Newsletter 27 – 22nd April 2016

Dear Parents

Collective Worship We gather as a whole school each morning at 10.00am for a quarter of an hour of reflection and quiet time together. Worship takes a number of different forms, sometimes it is high energy with lots of children participating in drama or offering comments to discussion, sometimes it is very still and meditative, with the hall darkened and lots of candles lit, sometimes it is outside, sometimes inside, sometimes teachers or clergy lead worship, and sometimes the children themselves lead worship. We always sing and we always have at least a short time to sit quietly and enjoy the stillness and serenity inside our own heads. We always reflect on some aspect of our lives – our relationships with others, stewardship of the world, beautiful things around us, reaching out to others less fortunate than we are. We use Bible stories as the foundation for our reflections, and consider how these help us develop a sensitive moral compass and a compassionate, joyful courage, regardless of whether we are people of faith or not.

We would like parents (or grandparents!) to know that they are always welcome to come and join us for worship at 10.00am Monday to Thursday (on Friday, of course, we have Sharing Assembly which is a celebration worship, and most people are used to attending that!). The extraordinary spirit of our school is really palpable at worship, and it is a wonderful, energising, creative time – so do consider popping in to join us if you happen to be free at that time.

School Choir is now rehearsing for the competition on Tuesday 26th April – we are very grateful to Ms Sharman and all the children who work hard to ensure that the standard of singing by our choir is so high.

Summative assessments In the week commencing Monday 9th May, all children in KS2 (Years 3 – 6) will be writing little assessments in reading, writing and maths, and the new spelling, punctuation and grammar topic. Please do not worry about these assessments, and do not allow your child to worry about them either. They will be very similar to the weekly and termly tests that they have regularly, and require no extra revision or pressure from home. It is best not even to mention them to your child unless they choose to discuss them. The best thing parents can do to support their children is to make sure they get to bed at a sensible time and have a good breakfast.

For Years 3, 4 and 5, these assessments are used simply to secure the teachers’ assessment of each child’s progress – the teachers already know what standard your child is working at. For the Year 6 children, these are the end of key stage assessments, the so-called SATS. The test papers are delivered to school securely sealed and must be written on the date prescribed by the government, and then the completed papers are sent off to be marked externally. We make sure that we have some of our governors and teachers from Lavington School helping with invigilating so that it is clear that we run the tests with the highest integrity. This rigorous assessment is the main method used by the government to hold us to account, and is the main method used to rank our school in the top few percent in the country.

KS1 children will also be writing little assessments through the course of May – but they are used simply to secure the teacher’s assessment of their attainment. Again, please do not worry about them and, at all costs, do not worry your children about them. Nothing upsets a child more than fearing that they might let their parents down in some way. We make very little fuss of the assessments, and we ask that you do not even mention them to your child.

Last day of half term is Friday 27th May. Do not forget that Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th June are TD days and we all come back to school on Wednesday 8th June.

Distribution of families who come to Holy Trinity At this time of year, I like to publish the data about where our children come from. 42% of our children come from the four villages of our catchment area (Great Cheverell, Little Cheverell, Erlestoke and Coulston).  This is a total of 64 children. With this tiny number, our school will be extremely vulnerable to closure. So we are very grateful to all the out of catchment area parents who travel in to our school, making up 58% of our school population. Of these out of catchment families, 19% come from Edington and Bratton, 9% from Potterne and 7% from Devizes. The Lavingtons, Worton and Marston and other surrounding villages provide a significant percentage of the rest, with others coming from as far afield as Westbury, Seend, and Tilshead.

Parking again Once again, I do appeal to all parents to park carefully and with regard to our children’s safety. I have suggested to parents who come to complain to me about parking that they contact the police immediately they see anyone contravening the road traffic laws – if an offence is being committed, the police need to know so that they can react swiftly. Please do park down in the village, along the high street, in front of the pub (that is public highway) or in Garston, and walk up Green Lane to fetch your child if the parking area is full. A small inconvenience to keep our children safe is surely worth the price.

Upcoming Events(Calendar of events is available on the website at www.
Tuesday 26th April Choir Competition 10.00 am  – 2.00 pm
Thursday 28th April White Horse trip to Devizes Wharf All day
Wednesday 18th May Sarum class trip to Devizes All day
Tuesday 24th May Music Concert 5.00pm
Wednesday 25th – Friday 27th May Forest of Dean residential for Year 5 & 6
Friday 27th May Last day of half term
Wednesday 8th June Everyone returns to school
Wednesday 6th July Year 6 Leavers to Cathedral All day
Thursday 7th July Shakespeare play by Years 3 and 4 One day time performance and one at 5.00pm
Wednesday 13th July Sports Day 9.15 – 12.00 then picnic on the field
Thursday 14th July School Eucharist – Bishop Ed (Celebrant) 2.00pm
Monday 18th July Y6 Leavers’ trip All day
Wednesday 20th July Y6 Leavers’ Assembly 2.00pm
Thursday 21st July Last day of term


Best wishes

Mercedes Henning

PFA News

What an amazing School Community we have! The Beer and Bid evening was an awesome success raising £1257.70 towards the outdoor classroom. Thank you to everyone that came along and supported, it was a fantastic night.

I am hoping that we will be able to share some VERY exciting news with you in the next couple of weeks!

The Tuck Shop starts today, Friday 22nd opposite the park.

Friday 29th April: 10am-2pm Parents & Guardians First Aid Training Course at Great Cheverell Pavilion, £20 per person – To book your place please email or post a message on our Facebook page.

Our Facebook page is regularly updated with the latest news and what is happening. So ask to join the group Holy Trinity (Great Cheverell) PFA.


We welcome and value your opinion. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Head teacher or Chair of Governors.


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