in mind even when (as seems very likely) we have easing of the restrictions from 19th July.

As we move through each of these phases in the roadmap, we must all remember that COVID-19 remains a part of our lives. We are going to have to keep living our lives differently to keep ourselves and others safe. We must carry on with ‘hands, face, space’. Comply with the COVID-Secure measures that remain in place. Meet outdoors when we can and keep letting fresh air in. Get tested when needed. Get vaccinated when offered. If we all continue to play our part, we will be that bit closer to a future that is more familiar.—not-before-21-june

If your child shows ANY SIGN of Covid infection, they (and any siblings) must not come into school – this is really important! Any temperature, cough or change to sense of taste or smell requires a test and isolation. Keep your child at home if anyone in your house has Covid (10 day isolation), or Covid symptoms until a negative PCR test has been returned. No Lateral Flow Tests to be used on primary school children.

Last day of term Thursday 22nd July is the last day of term. Everyone from Year 1 – Year 6 is back to school on Thursday 2nd September. Foundation Stage children start with their half days on Monday 6th September.

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning

Upcoming Events (Calendar of events available on the website at www.
Monday 12th July and Wednesday 14th July Parent/Teacher meetings NO children, please. 3.20pm – 5.50pm To be held outdoors.
Friday 16th July – Saturday 17th July Year 3/Year 4 campout on the school field Children to be kept in their class bubbles for this event.  
Monday 19th July and Wednesday 21st July.  Year 3 and Year 4 summer plays Parents invited if Covid restrictions permit, small numbers, socially distanced.
Monday 19th July Teachers’ welcome meetings for all their families of next year’s cohort. NO children please! Outdoors, social distancing White Horse class: 5.00pm Sarum class: 5.30pm
Tuesday 20th July Teachers’ welcome meetings for all their families of next year’s cohort. NO children please! Outdoors, social distancing Silbury class: 5.00pm Avebury class: 5.30pm
Tuesday 20th July School Eucharist 2.00pm with the Bishop. Outdoors
Wednesday 21st July Leavers’ Assembly 2.00pm – Year 6 parents welcome if restrictions permit. Outdoors, social distancing.
Thursday 22nd July Last day of summer term 23rd July is a TD day  
Thursday 2nd September Everyone back to school except the new Foundation Stage children Foundation Stage children have their timetable of induction – starting on Monday 6th September

We welcome and value your opinion. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Head teacher or Chair of Governors.

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Thank you

Thank you to all the parents who have been supporting us this year and helping us to adapt to new circumstances.

Many thanks

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