Newsletter 33 – 6th June 2014

Dear Parents

Pilgrimage Day Please remember that Pilgrimage Day is on Tuesday 10th June (next week). All the children will be taken to Edington Church by coach, where they will spend time taking part in various activities that allow them to reflect on their own talents, and how they use them, sharing with others, spending time in silence, meeting change bravely, and having fun and rejoicing. All these themes are drawn from the church feast of Pentecost which occurs at this time.  At the end of the morning of activity, we will walk up to Ralph’s seat and have our picnic, weather permitting; otherwise we will have the picnic in the church. Your child will need a picnic lunch on that day – something easy to manage, please, such as a sandwich, a piece of fruit, bag of crisps and a drink.

Visit to the school We were delighted to welcome James Sheate, our local police officer, and his colleague, Fiona, to our school yesterday. They talked to the children about their work and about how the children can stay safe in their daily lives and online. We found out that we are very fortunate to live in a remarkably safe county.

Trophies If your child was awarded a trophy at our prize giving last year, we ask that you return it sometime over the next couple of weeks so that we can prepare for the prize giving this year. We have 10 trophies that are awarded – the awards include academic achievement, swimming, art, sport, fellowship and a KS1 award for good progress. These trophies are awarded in the final Leavers’ Assembly at the end of term.

Summer Term We notice that in the summer term, children often seem to fall out with each other more than in other terms. We are not sure why this is – perhaps they are sleeping less, or they are hot, or they are preparing themselves for a new group of friends in the next academic year. Whatever the reason, it can be challenging for them to get along with their peers as well as usual. We do ask you to support your child to maintain a sensible perspective about social issues, to forgive each other and to work hard not to be irritable with their peers.

Holiday Clubs The organisation that runs our sports holiday club came into school on Wednesday and ran a little taster session for each class. If you would like your child to join our Sports Stars holiday club, and/or our Music holiday club, please get the details from the office. The Sports Stars runs from Monday 28th July to Friday 1st August and then again from Monday 11th August to Friday 15th August. The Music holiday club runs from Monday 4th August to Thursday 7th August. We hope that these clubs will both help with the child care issues through the holiday times and also provide children with some great enrichment activities. The clubs are always well supported and we hear nothing but good reports from those who attend.

Universal Infant Free School Meals Any parent with a child in the Foundation Stage, Year 1 or Year 2 next academic year will be entitled to claim free school meals for their child. Our school meal provider, Lataca, will be offering all parents the chance to come and talk about school meals and find out more about the provision, on Thursday 19th June between 8.30am and 10.00am.

Art Centre/Preschool celebration  We would like to invite all parents to come and look around the new Art Centre on Wednesday 2nd July between 2.15 and 3.15pm. There will be refreshments offered and you can see how we have adapted the old Preschool building to suit the needs of the older children. If you know anyone who was involved with Great Cheverell Preschool, please invite them to come along as well to enjoy the new development of the site and to celebrate the great work of the Preschool for so many years.

Communication with Parents Please note that the newsletter comes out every Friday without fail. They are numbered and dated so that you can be sure you have not missed one.  Every family is given a hard copy of this newsletter. If your child does not bring it home, please look on line at our website: or on Facebook or on your Parent Portal. The newsletter is published on all of these sites.

Parent Portal Your children’s reports will be published on the Parent Portal. Please make sure that you can log in successfully so that you can access their reports which will be published by 27th June 2014. If you have lost your password, let us know and we will reset it. If your child is moving on to Lavington School, they will retain the same Parent Portal and login details.

Disco My thanks to our wonderful PFA who have worked hard to ensure that the disco tonight is successful and to the staff who will remain at school to help manage the event. Please do not be late picking up your children.

Some Dates for Summer Term

Pilgrimage Day:                                                Tuesday 10th June

French Concert:                                                Wednesday 25th June 10.45am

Art Centre Celebration:                                Wednesday 2nd July 2.15pm

Year 6 to Cathedral:                                        Tuesday 8th July

Sports Day:                                         Wednesday 9th July 9.00am

Music Concert:                                                  Thursday 10th July 5.00pm

Eucharist:                                                            Tuesday 15th July 2.00pm

Leavers’ Assembly:                                         Tuesday 22nd July 2.00pm

Last day of Term:                                             Wednesday 23rd July

Children in Years 1 – 6 return to school on   Tuesday 2nd September

Children in Foundation Stage start school on Monday 8th September

Edington Scarecrow Walk – Sunday 8th June from 11am until 5pm. Entry forms can be collected from the Parish Hall, the Three Carrots Farm Shop and the Three Daggers Pub. Tea and cakes will be on sale from the Parish Hall and packed lunches available from the Farm Shop. The proceeds will be split between the Parish Hall and Dorothy House.

PFA News


Summer School Disco – Friday, 6th June  Dust off your dancing shoes!

KS1   5.00pm – 6.00pm and KS2    6.15pm – 7.15pm.  £1.50 admission including drink and snack and optional tattoo.

Textile recycling day – Monday 9th June –– A great opportunity to finally bag up those winter woollies you don’t need!!

Summer Fayre – Friday 4th July A great event last year which we all enjoyed – we will be asking for helpers and donations, please put that date in your diary! 

Best wishes              


Mercedes Henning

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