Newsletter 36 – 5th July 2013

Dear Parents

Reports Your child’s school report has been uploaded onto the Parent Portal. Please log in to Parent Portal from the Holy Trinity website to read it. Once logged in, you need to look at the documents tab where the latest document uploaded will be your child’s report. There is a separate box at the top of the screen for each of your children. Feel free to make an appointment with your child’s teacher between now and the end of term if you wish to discuss anything. There is a parental response form at the bottom of this letter, if you would like to make a comment on any aspect of the report.

French Concert Once again, we all enjoyed the French concert on Thursday – lots of fun and singing and cheese! Thank you to Mrs Twentyman who works so hard to ensure that the children learn French so well and that the concert proceeds smoothly.

Feedback from Secondary Schools It is wonderful at the end of the academic year to hear from children who have left our school to move onto one of the secondary schools in the area – we are delighted that so many of them are awarded prizes and/or commendations in their new schools for academics, sports, music, services to the school, effort and so on. Our school’s past pupils are very well represented in the award ceremonies of the schools that they attend, as their achievements and work ethic continue to be amongst the best in their peer group. 

At Dauntsey’s Secondary school, an award for excellence (the main Year 7 prize) was given to one of our past pupils, and all the other children who transferred to Dauntsey’s from our school last year were recognised in their award ceremony in some way. In other year groups at Dauntsey’s, our children also did very well, with academic prizes going to our past pupils all the way up to the sixth form. At Lavington, many of our past pupils received sporting colours and sports awards at a recent sports award ceremony. Two of our past pupils actually conducted the presentations – a great accolade for their confidence and competence. Two of our past pupils recently won the young Composer of the Year award at Lavington School. And, of course, our past pupils continue to excel academically as well.

Music Concert On Thursday 11th July, we will be holding our evening music concert where some of the children who take part in music lessons/clubs at school will be performing. Your child’s music teacher will have notified them if they are on the programme. They need to be in school at about 5.55pm, and can wear smart clothes for their performances (not school uniform). We expect that the concert will be finished by about 7pm or shortly after.

Music Lessons If your child wishes to have recorder or guitar lessons, please make sure you sign up so that we can confirm the hours our peripatetic teachers must work. Children gain great benefit from having music lessons and we do encourage you to consider enrolling your child in one of these programmes.

Musical Sharing Assembly If your child would like to perform at the Musical Sharing Assembly on Friday 12th July at 2.15pm, please complete the slip at the bottom of this newsletter. The piece they play must not be longer than 2 minutes, and I would like them to play for me beforehand to ensure that they are confident and competent to perform in front of an audience. The last of these entrants will be accepted on Monday 8th July.

How do the class splits work? It has been brought to my attention that some parents are not clear about how the class splits work in this school. We have 5 classrooms and 7 year groups. Each classroom has two age groups in it. Children will spend 2 years in the same classroom twice in their time at our school.  Year groups are allocated as follows:

Classroom Stonehenge White Horse Sarum Avebury Silbury
Year groups in that classroom All of FS and some Year 1 children All of Year 2 and some Year 1 children All of Year 3 and some Year 4 children Some Year 5 and some Year 4 children All of Year 6 and some Year 5 children

So your child will come together with their whole year cohort in FS, in Year 2, in Year 3 and in Year 6. However, they will be split into different classrooms in Year 1, Year 4 and Year 5. Our careful analysis of data show that it does not matter which classroom your child spends 2 years in, their outcomes will good – the top 10 children in Year 6 will have had entirely different histories of classroom experiences in their journey through our school – some will have spent 2 years in Stonehenge, 2 years in Sarum and one year in each of the other classrooms. Others will have spent 2 years in White Horse and 2 years in Avebury, and others will have spent 2 years in Stonehenge and 2 years in Silbury – and so on. There are many permutations but children will be taught at the edge of their learning no matter which classroom they are in and our data show clearly that children in each classroom make good progress. No group has better outcomes through being in a particular classroom.

Welly Wanging Winners: Lucy Bates has announced the winners of the Welly Wanging from the Solstice Fair – they are KS1: Jay Hiscock with a throw of 8.9m, KS2: Darcy Johnson with a throw of 18.7m and Grown Ups: Sid Keyte with a throw of 31.44 m.  Well done all of you!

Facebook If you have Facebook and would like to join the Holy Trinity Facebook page, please go to and “like” the page. You will then receive our notifications and will be able to post on the page.

Lost property  We will be recycling all the lost property at the end of this term. Please check through the box over the next few weeks if your child is missing items.

Edington Priory Church, Saturday 6th July, 3pm.   Roly the Clown is coming to Edington Priory Church to present a circus skills afternoon, which includes juggling, plate-spinning and the slack-rope and a chance for you to try your hand at some of these too, followed by a party tea.  Please contact Andrew King 01380 831227 or email to book your FREE place.

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning


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