Newsletter 34 – 19th June 2015

Dear Parents

Solar energy project  We are delighted that Gaiger Bros Ltd have offered a fully funded workshop day and  trip to a solar farm for each class. The children will carry out biodiversity studies and learn more about solar energy as well as the impact of using fossil fuels. Our children are going to have to live with the effects of climate change and will need to become familiar with the many facets and viewpoints surrounding renewable energy. We are, therefore, very grateful for this initiative. The timetable for the off site visits is as follows:

Children in FS, Year 1 and Year 2                Wednesday 24th June

Children in Year 3, 4, 5 and 6                        Thursday 25th June

Children do not need a packed lunch as they will dine at school. But they will all need to bring wellie boots or something similar, wear long trousers to school and have a rain or waterproof jacket and a sun hat. If they bring their water bottle and rain jacket in a rucksack, they will be able to manage their own equipment.

Music Holiday Club   Our brass instrument and ukulele tutor is going to run a music holiday club from Monday 27th July to Thursday 30th July. Mr Gundry is a very talented musician and always makes sure the children have great fun, making music, making instruments and enjoying visiting musicians’ performances. Sign up forms for this holiday club have been sent home.

Sports Holiday Club Superstars will be running our sports holiday club in the week commencing Monday 3rd August and Monday 17th August. Again, this club is always very popular. You can sign up on-line. A letter went out about this last week.

American Museum Trip Sarum class will go to the American museum on Tuesday 23rd June – please remember to send in a packed lunch if your child is in this class. My thanks to Mrs Mehaffy who has organised this extended programme of visits – they have proven very popular and have enriched the children’s learning most effectively.

Trophies If your child was awarded a trophy at our prize giving last year, we ask that you return it sometime over the next couple of weeks so that we can prepare for the prize giving this year. We have 10 trophies that are awarded – the awards include academic achievement, swimming, art, sport, fellowship and a KS1 award for good progress. These trophies are awarded in the final Leavers’ Assembly at the end of term.

Summer Term We notice that in the summer term, children often seem to fall out with each other more than in other terms. We are not sure why this is – perhaps they are sleeping less, or they are hot, or they are preparing themselves for a new group of friends in the next academic year. Whatever the reason, it can be challenging for them to get along with their peers as well as usual. We do ask you to support your child to maintain a sensible perspective about social issues, to forgive each other and to work hard not to be irritable with their peers.

Parking We are once again getting complaints from parents about inconsiderate and even illegal parking in and around the Witchcombe Close area, particularly on the intersection. Because this behaviour is really life-threatening, I have contacted the police and asked them to take action. These are our children – we need to do everything in our power to keep them safe. If this means walking a few hundred metres up Green Lane, it is surely worth it to ensure that no child is injured or killed on the road outside the school. The following link gives the legal position:

TD Dates for next year: The following dates in the coming academic year, 2015-16, will be used for professional development for our teachers, so children will not be in school: Tuesday 1st September, Monday 4th January, Monday 6th June, Tuesday 7th June and Friday 22nd July.

Upcoming events

Sarum class to American Museum                       Tuesday 23rd June

Solar farm, Stonehenge and White Horse             Wednesday 24th June

Solar Farm, Sarum, Avebury and Silbury              Thursday 25th June

French Concert                                                     Wednesday 1st July   at 10.45am

Reports on Parent Portal                                        Friday 3rd July

Sports Day                                                               Wednesday 8th July at 9.15, then picnic on field

Shakespeare show by our children                          Thursday 9th July at 2.30pm

Music Concert                                                           Tuesday 14th July 5.00pm

Parents’ AGM with Governors                                  Wednesday 15th July at 6.00pm

Leavers’ Assembly                                                    Monday 20th July at 2.00pm

Last day of term                                                         Tuesday 21st July


Best wishes


Mercedes Henning


PFA News

Don’t forget the Summer Fayre from 4pm today.

Thank you for all your donations, help and support.

Please bring in your unwanted good quality uniform into school for a sale on Friday 26th June. Thank you.

Tuck Shop  The shop will be open as normal today but will be taking place in the school playground from 3-4pm and then continuing throughout the Fair.

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