Newsletter 34 – 15th June 2012

Dear Parents 

Thank you to all who have already signed up with the Parent Portal!

The Parent Portal system allows you to access information held by your child’s school including school reports, attendance, and other information, from any Internet connected computer in a secure way. The system also allows you to receive email or text (SMS) updates from the school.

You will have your own log in details and a password to access only your own child’s records. If your child moves to Lavington school for their secondary education, your password and log in details will remain the same and will be the same for all your children whether they are at Holy Trinity or at Lavington.


Please register on the Parent Portal, and your details for log in will be sent to you within a week of your registration. You can register by going to our website on and clicking on the tab on the left that says Parent Portal and then click on Register. The process for registration is straightforward, your details will be checked by the school to verify them, and then the log in details will be forwarded to you.


This year, we plan to release all the end of year reports to parents in this electronic format rather than in hard copy, so we do urge you to register with the Parent Portal as soon as possible so that you can access the reports on Friday 29th June. If you cannot access the internet, please let us know so that we can make other arrangements.


Music composition and performance workshop Dr Joel Almeida will be working with each class in school next week to help them compose simple rhythms and tunes. At the end of the day, we will all gather in the hall for a short performance. My thanks to Mrs Garraway for organising this event for us.


Cluster Olympic Sports Day Next Friday, all KS2 children (Y3 – Y6) will be taking part in a Cluster Olympic Sports day at Lavington School with 300+ children from the local cluster schools. It will be great fun and has required a huge amount of organisation. If it is raining this event will be cancelled.


However, as a result there will be No Sharing Assembly next week!  

Sports Stars Holiday Club  will run during the summer holiday in the following two weeks: Monday 23rd July to Friday 27th July and again Monday 13th August to Friday 17th August.


PFA We are urgently in need of someone to step up and take the Chair of our PFA next year as Louise George is retiring after a very successful and inspirational term of office. Not only does the PFA provide us with precious financial resources, but the members also arrange the Christmas party, the Pancake Races, refreshments at Sports Day and many other activities which enrich our children’s experience of school. Please do come and chat to me if you think you could help with this very important work in our school. If you think you could do it as a “Job Share” that might make the project seem less daunting.


School Dinners Lataca, our school dinner provider, is going to be offering a week of Olympic themed meals in the last week of term – even if you are not in the habit of ordering school dinners, you might like to look at the menu for that week and order something special. There is also a special Euro 2012 Football supporters lunch on Friday 29th June – forms will be sent out next week.


Edington Fair Donation We were delighted to be given a donation by the Edington Fair committee again this year. We usually give a handbell performance at this fair each year, but this year we could not do this since the fair took place in the half term holiday. Nevertheless they remembered us. These donations make it possible for us to purchase extras such as playground equipment for our children and we are always very grateful for them.


Lice in school Once again we have reports of lice in school. Please make sure that you check your child’s hair regularly – at least weekly – and treat immediately if you see signs of lice or nits. Your pharmacist will be able to advise you, or there are pamphlets available in the school office.




Summer Fun Evening – Friday 6th July (5pm-7pm) We are planning to hold a Talent Show during the fun evening. We held this for the first time last year and it was just fantastic to watch dance acts, singers and those reciting poetry.  You have lots of time to put together an act for this year’s fun evening, so if you would like to take part please drop a note in to the office giving the name of your act and what you will be doing.


In addition, we would like to invite all children to create a piece of artwork that we could put in a Gallery to be on public display during the Fun Evening. Use your imaginations, we just ask that you limit your creation to an A4 piece of paper.


We have decided to move the fun evening to an earlier time of 5pm – 7pm, which seems to be more convenient for many families. Louise George will be contacting those who have offered to help about the new timings.


Best wishes


Mercedes Henning

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