Newsletter 27 – 3rd April 2020

Dear Parents

THANK YOU! A shout of thanks to all our wonderful families who have worked so hard and so effectively to keep learning on track at home! We are all amazed at the wonderful work that is being done in each home with people keeping positive, creative and having fun. Please look on the “Whole School” page on Moodle for a few items of Sharing that we can celebrate at the end of this week.

You will also find, on the Whole School page, a very short reflection/quiet time/mindfulness topic which is updated daily. Please encourage your child to spend a few precious moments in quiet and reflection each day. This is part of maintaining their good mental health and spiritual growth, whatever their faith or non-faith philosophy.

The link to Amazon Audible (free at present) is also on this Whole School page, as is the First News, a children’s newspaper that is much enjoyed by the children when they are at school. Scrolling down through the Whole School page, you will see some other websites published that might be of interest.

What happens over Easter? Teachers will not set work over the Easter holidays – as you would expect. However, please do continue with reading as usual. Then we will pick up the distance learning through Moodle again on 20th April! Be ready for lots more fun and learning. Over the holidays, help your child to keep up with their active lifestyle, their creative play and reading every single day!

Where can I get support to keep my child safe online?

Careful supervision of primary school children is the very best way of ensuring they are safe. There is a lot of support available to help you keep your child safe online. Below are some relevant links that you may find useful:

Keep talking about internet safety and cyber bullying with your child. Make sure your child is comfortable to report to you anything that they are worried about or feel is inappropriate – that they know you will not be angry with them but will be pleased that they came and asked for support.

Your own wellbeing Whilst some families have managed this novel situation without too many problems, for some of you there may be a point where you feel that you cannot manage anymore. Wiltshire Local Authority has set up a Wellbeing Hub. You can make contact with them and they will signpost you to the most appropriate support for your particular needs, whether this is emotional, financial or physical. Their details are:  “Wiltshire Wellbeing Hub”

Email: or phone 0300 003 4576

Please do not suffer in silence. Ask for help if you need it.

Children’s wellbeing If you think your child is feeing stressed, you might like to access

This builds on the work our children already know so much about, finding peace and strength through quiet reflection and has lots of mindfulness activities offered by Childline.

And there are beautiful chants and Christian reflections from Taize in France for everyone – again, our children know how to use Taize chants to gain calmness and balance, and to find that place of peace in their hearts.

Bags for A&E When our staff heard that staff in a local A&E would benefit from having drawstring bags to put dirty clothing in after a shift, to prevent contamination of their homes, they set out to make as many bags as possible – in between their day jobs of managing the distance learning and caring for the children of key workers. Within a few days, heaps of bags had arrived at school made by our staff and their families and friends, and have been sent on to our precious and valued front line workers. Working together as a community of love and support is the best way to win this battle.

Fraud alert  Do not give your bank details out! There are lots of Corona frauds going on at present – even one claiming to come from your child’s school. We will never ask for your bank details or any passwords etc. Please be very careful.

Parents and Carers Pupil Privacy Notice This document has been updated by our Data Protection Officer and accompanies this newsletter. It can also be viewed on our website. . On this tab, you will also find the appendix to our Safeguarding policy as it relates to the Covid19 arrangements if you are interested.

Government WhatsApp service A new GOV.UK WhatsApp Coronavirus Information Service has now been launched. The purpose of this product is to combat the spread of misinformation propagated through WhatsApp.

To use the service, members of the public simply add +44 7860 064422 to their contacts and send a WhatsApp message saying “Hi”.

Things to have fun with this week!            

National Trust have some lovely ideas, images and videos – including some things children can do before they are 11 ¾ – whilst in isolation!

Many zoos and aquariums are offering webcam experiences and virtual tours:

And some great experiences at the Houston Space centre:

Stay at home, stay safe and stay well.

Best wishes,

Mercedes Henning

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