Newsletter 35 – 22nd June 2012

Dear Parents

Thank you!

Nearly everyone has already signed up with the Parent Portal!

A small handful of families have not yet signed up. If you have not yet done so, please register using the link on our website.

This year, we plan to release all the end of year reports to parents in this electronic formaton Friday 29th June.

Infant Fun Day At this stage, the weather on Monday looks to be dry and reasonably fine so we are still planning to go ahead with this event. It might be cold, so do make sure your child is wearing warm PE clothes for the event. They need to bring a packed lunch as well.

School Eucharist The annual school Eucharist will take place on Monday 2nd July at 2.00pm. The children play an active role in this, and you are all welcome to attend.

Music Concert On Thursday 12th July at 5.00pm, we will be having our annual summer music concert. All the students at our school who take part in school peripatetic music will be offered the opportunity to perform and will be prepared by their peripatetic music teachers. If there are other children who take music lessons outside of school, and who play to a good standard and would like to take part, please complete the slip at the bottom of this letter. If we are overwhelmed by requests, they will be allocated on a “First come, first served” basis. I shall ask each child to play for me ahead of the time to ensure that they are confident and able to play in public. Each child will only have a one minute slot since we want to be finished in an hour.

Year 6 Leavers’ Service This was held at Salisbury Cathedral on Tuesday – the children had some dance coaching, learnt some new songs and made Olympic rings out of willow. We ate our picnic lunch in the sun on the west lawn and then we had a service with the Bishop. It was a really interesting day and helped the Year 6 children reflect on the challenges and the fun of moving out of their primary schools into secondary.

Olympic Presentation Lucinda Fredericks, who competes in the equestrian events at the Olympics,  came into school on Tuesday to talk to the children about her Olympic career, to show them her Olympic medals and to help them understand how much work has to go into preparing for competing at that level. The children were very interested in the talk and I am very grateful to Lucinda for coming into school when she is so busy preparing for London 2012.

 Music composition and performance workshop Dr Joel Almeida spent the day in school with our children, composing Olympic themed music and performing it at the end of the day. My thanks to Mrs Garraway for organising this event for us.

Road Safety Our older children took part in a road safety programme on Wednesday to help them keep safe once they are at secondary school.

Life Education Bus The children will take part in workshops on keeping healthy, managing peer pressure, feelings, friends and other related themes through the course of Tuesday and Wednesday. Parents are invited to come to the parents’ presentation on the Life Education programme on Tuesday 26th June at 2.30pm. Please do come along and see the kind of things your child will be learning. 

Phonics Screening In line with the new Government requirements, we had to test all our children in Year 1 on their phonics, using the external test materials. Our children did well (indeed, better than we had expected) but we still question the usefulness and validity of these data. Sometimes even the most able readers make mistakes on the “nonsense” words since they try to make them into a word that they recognise. For instance, one of the nonsense words was “strom” which a number of children read as “storm”. However, we have no option but to do the tests and to ensure that the children enjoy them and do well in them. My thanks to Mrs Abbott who made sure that the children had fun through the process.

Children’s Movie Night “Esther…The Girl who became Queen” (CCLI 1198824) is showing tonight, Friday 22nd June from 6-8pm in Erlestoke Church. All are welcome but children under five must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. A light supper and pudding will be provided; donations of £1 for food are gratefully accepted.


 Artwork we would like to invite all children to create a piece of artwork that we could put in a Gallery to be on public display during the Fun Evening. Use your imaginations, we just ask that you limit your creation to an A4 piece of paper.

 Best wishes 

Mercedes Henning


Music Concert

My child ………………………………………… would like to play the …………………………………..(instrument) at the music concert on Thursday 12th July, starting at 5.00pm. I understand that they need to have prepared their piece thoroughly in advance in order to perform well.

 Signed: …………………………………………. (Parent)


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