Newsletter 30 – 11th May 2012

Dear Parents

School Choir All those children who have applied for a place in the school choir have been awarded a place – please come to the first practice on Monday.  This club is open to KS2 children (from Year 3 and upwards). The club will run from 3.00pm – 4.00pm each Monday from 14th May to 9th July inclusive. There will be the chance to try some simple part-singing. I am very grateful to Ms Sharman for volunteering to do this for us – it has long been an ambition of ours to have a singing group in school. There are still places available so do stay after school and sign up with Ms Sharman if you would like your child to attend our new choir.

Gardening Club There are two or three spaces in Gardening club for Year 1 children. The club runs from 3.00pm – 4.00pm each Monday. Please enquire at the office if you would like your child to join.

SATS Next week, our Year 6 children will take part in the compulsory, external tests of English and Maths. These are sent away to be marked and the results will be sent back to us early in July. The children have been well prepared for these assessments, with great teaching throughout their school career and plenty of test preparation over the past few months so they should not find the experience too stressful or unpleasant – indeed, usually the children tell us that they enjoy SATS week as they are ready to show what they can do and they enjoy the relaxed, off timetable activities once the tests each day have been completed.

All other children in KS2 will be having little assessments next week as well, to provide us with a snapshot of their attainment to this point. Again, there is no pressure on the children to feel worried about these assessments and no preparation for the assessments needs to take place at home – and the activities planned for the week will be fun.   The results of these assessments will feed into the teachers’ ongoing assessment of your child’s attainment and progress – which will be reported to you at the end of June in the written report. You are, of course, free to come in and talk to your child’s teacher about any aspect of their attainment and progress at any time you wish – just make an appointment.

Children do best when they are relaxed and enjoying themselves – we want to make sure that everyone has a good week and we ask parents to support us by making as little fuss as possible about the assessments.

KS1 Assessments Children in Y2 are assessed throughout the year and their attainment grades, based on teacher assessment, are submitted to the government. These will, of course, also be reported to parents in the written reports at the end of June.

Induction for new parents We are holding an information evening on Wednesday 23rd May at 6.00pm for parents whose children have been admitted to our school in the Foundation Stage, to start in September 2012.  Letters have been sent to the families involved and we look forward to welcoming these children and families into our school community.

Sainsbury and Tesco Vouchers These are due in shortly – if you have any left lying around, do please send them into school as we can get good resources from the scheme. 

Sports Stars Holiday Club We are pleased to be able to offer this Holiday Club once again in the coming half term – it will run from Wednesday 6th June to Friday 8th June.

Holiday club will also run during the summer holiday in the following two weeks: Monday 23rd July to Friday 27th July and again Monday 13th August to Friday 17th August. The club is very popular and the children who attend have a great time. Sign- up forms will be available in due course but we are giving advance warning so that you can plan the holiday period more easily.

Music Summer School will be held from Mon 30th July – Friday 3rd August at Southbroom Junior School in Devizes. It runs from 10am until 4pm and the cost is £50 for the week. For further details phone 01380 860530 or e-mail: or visit the website

Judo The club is running once again this term on Thursdays from 3pm – 4.15pm and a few spaces are available. If you wish your child to join, please see Jason who runs the club on Thursday for more information.

Cloth Road Arts Local artists will be holding exhibitions in Cheverell Village Hall on 5th/6th & 12th /13th May and in Great Cheverell Pavilion on 6th/7th May.  More details at

Tedington Day  Edington Priory Church is holding another Tedington Day on Monday 7th May from 11am – 12.30. Will your bear dare to come along and parachute from the belfry? Come along and join in the fun, other bear related stalls including face painting and lucky dip and refreshments. There will be signed certificates for all Bears completing the decent.

You can also bring a picnic and food to be barbecued up on Ralph’s seat opposite the church afterwards.

Maypole Dance Lessons are being run by Great Cheverell Parish Council on Thursday evenings from 6.30pm to 7.30pm in The Pavilion. The aim is to present a fun display as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations on Monday 4th June. For more information, please contact Jane Andrew on 01380 812439.

Recycling of ink cartridges and mobile phones.  There is a collection box for toner and ink cartridges and mobile phones in the office. No toner bottles, ribbons or Epson ink jet cartridges. Empty ink cartridges will need to be packaged in a protective bag and mobiles similarly along with their battery. We will receive funds for the school as a result of our recycling so would encourage you to take part if you can.

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning

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