Newsletter 31 – 18th May 2012

Dear Parents

Keyboard lessons I am delighted to be able to offer keyboard lessons once again at our school. The teacher, Ms Lisa Clarke, is an accomplished musician and music teacher who has recently returned from abroad. Lessons will be 20 minutes long and will cost £7 per lesson. There is a short, 4 week course at a special price of £25 being offered through the summer term, on Tuesdays after lunch. Letters to sign up accompany this newsletter.

SATS Our Year 6 children have completed their external assessments which have been sent away for marking and will be returned to us early in July. Parents and children will be informed of the results once they are available.

Induction for new parents We are holding an information evening on Wednesday 23rd May at 6.00pm for parents whose children have been admitted to our school in the Foundation Stage, to start in September 2012.  Letters have been sent to the families involved and we look forward to welcoming these children and families into our school community.

PFA We are very grateful to our wonderful PFA for all the work they do to help enrich the experience of our children here at Holy Trinity. Their fundraising helps us provide theatre experiences, computers, exciting resources for learning and play and many other things that we would not be able to afford without their help. They do need as many parents and friends as possible to help with the work they do. If you can, please consider joining their ranks.

100 club is one of their fundraising activities and the letters for this went out last week. Please do consider joining this for £12 a year per ticket. The winner is drawn once a month at Sharing Assembly by the children.

Summer term As we move into the summer term, it is worth mentioning that this is the term in which children fall out with each other more often than any other term. We are not sure why this is – whether they are preparing themselves for the new social circle of the coming academic year or whether they are hot and irritable – but whatever the reason, we prepare ourselves to support the children more in their social relationships through the summer term. We ask that parents also help their children keep any issues in perspective and help them find useful strategies for managing more complex situations that might arise with their friends.

Please make sure that your children have coats when it is cold and sun hats when it is sunny, and water bottles in school every day.

Salisbury Cathedral is holding a free night time event tonight called Night Visions – stories, exploration of the cathedral, music and other activities are available for parents and children. It looks as though it will be a lovely event. More details are available at the office or at

Sports Stars Holiday Club We are pleased to be able to offer this Holiday Club once again in the coming half term – it will run from Wednesday 6th June to Friday 8th June.

Holiday club will also run during the summer holiday in the following two weeks: Monday 23rd July to Friday 27th July and again Monday 13th August to Friday 17th August. The club is very popular and the children who attend have a great time. Sign up forms have been sent out to all children.

Music Summer School will be held from Mon 30th July – Friday 3rd August at SouthbroomJuniorSchool in Devizes. It runs from 10am until 4pm and the cost is £50 for the week. For further details phone 01380 860530 or e-mail: or visit the website

Maypole Dance Lessons are being run by Great Cheverell Parish Council on Thursday evenings from 6.30pm to 7.30pm in The Pavilion. The aim is to present a fun display as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations on Monday 4th June. For more information, please contact Jane Andrew on 01380 812439.

Recycling of ink cartridges and mobile phones.  There is a collection box for toner and ink cartridges and mobile phones in the office. No toner bottles, ribbons or Epson ink jet cartridges. Empty ink cartridges will need to be packaged in a protective bag and mobiles similarly along with their battery. We will receive funds for the school as a result of our recycling so would encourage you to take part if you can.

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning

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