Newsletter 25 – 20th March 2020

Dear Parents

Corona Virus   The Government has announced that schools will be closed to most children from Monday 23rd March. Our school will be kept open with a skeleton staff to provide support for the children of key workers. These families are already in touch with us and plans are being made for their children to attend.

 The Government helpline is 0800 046 8687   Email:

The Learning Continues Our virtual learning platform is up and running and children have been introduced to it. Children will need an adult to log in for them, to ensure that they are being supervised whilst they are online. Your log in details for Moodle will have been sent to your email address. Follow this link, set your own password and then have a look at the pages and topics for your child/children.

  • Each school day, during this extended closure, please make sure you get into a routine of settling down to do a bit of school work – perhaps an hour in the morning and an hour in afternoon. Do not try to run a full school timetable – this is not appropriate for home learning and one to one tuition – allow a degree of flexibility but aim to get a couple of hours work done each day.
  • Tasks will be set daily and/or weekly and you will be able to log in each day to see the work your children need to do that day.
  • Sometimes teachers may ask to see some of the work the children are doing. This can be uploaded either as a photo from your phone or a pdf document.
  • If you do not have a laptop or computer at home, just use your phone. You or your child can copy the tasks/problems into the books we have provided and work them out. Solutions will be provided for maths problems so that you can check whether they are correct.
  • Please supervise your child’s learning each school day – it is essential that they do not fall too far behind and lose the precious learning they have done.
  • Please ensure that your children are safe online – never let them use a device unsupervised.
  • Please make sure your children spend at least two hours every day in active pursuits – outside in the garden if possible, or clear the sitting room and have a dance/circuit training hour, or use an exercise programme online for children.
  • Please encourage your children to engage in creative activities each day – building dens, junk modelling, lego, painting, playdough, etc.
  • Please limit the time your children spend in front of a screen or device.
  • Children must follow the same rules as adults when it comes to staying away from gatherings. Please supervise them carefully. Children must not attend places of mass gathering – play parks, parties etc must all be off limits while we fight this threat in our country.
  • There is no holiday club and no Lions club activities. Money can be picked up from the office.
  • A weekly newsletter will continue to be published – probably much shorter!
  • If you are entitled to Free School Meals because you are on certain qualifying benefits, please order through Lataca if you wish to, and come to the school at 12.00pm each day to pick up the lunch. It will be a packed lunch to minimise the number of staff we need to have in school.

These are extraordinary times – we need to do all we can to minimise the threat to our society whilst keeping our children safe, calm, happy and learning.

Thank you all for your support and understanding. We have had wonderfully positive messages from so many of you, encouraging us as we work towards helping to keep our community safe, supporting those key workers who will be in the front line, and ensuring all our children continue with their learning.

40th Anniversary We have given every child a copy of a whole school photo to celebrate the opening of our school in June 1980 – our 40th anniversary which we had planned to celebrate in the summer term.

Prayers and blessings on all of our children, their families and the wider community as we stand together to win this fight.

Best wishes,

Mercedes Henning

PFA News

As per earlier communication, and further enforced by the latest news to close schools as of Friday 20th March, all PFA activity has of course gone on hold. We are hugely disappointed to have to postpone this Friday’s flowers and tuck shop, plus the following Friday’s Ladies Night. Needless to say though, these events will be rescheduled as soon as we can, and let’s hope it’s not as far away as some reports are predicting. Once again, a massive thank you to Olivia Pottinger and her team, who amazingly answered our call for help with the Mother’s Day activity, plus Olivia and Debi Bell-Hosking who will be taking on the Bake Off. We’ll share all new dates and plans when we’re in more steady and calmer times. 

We thought that during this time away from school if anyone has any good ideas and suggestions for activities and entertainment for our children please feel free to post them on our Facebook page. Keeping in touch will be helpful for us all.

Finally, the PFA, on behalf of all parents, would like to thank all the school staff for the lovely way they have cared for our children these last few weeks and the extra time, effort and thought that has gone into the continuation of their learning. We have all appreciated your smiling faces around the school and know you have gone above and beyond for our children. 

We hope everyone and all their loved ones stay safe and well during these difficult and challenging times ahead.

To contact us you can email or join our Facebook page “Holy Trinity (Great Cheverell) PFA”  

Many thanks,

Your PFA

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