Newsletter 30 – 9th May2014

Dear Parents

Universal Infant Free School Meals From September 2014, every child in the Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2 will be entitled to a free school meal. Although there is still detail that remains unclear, overall we now have a better idea of how the plan will work. It seems that parents will be required to “sign up” for the free school meals for their Infant children and on this basis, the school will receive £2.30 per day for each child who has signed up. This covers the cost of the food and part of the administration cost we are charged by our provider. Fortunately, our provider will help us by supplying another person to help serve the meals, and also fortunately, we have been able to use the new Art Centre as a second dining area so that hot meals can be served safely and hygienically to a large number of children.

Hot dinners will be delivered to our school in two batches – one lot will go to the servery in the hall as usual, and the other lot will go to the kitchen in the Art centre. Children in the Foundation Stage and Year 1 will eat in the Art Centre, with two MDSAs and the serving staff, and all the other children will eat in the hall as usual, with MDSAs and serving staff. All children will eat at the same time and will go out to play at the same time.

Lataca (our school meal provider) will be running a question and answer session on Thursday 19th June between 8.30am and 10.00am so that parents can find out exactly how to order and choose meals for their children and to ask any questions they have about the meals, nutrition and the overall eating experience.

We have been successful in our bid for funding for a commercial dishwasher (at the moment dishes are washed by hand but this will not be possible once the number of school dinners doubles) and the servery will be refurbished during the May half term. We have also been successful in our bid for funding for a covered walkway between the main school and the Art centre so that children can walk to their dining area in comfort and safety. 

MDSAs and our catering team have been working hard with me to ensure that we can deliver this new service as efficiently as possible under a very tight time scale. There may be teething troubles but we are aiming for the service to be as good as possible in September.

Class Splits At this time of year, some parents may start to feel anxious about which classroom their child will be in next year. We ask you to trust us to make the very best decision for your child – every child is important and we will make sure that we do the very best for each one. Our analyses show that children do equally well in all classrooms – they are tested on the same tests at the end of the year, and statistics show that their progress and achievement meet or exceed the targets equally well in all classrooms in our school.

Please do not put pressure on your child to try to achieve some goal of being in a specific classroom. This leads to anxiety and a sense of having “Let you down” if they do not achieve the goal. Decisions about class splits are made on the basis of the child’s academic achievement through the year and the number of children in each year group and classroom.

Guitars & Keyboard will not take place on Wednesday 14th May because of the SATs tests, but there will be a lesson on Monday 19th May instead.

Viv Pearce – As part of our regular sharing assembly we shall be having a short memorial for Viv Pearce on Friday 16th May. All of our school community are welcome.

After School Child Care We recently canvassed parents about their support for an after school child care provision on site. We had four responses. One of these would have used the service almost every day. The others would have used it on a few days each week or occasionally. In light of this, it will not be possible for us to set up and sustain the costs of after school care provision at this stage. My thanks to those who responded.

Child Care  Wiltshire Local Authority has sent us the details of child care availability in the county. Please follow the link to see what is available –

SATS week The government requires us to deliver the end of KS2 SATS tests to the Year 6 children next week. The children have been well prepared, know their own targets, understand how the tests run, and feel confident that they are ready to do their best. We ask that parents help their children to feel relaxed and confident about these tests – there is no need for revision or stress beforehand. A good night’s sleep and some cheerful conversation about enjoying the experience is all that is needed. Our canvassing shows that the children usually enjoy this week which is ‘Off Timetable’ and gives them the chance to show what they can do.

All the other KS2 classes will also write little summative assessments next week – again, nothing to worry about and nothing to get stressed about. These tests are used to confirm and secure the teachers’ judgements about your child’s progress and attainment and require no preparation at home. Teacher assessment of your child’s attainment and progress will be reported in the annual written reports which will be uploaded onto the Parent Portal on Friday 27th June.

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The next meeting is on Tuesday 13th May at The George & Dragon in Erlestoke at 7.30pm (for 8pm). We will be discussing the disco & Summer Fayre and would really value your ideas & input. Thank you.

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Best wishes              

Mercedes Henning

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