Newsletter 33 – 12th June 2015

Dear Parents

Donation from Edington Station Yard Ltd  We are enormously grateful to the Board of Edington Station Yard Ltd who are donating £750 each year for the next three years to support music making in our school. This will ensure that we are able to continue to offer recorder lessons to every Year 3 child and also will help us fund visiting musicians to enrich our children’s experience of composition and performance.

Handbells  We are very proud of the children in our Handbell Club, who performed so beautifully at the Edington Fair. Thank you, as ever, to Mrs Heath who organises and runs Handbell club and also to Mrs Andrew who came along to help. We are very fortunate to be able to offer such a lovely club at our school.

American Museum Trip On Tuesday 16th June White Horse class will be going to the American Museum in Bath, and on Tuesday 23rd June Sarum class will be going. Please make sure your child has a packed lunch for their trip.

The children in Stonehenge, Avebury and Silbury classes have already had their American Museum trip and had a wonderful time, learning about a very different culture and time.

Instagram danger We have been alerted to the fact that there are primary school children active on Instagram. We suggest that all parents check whether their child is on Instagram (simply set up your own account and search for your child’s name). If they are on Instagram, and you are happy with this, we ask you to check their privacy settings. Too many children have no or poor privacy settings and there are now records of images posted by children cropping up later on websites that are extremely worrying and dangerous. Images posted on Instagram are available to anyone in the world unless privacy settings are tight.

Also, we know that children are posting images of themselves in their school uniform  or posting other images that could identify them or lead anyone to their place of school or residence. This is the new, and extremely worrying form of stranger danger that our children face in the modern world. Whilst we know that this is the world of our children, the world of the future, it is our duty to protect them and teach them how to stay safe in an environment that they are too innocent and naïve to understand fully.

We ask you also to monitor that your child is being kind to others, and is not being bullied, and is not posting anything inappropriate, on Instagram and on all other social media. Sometimes children will do things online that they would not dream of doing in person.

Trophies It is that time of year again when we are collecting all the floating trophies given out at last year’s prize giving. If you have one in your family please send it back in, or if you know of a child who has now left the school who has one, please remind them to send them back to us before July so that we can get them engraved for this year’s presentations.


Drinks before school We have had a number of children lately who have told us that they did not have a drink with their breakfast and are very thirsty when they arrive at school – could you remind your child to have something to drink before they come to school? Please do make sure that your child has a water bottle and a sun hat in school especially on these warmer days.

Foundation Stage Induction Afternoon We will be welcoming our new intake of children for their first induction afternoon on Monday 15th June. It is always a wonderful and exciting time, as we form relationships with our new little ones that will last for many years. We do ask that all parents reach out to our new families and help them to feel at home and part of our community quickly.

Upcoming events

White Horse class to American Museum               Tuesday 16th June

Sarum class to American Museum                            Tuesday 23rd June

French Concert                                                                                 Wednesday 1st July   at 10.45am

Reports on Parent Portal                                              Friday 3rd July

Sports Day                                                                          Wednesday 8th July at 9.15, then picnic on field

Shakespeare show by our children                          Thursday 9th July at 2.30pm

Music Concert                                                                   Tuesday 14th July 5.00pm

Parents’ AGM with Governors                                   Wednesday 15th July at 6.00pm

Leavers’ Assembly                                                          Monday 20th July at 2.00pm

Last day of term                                                               Tuesday 21st July


Best wishes

Mercedes Henning

PFA News

The PFA are beginning to gear up for the summer fayre on Friday 19th June and we are starting our plea for donations of bottles, teddys and ”U” and “PG” rated DVDs and games. Please leave them in reception. Thank you!

We also wanted to offer parents /guardians the opportunity to run an independent stall at the fayre as they were such a success at Christmas. This would be in return for a £5 “pitch fee” and a raffle prize donation. If you are interested please email


Come and take part in the Children’s Dance Competition on Saturday 20th June at the Great Cheverell Summer Fete, all are welcome – individuals or groups. Entry forms can be found in School reception.

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