Newsletter 30 – 1st May 2020

Dear Parents

Thank you all for your continued support of your children’s education through logging in to the Moodle site regularly. If children can do a little bit of reading, writing and maths each day, they will be ready to pick up their journey through the national curriculum again when we return. We emphasise that the most important task for families at this time is to stay safe and well, physically and mentally, through this difficult time – so enjoy the learning you manage to do and do not worry about what you have not managed to do. Lots of our families are very much enjoying the projects and find the structure of the day is improved by having some school work sessions built in – and the children enjoy being part of their “class” through the engagement with their teacher and friends at this level.

VE Day Please have a look at the resources on your class Moodle page for our celebrations of VE Day on Friday 8th May. We hope everyone will colour in and hang up some bunting, and perhaps have a little garden picnic instead of a street party. There are some good video clips of that historic day on your class page and also Dame Vera Lynn singing, “We’ll meet again” – a very good song for our situation at the moment. We are going to have a go at being a Virtual Choir with this song – see below! There is a War Time cake recipe – reminding us of the food rationing people had in those days, and a colouring poster. Thanks to Mrs Twentyman who has worked hard to get all these resources together for this whole school project. Do join in with this as much as you can.

Virtual Choir We are hoping that lots of you will join us in recording and singing, “We’ll Meet Again!” and uploading your recording to our platform for Patrick Williams to edit into a wonderful whole community choir event! You just need your mobile phone to record your singing using the backing track provided. Further instructions can be found on Moodle under “Virtual Choir” on the Whole School page. Do join in. The more people who contribute the more fun it will be. It does not have to be perfect. Just fun. Deadline for submission 10pm on Wednesday 6th May. Your participation assumes consent for sharing the video on our website. Please let us know if you do not want your image to be shown.

Play! Let your children play a lot. Encourage free play without adult intervention. Lego, paints, play dough and clay are great for creative play inside. Old tablecloths, sheets and curtains, with some cushions, can be made into lovely indoor dens or adapted as dressing up clothes. Art work, bug houses, and small world villages can all be made outdoors using natural materials such as sticks, pebbles, leaves and other bits and pieces. On a warm day, fill a bucket with water if you do not have a paddling pool – perhaps with bubble bath – all sorts of games result from this. Always keep an eye on children who have access to water. Throwing balls into containers, or up against a wall helps with hand eye coordination. Children can make their own fancy dress using an old pillowslip – cut holes for head and arms, and let them decorate it. In the end, the final product does not matter at all. It is all about your child doing the activity. Don’t interfere or offer advice. Just let your child play.

Staff Video – Toilet Roll Challenge! We hope that you all managed to have a look at the staff video showing us tackling the toilet roll challenge, which can be found on the Whole School page of Moodle under “Sharing”. We wanted to give our children something to laugh about and to remind them that we are missing them and look forward to getting back together again one day. My thanks to all our staff and especially to Mrs Goddard and her son who did the video editing so beautifully.

Covid 19 Isolation There has been an announcement from the Government that at some point in the future, when schools do re-open, they will not open for all children at once. Exactly what this means, we do not yet know. However, we are preparing for any eventuality and promise that we will do our best to ensure a smooth transition back to school, however that takes place and however the children are gradually sent back to school.

Sharing Do send some of the great things that your child has done this week in to your child’s teacher – a selection of these will be posted on “Whole School” page on Moodle for everyone to enjoy. Have a look – there is a great quiz on there that was sent in by one of our children and you will have fun completing it!

Ten Habits for Good Mental Health Your children know about these ten habits for good mental health – we talk about them a lot at school. Here they are again so that you can remind your child about them. Even if they cannot meet up with friends in person, they can video call them, or write to them, and everything else on the list they should be able to accomplish to some extent. Do encourage them to do these things, daily if possible. Just as we look after our physical wellbeing, we need to directly care for our mental wellbeing. (These habits are just as valuable for adults!)
• Ask for help if you feel anxious, depressed, angry, worried about anything
• Talk about your feelings (How do your thoughts make you feel? Can you control this?)
• Spend time in reflection, quiet time or meditation, focusing on the present moment only
• Eat well – and sleep well
• Spend time everyday doing things that you enjoy
• Keep in touch with people you like
• Stay active – go for a walk or kick a ball or jump on a trampoline
• Do something you are good at
• Actively reach out and care for others
• Be proud of your being

Reminder Please make sure you are monitoring your child’s online activities to ensure that they are safe and that they are not causing harm to anyone else. There are warnings about the increase in incidents of children being “groomed” online as they are spending more time on their devices. Primary school children should never have a device in their bedrooms unsupervised.

Don’t Forget! Wiltshire Local Authority has set up a Wellbeing Hub. You can make contact with them and they will signpost you to the most appropriate support for your particular needs, whether this is emotional, financial or physical. Their details are: “Wiltshire Wellbeing Hub”
Email: or phone 0300 003 4576

Message from the school nursing service We are aware that it is a very anxious time and there may be concerns about where to access support whilst schools are closed or you need to self-isolate. As a school nursing service we would like to let you know we are here to support you during this time. We have duty school nurses available at the end of the phone Monday to Friday 9-5pm should you require any support with your school age child. This is available permanently for all parents to access for advice and support. If you would like support please call one of our nurses through our Single Point of access on 0300 247 0090.

Stay at home, stay safe and stay well.
Best wishes,

Mercedes Henning

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