Newsletter 25 – 17th March 2017

Dear Parents

Parent/Teacher meetings Many thanks to all of you who came to these meetings – in our school we usually have about 96% – 98% attendance rate which is really superb. This engagement of parents with school is one of the reasons that we can achieve all that we do with our wonderful children.

Homework A startlingly high number of parents have remarked that it is often a struggle to get their children to do their written homework task. Please do not let homework become an area for argument with your child. We recommend that you just offer them the chance to do their homework with your support at a time that is convenient to you. If they say “No”, simply write a note in their homework book telling us that your child did not wish to do their homework when you offered them the opportunity. Then put the homework book away. No arguments. If the child does not hand their homework in by the deadline, we will deal with that at school – they will miss a morning playtime. No one will be cross with them, but that is the consequence of missing the deadline. They will then bring the homework in the following day or miss another playtime. This means that the responsibility for doing the homework lies with the child, as it should, though we are always very grateful for parents reminding their children about it.

Written homework should only take 20 -30 minutes. If they are struggling and it is taking longer please do let the teacher know so that we can adjust the homework they are receiving. Every child should be reading every single night and should be doing spelling and times table practice on alternate days. Other than this, we hope children will be playing outdoors, playing indoors, being creative and being children.

Summer Choir For the Summer Concert Anyone in Years 3-6 is welcome to take part in this summer choir to perform at the school music concert on Tuesday 23rd May. Practices will be on the following four Mondays, 3-4pm in the hall: 3rd April /24th April / 8th May /22nd May, with Ms Sharman.

Menu choice Please go through the menu with your child when choosing their school dinners. It is a pity for children to reject their dinners because something has been ordered on their behalf that they do not enjoy. There are always several options to choose from on each day.

Emmanuel Collaboration As you know, we are part of the Emmanuel Collaboration, with Five Lanes Primary, St Barnabas Primary, St Thomas a Becket Primary and Urchfont Primary. We have all found this first year of the collaboration to be very useful. We have shared resources, our teachers have had the chance to moderate standards across all the schools, to share ideas and good practice and to support each other in a number of ways – for the benefit of all our children.

Safeguarding As part of our safeguarding protocols, we have to ask that parents are not in the school building when children are getting changed (for example, at after-school sports clubs). We will have to close the curtains when children are getting changed in the hall so that they cannot be viewed as they change at the end of sports clubs that have taken place in the hall. Please do not feel that you are unwelcome or excluded – but in this day and age, we must be careful and observe the protocols.

Before and After School Care Following three parental requests in our “Comments and Suggestions” box that was left out over Parents’ Evenings this week, we would like to canvas parental interest in signing up for a  Breakfast Club (£2 for the morning) or After School Care (£5 – £6 for the afternoon). In order for such an initiative to be sustainable, we would have to have about 20 children sign up every session to have sufficient money to cover staffing costs, overheads and insurances. Please complete the form below if you would be interested. In order to ensure the sustainability of the provision, if we did offer it, we would have to ask parents to pay in advance for the term. The provision would have to be completely self-sustaining – there is no spare money anywhere in our budget to subsidise extra- curricular care, and the government would not allow us to spend education money on childcare even if we could afford to.

Head lice We have had several cases of head lice reported in school, please use the leaflet sent home today to treat your child and hopefully eradicate the problem.

Children’s Easter Workshop… Come and have fun making Palm Crosses, Easter gardens and other items on Saturday 8th April from 10-12 noon in Erlestoke Church. Items will be put on display ready for the Palm Sunday service on Sunday 9th @ 4pm. All are welcome but children under-fives must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning


Busy week next week with the Easter Disco for the kids on Thursday (March 23) & Mother’s Day Tuck Shop on Friday (March 24).

‘Face it n Dance’ will be running Thursday’s disco in the school hall with KS1 taking place from 5-5:45pm, followed by KS2 from 6-7pm. Entrance at the door is £1.50 and we’ll have squash and biscuits available for what is traditionally a great party for the kids!

Jane’s Friday Tuck Shop will be furnished with lots of treats to ‘surprise Mum’! (Donations of cupcakes that are nut-free are most welcome – thank-you!) The flower stall will be up and running again this year due to popular demand from the children, Dads, Grandparents – and Mums!

Looking further ahead, we have diarised a wider PFA meeting after morning drop-off on Tuesday, April 4. Your participation and ideas are what drives the PFA – and we value your input. If you’d like to contribute but can’t make it that morning, please email Debi on to perhaps arrange a second session that afternoon or evening.


Fabric Recycle Collection – Monday, April 3

Junior Bake-off – Friday, April 7 (More information & entry forms to follow)

Summer Fayre – Friday, July 7

Enjoy the weekend! From the PFA Team



After School and Breakfast Club Provision

Name: ……………………………………………………………………….     Number of children: ……………………………………

We would be interested in attending a Breakfast club (8.00am – 8.30am for £2 a morning) on the following mornings:

Monday [   ]   Tuesday [   ]    Wednesday [   ]    Thursday [   ]    Friday [   ]

We would be interested in attending an After School club (3.00pm – 6.00pm for £5-£6)) on the following afternoons:

Monday [   ]   Tuesday [   ]    Wednesday [   ]    Thursday [   ]    Friday [   ]

We understand that the fees would be payable termly in advance and would be non-refundable.

Signature: ………………………………………………………………………………………….

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