Newsletter 28 – 1st May 2015

Dear Parents

Do enjoy the Bank holiday on Monday 4th May!

Magna Carta Day All the Year 1 and Year 2 children went to Salisbury Cathedral where they took part in many activities that had to do with the Magna Carta and its impact on our country. There were some wonderful moments, including the one where everyone processed into the cathedral, dressed in kingly raiment, and the organ played a wonderful fanfare for them as they came in! We are always so proud of our children on these outings – they behave beautifully and use every opportunity to enjoy the creative learning offered. Thanks also to the volunteers who gave up their day to accompany the trip, and to Mrs Mehaffy and her team who worked so hard to ensure everyone had a good time.

Skipping workshops The children all had a wonderful day on Wednesday, enjoying the skipping workshops! From the youngest to the eldest, every child was challenged to learn something more about skipping, and the end results were amazing. We were particularly astounded at the “Double Dutch” exercises, where one child was able to skip through two long ropes whilst skipping with her own little rope at the same time. Lots of skipping can be seen in the playground at the moment and we are delighted to see everyone having fun with skipping ropes.

Stonehenge class The children in Stonehenge classroom had a lovely presentation on deer, during the week, with real antlers and even a deer skull being brought in! It was a great way to enrich the children’s learning on their theme of animals. Our thanks go to Mrs Park who organised the artefacts and gave a very interesting presentation to the children.                           

Wookey Hole Trip  Sarum class will be going to Wookey Hole caves  onThursday 7th May. Please make sure you have sent a packed lunch for this trip. If your child needs travel sickness medication, please make sure you have given this to the teacher with very clear dispensing instructions.  Children will be back at school before the end of the school day, if all goes according to plan.

Quilt making As a sub-theme through the term, we are studying  the book, “The Quilt Maker’s Gift”  and all the children will be going to the American Museum in the next half term where there is a beautiful exhibition of quilts. We would dearly love to make an altar cloth, with a border of quilting, each square provided by a child in school. However, none of us in school has the technical ability to do quilting! If you are able to help us with this project, please let us know – we have Kate Sykes, our artist in residence, who will support with the artistic side and help the children make their designs, but we need some people who can actually put it all together into a beautiful altar cloth.

Summer Blues At this time of year, we notice that people are a lot more likely to fall out with each other and argue than at other times. We are not sure whether this is because they are tired through sleeping less in the shorter nights, or whether they are hot, or whether they are starting to think about the changes that might come about in the next academic year. However, it is something we notice every year through the summer terms. We do ask that you help your child to maintain a sense of proportion, to support them to mend relationships and to find ways to live amicably with those around them.

SATS and other tests Our Year 6 children are working towards their end of Key Stage tests which will take place in May. They write three separate maths papers, a reading comprehension paper and the “Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar” tests. All of these tests are set by the government and sent off to be marked externally. Writing is assessed by the teacher, using a selection of work from various sources. All these tests are for Year 6 children working between Level 3 and Level 5. Those children who are able to tackle the level 6 papers are given this opportunity as well. The government expects that the average child will be working at Level 4 by the end of KS2 but many of our children achieve well beyond this expectation. We ensure that the children have had enough test preparation so that they do not feel alarmed by the test situation (which is very different from anything they have experienced previously). We find that the children rather enjoy SATS week – they get the chance to show what they can do, and they enjoy the freedom of being “Off Curriculum” during that week.

All the other KS2 children (Years 3 – 5) will be doing little tests during this week as well. These are nothing to be worried about and you do not need to do any preparation for them, other than to continue with the usual homework of reading, tables, spelling and the written assignment each week. These tests serve to support and secure the teachers’ own assessments of the children’s work through the year.

Because our results are exceptionally high in this school, we have to be extremely careful to deliver the tests rigorously so that it is clear that the outstanding outcomes are the result of outstanding teaching and learning, and not any maladministration. To this end, we have arranged for invigilators from Lavington secondary school to pop in at any time and for any length of time during the course of the exam week, and we also have governors who will sit in on the exams to ensure the highest level of probity. Sadly, there are schools where maladministration does take place but we always adhere to the very highest standards possible.

Friday Fun Tuck Shop Every Friday at the Pavilion from 3-4pm, drinks and snacks will be served raising funds for the school PFA and the Pavilion. Please ensure that an adult accompanies your child/ren. We look forward to seeing you there.

Upcoming events

Longleat trip for Stonehenge class                           Wednesday 6th May

Wookey Hole Trip for Sarum class                             Thursday 7th May

Summer choir-after school                                          Monday 11th May

Residential trips, KS2                                                      Wednesday 20th, Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd May

Last day of Half term                                                      Friday 22nd May

Back to school                                                                   Wednesday 3rd June

Pilgrimage day with other schools                            Thursday 4th June

Class and team photos (not individuals)                 Tuesday 9th June                                                                             

French Concert                                                                                 Wednesday 1st July   at 10.45am

Reports on Parent Portal                                              Friday 3rd July

Sports Day                                                                          Wednesday 8th July at 9.15, then picnic on field

Shakespeare show by our children                          Thursday 9th July at 2.30pm

Music Concert                                                                   Tuesday 14th July 5.00pm

Parents’ AGM with Governors                                   Wednesday 15th July at 6.00pm

Leavers’ Assembly                                                          Monday 20th July at 2.00pm

Last day of term                                                               Tuesday 21st July

Best wishes


Mercedes Henning

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