Newsletter 3 – 16th September 2016

Dear Parents

Wake and Shake – Thank you to all our wonderful parents who join in Wake and Shake! We are very grateful for your participation – the Year 6 children work so hard on the routines and it is lovely for them to see you taking part. We ask all our parents who are standing on the playground during the Wake and Shake routines to join in enthusiastically. It is very important for all the children to see that adults join in, enjoy themselves, get exercise and form an integral part of our community. If you cannot join in for some reason, please stand well to the back of the playground so that you are not visible to the children and so that they can see the older children who lead this activity.  Wake and Shake is not a performance, it is a fun way of starting the day with an energetic dance and it is part of our drive to ensure that our children get enough exercise.

Dates for new school applications – Parents are being encouraged to apply online for a school place through  The deadline for secondary school applications is 31st October 2016 and if your child is born between 1/9/2012 and 31/08/2013, they will be due to start primary school in September 2017 and the deadline for applications is 15th January 2017. Please note that you must apply for a place, either online or with a paper form, in order for your child to be considered for a place at our school, even if you live in the catchment area. If you would prefer a paper copy of the form, you can request one by ringing 01225 713010.

Communication with the school Please do keep in touch with school if you have any concerns at all or if you would like to tell us something about your child or something about your family that will impact on your child. You can email us, phone us, have a word with the teacher after school, pop into the office, or write in the child’s reading record or homework book. You are our most important partner in educating your child and we value really good relationships with our parents.

Foundation Stage or Year 1 The year groups in the UK are somewhat confusingly named – your child’s first year in school is not Year 1! It is the Foundation Stage. The second year they are in school is called, rather confusingly, Year 1. And so on up the school. Our classes are set up as follows: Stonehenge classroom has all the Foundation Stage children and some of the Year 1 children. White Horse class has the rest of the Year 1 and all of the Year 2 children. Sarum has all the Year 3 children and some Year 4, Avebury has the rest of the Year 4 and some Year 5 children. And Silbury has the rest of the Year 5 and all the Year 6 children. In the year groups that are split between two classrooms, the decision about which classroom they should be in is taken on academic achievement at the end of the year.

Security If you are coming into school for any purpose at all, please make sure you come in through reception so that we can make sure we know precisely who is in the school. Please do not just slip in through one of the back doors if they are open at the beginning or end of the day.

Website The newsletter is always posted on our website and photos are posted in the web page gallery regularly. All our policies, the curriculum and many other interesting items to do with the school are available – do click into the website and have a look We also have a Facebook page – feel free to “Like” us! Photos and messages are posted there as well.

Parent Portal Please take a moment to register on the parent portal – there is a link from the school website. Details of your child’s attendance each day, and in the summer term your child’s report, will be uploaded for viewing.

Harvest Assembly takes place on Friday 30th September at 2.15pm. Donations of non- perishable items can be brought in to school from the week commencing 26th September. Our donations always go to the Devizes Foodbank (run by the Trussell Trust) – see their website at ). Here is a list of items that they particularly need: Milk (UHT or powdered), Sugar (500g), Long life fruit juice, Tins of Soup, Pasta sauces, Sponge pudding (tin), Tinned Tomatoes, Breakfast cereals, Tinned Rice pudding, Tea Bags, Jar of instant coffee, Instant mash potato 500gms , Rice 500gms,  Pasta, Tinned meat/fish, Tinned fruit, Jar of Jam, Packets of biscuits, Snack bars. Please ensure that all items are still in date.  Many families in desperate situations are helped by this foodbank.

Safety in the car park Please park safely and with the wellbeing of every child clearly in your mind. If there is not sufficient parking outside the school, please park further down in the village and walk up Green Lane – a lovely, peaceful walk in which you can chat to your child and enjoy the beautiful countryside for a few minutes.

A few parents have made the suggestion that we ask for the lay bye to be left free of cars so that parents can use that area as a “Stop and Drop” in the morning, where cars can pull in, children jump out, and parents drive off immediately. This seems like a good idea and I would grateful for any feedback on this suggestion.

“Garden in a Tray” competition – Friday 30th September 2016 3.00 – 4.00 Arts Centre This year as part of Harvest Festival the Gardening Club would like to invite all children at Holy Trinity to take part in the “Garden in a Tray” competition.

Create a miniature garden in a standard sized seed tray (no larger than 25cm by 38cm by 6cm high) and let your imagination run wild. Your garden can have any theme you like. You can include action figures, dolls’ house furniture, toy animals or even dinosaurs! And you could make buildings out of card, clay or wood. Your garden must contain some living plant material, and some recycled materials.  Gardens will be judged on the imagination and creativity shown, the quality of the result, and the likelihood that it has been done by the child without assistance! There will be small prizes for everyone who takes part, and a prize for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.Please get your entries in to the school by 9.00 on the Friday morning (30th Sept), with a completed entry form which are available from the school office.

Harvest Festival in St Peter’s Church in Great Cheverell takes place on Sunday 9th October at 11.00am. Do come along and enjoy this traditional service of Thanksgiving!

Upcoming Events (Calendar of events is available on the website at www.
Monday 19th September Foundation Stage Full Days 8.30am – 3.00pm
Friday 30th September Harvest Assembly 2.15pm – 2.45pm
Thursday 13th October Stonehenge class to Salisbury Cathedral – to find out about properties of materials 9.00am – 3.00pm
Friday 21st October Neolithic day for White Horse class 8.30am – 3.00pm , Parents in at 1.15pm
Friday 21st October Last day of term 3.00pm
Monday 31st October TD day
Tuesday 1st November Children back to school


Best wishes

Mercedes Henning

We welcome and value your opinion. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Head teacher or Chair of Governors.

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