Newsletter 32 – 23rd May 2014

Dear Parents

Today is the last day of this half term. Please remember that Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd June are TD days and children come back to school Wednesday 4th June.

Forest of Dean Residential Trip My thanks to Mr Amor, Mr Gyllenspetz, Mrs Trusler and Mrs Edwards who worked so hard to organise and accompany the residential trip. It can be exhausting and challenging to be on duty with so many children for 24 hours a day, no matter how well behaved the children are, and we are very grateful to our staff whose commitment to outstanding education is so complete.

Seurat Talk We were very fortunate to have Mr Chapman, an art lecturer, come into school on Monday to talk to our children about George Seurat and his paintings. It is fascinating to have an expert give us a good start to one of our art topics and Mr Chapman is outstandingly good at talking to children and showing them things that are of interest. Seurat’s paintings of “The Bathers” and “A Sunday Afternoon” will form the starting point for much of our learning in the last half term.

Recorder concert It was lovely to have an adult recorder choir come to our school on Tuesday to perform an ensemble for the children. We were particularly impressed with the larger recorders, and their deep notes. Our thanks to Mrs Jenkins for organising this for us.

Pupil Premium  If you are in receipt of one of the benefits outlined below, the school is able to claim £1,300 next year for each child eligible. This is the Pupil Premium funding. If we receive Pupil Premium funding for your child, we will be able (at the discretion of the school and in line with the relevant legislation) to subsidise your child for school trips, music lessons and fees for other activities arranged through the school. We do ask you, therefore, to register for this funding using the relevant form. This application form will also allow you to claim free school meals for your children in KS2 (Years 3 to 6). All children in the Infants will receive Free School Meals from September 2014 anyway, so there is a different application form for the Pupil Premium funding for children in the Infants. Forms are available at the office and online on the Parent Portal. The benefits which allow you to claim Free School Meals and allow the school to claim the Pupil Premium funding are:

 Income Support
 Income-based Job Seekers   Allowance (NOT contribution based JSA)
 Income-related Employment   and Support Allowance (NOT contribution based ESA)
 Support under Part VI of   the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 – National Asylum

Seekers Support (NASS)

 The guarantee element of State   Pension Credit
 Child Tax Credit (you must NOT be entitled to Working Tax   Credit and have an annual income (as assessed by HM Revenue & Customs) that   does not exceed £16,190 (April 2012)
 Working Tax Credit ‘run-on’ –   the payment you receive   for a further four weeks after you stop qualifying for        working tax credit.

Virtual Choir  Last year, some of our children took part in a local virtual choir with Wiltshire College lecturer, Patrick Williams – it was great fun! Now, Eric Whitacre, a renowned composer, has started an international Virtual Youth Choir.  Singers aged 18 and under from all over the world are invited to join this choir, in partnership with UNICEF which will launch as part of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games. The premiere will be seen by a large live audience, broadcast on global TV and streamed online. If your child would like to take part in this event, click into where you will find all the tools you need to submit your video to the Virtual Youth Choir, from the comfort of your sitting room.

Some Dates for Summer Term

Start of last half term:                                  Wednesday 4th June

Pilgrimage Day:                                                Tuesday 10th June

French Concert:                                                Wednesday 25th June 10.45am

Art Centre Celebration:                                Wednesday 2nd July 2.15pm

Year 6 to Cathedral:                                        Tuesday 8th July

Sports Day:                                         Wednesday 9th July 9.00am

Music Concert:                                                  Thursday 10th July 5.00pm

Eucharist:                                                            Tuesday 15th July 2.00pm

Leavers’ Assembly:                                         Tuesday 22nd July 2.00pm

Last day of Term:                                             Wednesday 23rd July

Children in Years 1 – 6 return to school on   Tuesday 2nd September

Children in Foundation Stage start school on Monday 8th September

Messages to the office Admin staff are taking a lot of phone queries and messages from parents that must be carried to their children in the course of the school day. Whilst we are happy to carry messages in an emergency, of course, we do ask that you make arrangements for pick- ups, play dates and other changes to routines in advance wherever possible. Please check your newsletter for notifications – we do our best to put as much information as possible into the newsletter so that you can keep up with events, times, dates and changes. Admin staff are extremely busy running all the administration of the school and end up working long past their paid hours to complete their tasks, especially if there has been a lot of extra work coming in from parents.

Planning Application We have put forward a planning application to have a covered walkway erected between the main school building and the new Art Centre. We were successful in a bid for funding for this work through the Academies Capital Maintenance Fund. This will make it easier for children to transfer between the buildings no matter what the weather, an especially since our youngest children will be going out there every day to eat their lunches.

Edington Scarecrow WalkSunday 8th June from 11am until 5pm. Entry forms can be collected from the Parish Hall, the Three Carrots Farm Shop and the Three Daggers Pub with tea and cakes on sale from the Parish Hall and packed lunches available from the Farm Shop. The proceeds will be split between the Parish Hall and Dorothy House.


PFA News

Summer School Disco Friday, 6th June  Dust off your dancing shoes!

KS1   5.00pm – 6.00pm and KS2    6.15pm – 7.15pm.  £1.50 admission including drink and snack and optional tattoo.

Textile recycling day – Monday 9th June –– Great opportunity to finally bag up those winter woollies you don’t need!!

Summer Fayre – Friday 4th July A great event last year which we all enjoyed – we will be asking for helpers and donations, please put that date in your diary!

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning

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