Newsletter 28 – 9th April 2020

Dear Parents

We wish all our families a very happy Easter – this is a season when Christians remember that one can reach a place of great joy even if one has to endure suffering. This is a message that resonates with us all at this time.

Please do not put too much pressure on yourselves or your children over this time of isolation and social distancing. Try to enjoy as much as you can, have fun whenever you can. Look after each other. Don’t set expectations too high or targets too challenging.  Treat yourselves gently.

Don’t Forget! Wiltshire Local Authority has set up a Wellbeing Hub. You can make contact with them and they will signpost you to the most appropriate support for your particular needs, whether this is emotional, financial or physical. Their details are:  “Wiltshire Wellbeing Hub”

Email: or phone 0300 003 4576

Benefits Related Free School Meals In line with the Government’s direction that we should only use their voucher system if there is no other option, we continue to provide Free School Meals, as packed lunches or small hampers, for families entitled to these meals. We will not be adopting the voucher system in our school.

Edington Families  If there are any families in Edington Village who need food vouchers, top ups on their electricity cards or any other support, the parish council of Edington has let us know that it has a fund to help. Please let the council know if you hear of anyone who requires support.  Contact:  Malcolm Wieck 01380 830256.

Thanks My thanks to our staff who are working through the Easter holidays to provide cover for the families of key workers and to continue to prepare distance learning materials ready for next term. This is a very new way of working, and our team has been amazing – they have picked up the challenge joyfully and efficiently, and have made sure that we offer the best provision we can under the circumstances, working very hard to keep things running smoothly.

We shall resume distance learning through Moodle on Monday 20th April. Until then, enjoy the holiday!

There will be no newsletter next week.

Stay at home, stay safe and stay well.

Best wishes,

Mercedes Henning

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