Newsletter 29 – 10th May 2013

Dear Parents

Key Stage 1 Moderation Every few years, schools are moderated to check that their judgements about children’s progress are sound, especially in the end of Key Stage assessments. This year, our KS1 was moderated and I am delighted to say that the moderators were very pleased with our school, agreed with our judgements and were very complimentary about Mrs Mehaffy’s expertise in gathering and analysing the data necessary to make the judgements on children’s attainment and progress.

SATS week The government requires us to deliver the end of KS2 SATS tests to the Year 6 children next week. The children have been well prepared, know their own targets, understand how the tests run, and feel confident that they are ready to do their best. We ask that parents help their children to feel relaxed and confident about these tests – there is no need for revision or stress beforehand. A good night’s sleep and some cheerful conversation about enjoying the experience is all that is needed. Our canvassing shows that the children usually enjoy this week which is ‘Off Timetable’ and gives them the chance to show what they can do.

All the other KS2 classes will also write little summative assessments next week – again, nothing to worry about and nothing to get stressed about. These tests are used to confirm and secure the teachers’ judgements about your child’s progress and attainment and require no preparation at home.

What the Government Expects The government has set levels for Maths and English which they expect nearly all children to have reached by a certain age. These are as follows:

By the end of Year 2: Children are expected to have reached Level 2

By the end of Year 6: Children are expected to have reached Level 4

These levels are broken down into sub levels. If the child has just reached Level 2, it is called Level 2C. The middle of the level is Level 2B and the top of the level is Level 2A. Similarly, Level 4C is the bottom of the level and Level 4A is the top of the level.

Of course, some children do not reach these levels because they find certain areas of learning more difficult. Other children make much better progress and reach higher levels. Your child’s teacher will have alerted you if your child is not reaching the expected levels and extra support will be in place. High achievers are given greater challenge in their learning.

There is an expectation that children will make two full levels of progress through Key Stage 2 – so a child who attained Level 2B at the end of Year 2, should be Level 4B at the end of Year 6. In our school, many children make more than 2 levels progress (this is what puts us in the top 3% of the country).

Year 1 children are expected to get about 32 out of 40 words correct in the Phonics screener to pass. (There are some really challenging words and non-words in this screener especially bearing in mind that some of the children have not yet had their 6th birthdays).

Foundation Stage children have to reach the “Expected” level in each of 17 areas in order to satisfy the government targets. Again, many of these are challenging for children who are 4 or 5 years old.

Collective Worship It is wonderful to see teams of our children leading worship – their confidence and careful preparation are a joy to see, and their peers are very supportive and enjoy worship led by other children. We also have teachers leading worship and members of the clergy including both Anglican and Baptist clergy. Collective worship takes place at 10.00am every day except Friday when it is part of our Sharing Assembly. Parents are welcome to join us for this quarter of an hour of reflection and singing. The strong Christian ethos of our school flows from this little session and the good behaviour, aspirational outlook and caring nature of the children are the result of the values that are established in the quiet times of our daily worship.

Sports Stars Our holiday club will run during the summer holidays through the week 29th July to 2nd August and again through the week of 12th August to 16th August. Sign up arrangements will be available shortly.

Dates for the summer

Friday 28th June – Induction day for Year 6 children who are going to Lavington School

Monday 1st July – School Eucharist 2.00pm

Thursday 4th July – French Concert

Wednesday 10th July – Sports Day

Thursday 11th July – Music Concert 6.00pm

Monday 15th July – Leavers’ Trip

Tuesday 22nd July – Leavers’ Assembly

Tuesday 23rd July – Last Day of school

Children’s Movie Night… Come and enjoy food, film and fun with friends, Friday 17th May from 6-8pm in Erlestoke Church. All are welcome but children under five must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. A light supper and pudding will be provided; donations of £1 for food are gratefully accepted.

Plant Sale   The Annual Plant Sale will be held at Erlestoke Church from 2pm on Saturday 11th May. Refreshments, a raffle and lots of plants will be available. All contributions of plantlings/plants seeds etc gratefully received. All proceeds go towards Erlestoke Church.

Edington Church Fete If you have any cracked or chipped crockery (any condition) please consider donating it to the Edington Fete for their “Plate Smashing Stall”. Donations can be dropped at reception or call Tracy Miller on 07948 688717 for collection.

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning


PFA News

Holy Trinity Summer Fayre will be held on Friday 21 June 2013 (4.30pm until 7pm).  There is a letter accompanying this newsletter with more details.

Textile Recycling – Please bring in your textiles/clothing on Monday 13th May (collection at the school gate). The PFA will take them for recycling in Devizes and help generate funds for the PFA. All clothing including coats, underwear, shoes, wellies, belts, handbags and also sheets, duvet covers, curtains (no pillows or duvets) can be donated. Items will be sorted and wearable/usable items sent to Third World countries with the rest being recycled. Thank you.

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