Newsletter 27 – 26th April 2013

Dear Parents

Steam Museum The children in Stonehenge classroom will be going to the Steam Museum in Swindon on Monday 29th April. If you have a child in that classroom, please make sure that you have the details of the trip requirements.

Residential trips The children in Year 3 and Year 4 have their residential trip to Oxenwood next week. Year 3 are going on Wednesday 1st May and returning on Thursday 2ndMay.  Year 4 are leaving on Thursday 2nd May and returning on Friday 3rd May. Please make sure that you have the kit list and the precise instructions for arrival and pick up times. Also, if your child needs any prescribed medication (or travel tablets) we need you to sign a medical form and give this to your child’s teacher with very clear written instructions for dispensing the medicine.

Transition to Secondary School As part of our programme to help our Year 6 children make the transition to secondary school successfully we will introduce them to Mrs Daniela De Cet (deputy headteacher of Lavington School) on Thursday 2nd May. Mrs De Cet will come to our school and chat to those children who will be transferring to Lavington school, and they can ask her any questions they may have. Children will also have the opportunity to visit Lavington School and spend a day there learning the campus and routines on Friday 28th June.

Summer Term As we move into the summer term, it is worth mentioning that this is the term when children fall out with each other more than any other term. We are not sure why this is – whether they are preparing themselves for a new circle of friends in the coming academic year or whether they are hot and irritable – but, whatever the reason, we prepare ourselves to support the children through their relationships much more during the summer term. We ask that parents help their children to keep any issues in perspective and help them to find useful strategies for managing any complex situations that might arise with their friends.

Holidays There is a bank holiday on Monday 6th May. The half term break starts on Monday 27th May. Holiday club will run from Tuesday 28th May to Friday 31st May. Please note that there are two TD days at the end of this half term break – both Monday 3rd June and Tuesday 4th June are TD days so children will only return to school on Wednesday 5th June.

Holiday dates for the coming year are on the reverse of this newsletter. 3 further TD days for next year have not yet been confirmed – we shall let you know about these as soon as the dates are available.

Forest of Dean Payments are due for this trip and a reminder letter has been sent home showing the amount outstanding, please settle this amount by Friday 3rd May. A medical form has also been sent home and needs to be completed and returned to school.

Clothes Recycling   Have you now finished with your winter woollies?!!  Please hold onto any unwanted clothing you may now have finished with or the children outgrown as the PFA will be organising a textiles recycling day.  We now have an account with a new company who will take the following items: all clothing including coats, underwear, shoes, wellies, belts, handbags and also sheets, duvet covers, curtains (no pillows or duvets). Items will be sorted and wearable/usable items sent to Third World countries with the rest being recycled.  We receive funds per kilo.  The PFA will be posting a date soon to advise of the collection day at school.  Thanks from PFA

Holiday Dates for 2013-2014

Autumn Term

Monday 2nd September           TD Day

Tuesday 3rd September           TD Day

Wednesday 4th September      School starts

Half Term

Monday 28th October until Tuesday 5th November.

Wednesday 6th November      School starts

Friday 20th December                         Term ends

Spring Term

Monday 6th January                School starts

Half Term

Monday 17th February until Friday 21st February

 Monday 24th  February            School starts

Friday 4th April                        Term ends

Summer Term

Tuesday 22nd April                   School starts

Bank Holiday                           Monday 5th May

Half Term

Monday 26th May until Friday 30th May

Monday 2nd June                     School starts

Thursday 24th July                   Term ends

Best wishes,

Mercedes Henning

Measles – there are a few cases occurring + one at Devizes School. Vigilance to symptoms!!    The initial symptoms of measles appear around 10 days after you get the measles infection and generally last for up to 14 days. The measles rash usually appears a few days afterwards.

The initial symptoms of measles include:

  • cold-like symptoms, such as runny nose, watery eyes, swollen eyelids and sneezing
  • red eyes and sensitivity to light
  • a mild to severe temperature, which may peak at over 40.6C (105F) for several days, then fall but go up again when the rash appears
  • tiny greyish-white spots (called Koplik’s spots) in the mouth and throat
  • tiredness, irritability and general lack of energy
  • aches and pains
  • poor appetite
  • dry cough
  • red-brown spotty rash

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