Newsletter 24 – 22nd March 2013

Dear Parents

Last day of term This term ends today Friday 22nd March and the summer term starts on Monday 8th April.

Edington Priory Pilgrimage Day The whole school had a wonderful time at the Priory, taking part in a carousel of activities on the Easter story, and ending with a picnic up the hill on “Ralph’s Seat”. The children were complimented by the volunteer helpers for being so polite, engaged and enthusiastic. There are photos on the website of some of the things we did.

Maths/SATS Evening Thank you to the parents who attended this evening – numbers were very small so we have published more on this below.  My thanks to Mr Gyllenspetz who is our maths subject leader and who has put this policy together.

Trip to Hounslow Mosque Mrs Abbott, Miss Nisbeck and Mrs Edwards will remain at school with the Foundation Stage children and those children whose parents have decided that they will not be accompanying the trip. We are sorry for the disappointment caused to those Foundation Stage children whose parents would have liked them to go on the trip but our risk assessments require that we have senior staff on the trip and also in school to keep everyone safe. I am also sorry that we did not foresee this happening – previous trips to Portsmouth, Oxford and to Bristol with the whole school have had 100% take up by parents, and we did not realise that this trip would be different. Mrs Abbott has lovely trips planned for the summer term for the Foundation Stage children.

Calculation Policy

This policy details what level of Maths is expected of children in each year group at Holy Trinity. It is based on a strong understanding and knowledge of basic number facts such as: number bonds to 10 and 100; single-digit addition facts; single digit subtraction facts and times tables. We believe that with a strong foundation of basic skills, understanding Maths becomes much more straightforward. These simple building blocks can then be applied in sequence in order to work out more complex Mathematical problems.

Learning these basic facts to a high standard and practicing their application in simple, everyday situations will greatly improve your child’s confidence and attainment in Maths.The written methods outlined in each year group provide a carefully thought-out progression, based initially on how we perform calculations mentally. This gives the children a secure understanding of how numbers are used in Maths problems.

It is vital that children put firm foundations in place before moving on to the next stage. Children who are “fast-tracked” to more advanced paper and pencil methods by parents eager to help their children, may do well initially but are normally overtaken by year 5. Other children with a secure understanding of number and mental strategies attain better at this level. Above all, we want children to see Maths as an everyday subject that they will use for their whole lives, regardless of their occupation. Making your child aware of the Maths that you are using in your own life will help them to see the importance of Maths. Below is a short list of situations in which we all use Maths and which children might be encouraged to help out.

Calculating change and other money.

Calculating time (when will TV show finish? When will dinner be ready? When will washing machine finish? Etc.)

Calculating distance and time to destination.

General baking and kitchen Maths (weighing, time etc.)

The following website has further information on this topic.

The calculation policy for each of the four basic maths operations can be found on our website at  – follow the tabs ‘The School’ -> ‘Creative Curriculum’.

Lost Property Please check your child’s uniform and PE kit to make sure that you have not inadvertently become the owners of someone else’s uniform. There is also a huge heap of lost property in the library which will be recycled during the Easter holiday – please go through the box if you have lost something.

Holiday Club If you wish to take advantage of our holiday club, SuperStars which will run here in school during the first week of the Easter holidays Monday 25th – Thursday 28th March, please sign up on line at . The children who come this to always have a great time and the costs are very reasonable.

 Children’s Easter Workshop… Come and have fun making Palm Crosses, Easter gardens and other items on Saturday 23rd March from 10-12 noon in Erlestoke Church. Items will be put on display ready for the Palm Sunday service on Sunday 24th @ 4pm. All are welcome but children under five must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Erlestoke and Coulston Cricket Club   It’s that time again when we’re getting ready for the new cricket season. This year we can offer boys and girls between ages 7 and 11 lots of enjoyable training and skills coaching as well as competitive matches up at the beautiful Walled Garden in Erlestoke.

Training this season will be on a Friday between 5.45 and 7.00pm, allowing for a proper warm up before we start training. The first of our sessions will be on Friday 19th April and they will run until Friday 26th July. Our three ECB qualified coaches are all CRB checked and aim to help juniors improve their cricket skills in a fun and safe environment.

We have organised Under 11 matches during those weeks and these will also be on a Friday evening. There will also be some Kwik Cricket matches and cricket festivals for the Under 9’s. We promote inclusion and team spirit above all else during matches whilst encouraging all players to play at their very best.

Membership forms will be available at the first training session, and membership can be paid for the season or on a weekly basis.

We can offer 2 free taster sessions if you would like to see what we are all about before signing up.  Bring a friend as well, they would be most welcome. We provide all the equipment and all the enthusiasm to allow the players to enjoy learning the game in a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.

We look forward very much to seeing you and your budding cricketers in April. If you have any questions please contact me at or on 01380 831457.

PFA News

Thanks to the many bakers and shoppers who supported the Boden event last Friday and Saturday.  It went very well given that it was a new idea for us and we hope to have a nice big fat commission cheque to bank soon after the Easter holidays.  If any of you, or your friends and family are Boden shoppers, could we ask you to use the code k328 on your next order form please.  This allows us to top up that commission.  We have plenty of plans for both spending and entertaining in the last 2 terms, so we will keep you posted.  Thanks again for all your support, the PFA team have worked very hard and they do deserve a big thank you from Lisa and I.  The money we raise goes a long way to helping all the children, present and future.  We look forward to seeing you at the next event.

Best wishes,

Mercedes Henning

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