Newsletter 34 – 13th June 2014

Dear Parents

Pilgrimage Day We had a wonderful time at Edington Church for Pilgrimage day. My thanks to all our families who sent their children in so well prepared for the picnic. The children spent time during the morning thinking about how they could make the world a better place, share their gifts and talents, and learning about how people in other countries live. There was the opportunity for quiet reflection at various points in the morning. We also had a final gathering around a fire, with lovely singing, and then the walk up to the picnic spot on the hill. As ever, our children were commended on their impeccable behaviour and the care and gentleness they showed towards each other – particularly the care the older children showed towards the younger ones.

The work that the children did is still up on display in Edington church – feel free to drop by there at any time (the church is open) and have a wander around the various areas where the workshops were held. The work will be on display until Sunday and is really worth a visit – the children did very well and your child will probably enjoy telling you about it as you walk around. There is a service on Sunday at 9.30am if you feel you would like to join that and have a look around the church at the same time.

There are photos on the website it you would like to see a bit more about it.

School Meals Our school meal provider, Lataca, will be offering all parents the chance to come and talk about school meals and find out more about the provision, on Thursday 19th June between 8.30am and 10.00am.

Parent Portal Your children’s reports will be published on the Parent Portal. Please make sure that you can log in successfully so that you can access their reports which will be published by 27th June 2014. If you have lost your password, let us know and we will reset it. If your child is moving on to Lavington School, they will retain the same Parent Portal and login details.

Handbells If your child is performing with the hand bells group at Edington Fair on Saturday 14th June; please ensure that they meet Mrs Heath at the fair at 3pm ready to perform at 3.20pm. The fair begins at 2pm with all the usual fun of the fair and it would be lovely if you were there to support our hand bell players.

Disco What a great event this was! My thanks to Annabel, Perdy and their team who did such a tremendous job of ensuring everyone was safe and had fun. It is a huge task to organise an event like this, but children really love it and I am very grateful to the PFA for working so hard to enrich the children’s school experience. The children had a wonderful time.

Life Education Bus Once again, we have the Life Ed bus coming to our school, on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th July. There are wonderful presentations on themes that will help the children learn how to live healthily, deal with peer pressure, and understand how to keep themselves safe and to maintain friendships. There is a presentation for parents on Thursday 10th July in the bus (in the staff car park) at 2.30pm – 3.00pm.

Moderation of our assessments As well as having many external exams set by the government to judge our children’s progress and attainment, we also have County moderators come in to judge the quality of our assessment in school. This year, we had moderators come to check our assessment of extended writing and composition in Year 6 and I am delighted to say that they were very pleased with the accuracy of our judgements.

Steam Museum Children in Avebury will be going to the Swindon Steam Museum on Wednesday 18th June – please make sure you send a packed lunch on that day.

Parking on the field  Please do not park on the field over the road – is damaging the area badly. This is not our property and if we do not show respect for the site, the Parish Council are within their rights to ban us from using any part of the area – including the designated parking. If this should happen, the situation regarding parking will become even more serious. We do urge you to park considerately in the parking spaces only. If there is no space left, please park further down in the village and walk up Green Lane.  My thanks to everyone who is working hard to ensure our children are safe and that property is not damaged due to the traffic pressures at drop                                                                                                                                                  off and pick up times.

Woodborough Garden Centre Family Fun on Father’s Day Sunday 15th June from 10am to 4pm. Strawberry picking, BBQ, farm animals, beer tasting, dogs on leads welcome.

Sainsbury’s Vouchers We shall be sending an order off soon with our vouchers – if you have any in your purse, please bring them in to the office so we can count them up.

PFA News 

SUMMER FAYRE – Friday 4th July 4.30pm – 6pm   The count down to the Summer Fayre has now begun and the PFA would very much appreciate donations of: – TEDDIES (clean please), items for the TOMBOLA and then closer to the event CAKES and PLANTS. The non-perishables can be brought into school from 23rd June onwards.  At present, there are still some spaces in our helpers list – if you could spare some time for set-up, during or after the event please contact Annabel Mackintosh or Perdy Bishop. Thank you!!

Best wishes              

Mercedes Henning

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