Newsletter 36 – 20th July 2018

We wish all our families a wonderful summer holiday, with lots of fun, sun and time to rest and refresh themselves.

Children return to school on Tuesday 4th September, (except for the new Foundation Stage children who start on Thursday 6th September). There will be no newsletter next week.

 School Eucharist We had a quiet moment of reflection in this busy term – with some lovely readings, singing, liturgical dance and time to focus on our spiritual wellbeing, regardless of whether we are people of faith or not. We are grateful to Rev Marion Harrison, Rev Harold Stephens and Steve Dewar who supported us so strongly with this celebration.

Leavers’ Assembly Year 6 parents are particularly invited to attend the Leavers Assembly on Monday 23rd July at 2.00pm. Year 6 children will recount some memories of their time in primary school and there will be awards for children in various year groups for various achievements.

Parents welcome meetings These meetings will introduce you to your child’s teacher for the coming academic year, give you the chance to find out what the expectations are in that classroom and to ask any questions you may have.  See below for the times. Stonehenge class will have their welcome meeting on Tuesday 11th September at 5.00pm.

 Class splits Your children will know which classroom they will be in next year as they had an afternoon in their classroom with their new classmates on Thursday. Year groups are split on ability – and each time your child reaches one of the year groups that is split, we do the ranking procedure again, so that different children will be in your child’s cohort each time. Children develop at different rates and progress at different rates – this system allows each child to be educated in the best possible place for their development at that particular point in time. We ask that you trust us to do the very best for your child and to help them to celebrate their class and look forward to the new academic year with enthusiasm.

Supervision of children Sadly, across our country, many children are hurt in the summer holidays as they take their bikes or scooters out and forget the basic traffic safety rules. There are also accidents on railways, powerlines and in water courses. Children spending too much time online can result in a spate of cyberbullying over the summer holidays. Please make sure that your child is supervised at all times. Whilst we do not advocate risk aversion, young children make wrong decisions because they do not have enough life experience and they need adult support to stay safe as they run and explore and have adventures.

School Bags Please remember, as you are buying your child’s school bag, to ensure that you do not get a ruck sack. We have no room for these in school. There are serious health and safety issues with large bags falling off the hooks and blocking circulation areas that lead to fire exits.  Children should have a flat, fabric book bag (which goes into a crate) and a draw string PE bag and their lunch boxes. Nothing else ought to come into school.

Restaurant The Year 6 children this year made a tremendous job of running their restaurant for their parents.  Each person played their part to perfection, calmly managing difficulties and ensuring that their guests had a wonderful and memorable experience. What a great event! We are very proud of you, Year 6 children! Our thanks go to Mr Amor, Mrs Heath and Mrs Andrew who worked hard behind the scenes to support the children to carry out this project.

Hit the ground running!  Please continue to read with your child through the summer holidays, using the library Summer Reading Challenge (this year on the theme of Mischief Makers) or any other reading they wish to do – books, comics, blogs, emails, instructions, recipes, adverts, menus etc.

You might also, for instance, with younger children, ask them to divide a pizza between their family in equal fractions, or work out how much cutlery is required for a picnic if each person has 3 items and there are 4 people coming on the picnic. Older children might like to work out how much 20% off the entrance fee to a theme park would be, or what time it will be when you arrive at your destination if it takes 1 hour and 23 minutes to get there. There are online times tables games and other number games which children enjoy.

They could write a postcard to grandparents, or an invitation, a menu or an instruction leaflet. They might like to produce a newspaper for the family, asking for contributions and writing articles, jokes, letters etc themselves. A holiday pamphlet persuading people to come to their holiday destination is always fun – with photos taken by the children. A report on a museum or sea life centre is interesting. Any real life learning like this will support your child’s learning and help them understand the point of learning.

On our webpage there are resources that you can use to help you think of things to do to help your child over summer.

Keeping up with reading, writing and maths over the summer, means that children can “Hit the ground running” when they return to school in the new academic year. None of this needs to take very long, just a few minutes each day, but it will really help your child when they return.

PFA Our thanks go to our wonderful PFA and all our families who support the school so strongly and ensure that our children are given the best possible education.

Upcoming Events (Calendar of events is available on the website at www.
Monday 23rd July Parents’ welcome meetings for new academic year 5.30pm White Horse class

6.00pm Sarum class

6.30pm Silbury class

7.00pm  Avebury class

Monday 23rd July Leavers’ Assembly 2.00pm
Tuesday 24th July Last day of term
Monday 30th July – Friday 3rd July Holiday Club with Superstars
Monday 13th August – Friday 17th August Holiday Club with Superstars
Tuesday 4th September Year 1 – Year 6 come back to school
Wednesday 5th September Year 1 and Year 2 children to Salisbury Museum


Best wishes

Mercedes Henning

PFA News

At the recent PFA meeting the following spending was agreed:

£3000 for the children’s pantomime tickets & coach hire

£200 towards the Leavers’ books

£300 towards coach fees for Hooke Court

£450 for Leavers’ trips, transportation & the cooking budget

£5500 for the outdoor play equipment

This leaves around £1000 in the account to start the next academic year.

Many thanks to all those who contributed and participated in all the fundraising this year.

Wishing you all an enjoyable Summer break!

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped the PFA over the course of the year, members and volunteers alike – we couldn’t do it without you!

We welcome and value your opinion. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Head teacher or Chair of Governors.

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