Newsletter 22 – 5th March 2021

Dear Parents

BACK TO SCHOOL! It will be lovely to have everyone back at school on Monday 8thMarch! We are all very excited about welcoming our children back.

A reminder:

  • We will return to exactly the same routines as we had through the Autumn term from September to December 2020.
  • We will continue to work in our Class Bubbles, with staggered drop off, pick up, break and lunch times so that we can avoid any cross infection between Bubbles.
  • Children may not bring things from home unless absolutely essential.
  • Please dress warmly – windows and doors will be open to improve ventilation.
  • Please wear school uniform with trainers.
  • No adults are allowed on site without an appointment, and any essential meetings will take place outside.
  • Please do not stop and chat when you drop off and pick up your children – go straight home.
  • Please maintain strict distancing from each other and from our staff. We ask that people wear face coverings if at all possible when dropping off and picking up their children, as an added precaution for the safety of our staff.
  • Remind your child about washing their hands properly and regularly.
  • Remind them about catching their coughs and sneezes in a tissue, disposing of that safely and washing hands.
  • Remind them to try to stay 2m away from other people if at all possible. (We know that for our younger children this is not feasible and we don’t really expect it.)
  • If you have forgotten your child’s drop off and pick up time, please consult the table from last week’s newsletter.
  • Please order lunches from Lataca as usual if you want your child to have school dinners from 8th March.
  • The school bus will run as usual from 8th March.
  • Wrap Around Care will continue, so if you require this provision, please book in as soon as possible.

If your child shows ANY SIGN of Covid infection, they must not come into school! This is really important! Any temperature, cough or change to sense of taste or smell requires a test and isolation. Keep your child at home if anyone in your house has Covid (10 day isolation), or Covid symptoms until a negative test has been returned.

We must continue to bear down on this virus so that we do not have any new surges of infection as children return to school. We don’t want any increase in infection to interfere with the time line back to normality.

Performance Poetry Thank you to all those in White Horse class, to Mrs Twentyman and to Patrick Williams who put together the amazing performance of the Owl and the Pussycat! It cheered us all up to see such a fun and inspiring performance.

A few things to look forward to On 31st March, we will all take part in our Annual Pilgrimage Day, which will have to take place on the school field this year rather than in Edington Priory. But it will be a great day of reflection, interesting activities and outdoor learning. Many of our children will also have Fire Safety training online during this term. In the next half term, we hope to have a “Reading Celebration” day where we will come to school in our pyjamas! And in the last half term we are very much hoping that restrictions will have lifted enough that we can hold our Sports Day, perhaps have a version of the Year 3/ Year 4 plays, perhaps organise the Charity Afternoon and the school Eucharist, and definitely we will have Film and Ice cream day! There will be lots of other amazing things happening of course. So much to look forward to.

Lateral Flow Tests  The Government will be making home testing Lateral Flow Tests available to families with children who may wish to test regularly for Covid even if they have no symptoms. This will help them to pick up asymptomatic cases in the population and reduce transmission. We do commend this to you. All our staff do these twice weekly.  

The following advice has been sent out by the Government: (Schools may not give out test kits to families)

Members of households, childcare or support bubbles of pupils

From 1 March 2021, if you’re a member of a household, childcare bubble or support bubble of a pupil you can get a twice-weekly test:

  • through your employer if they offer testing to employees
  • at a local test site
  • by collecting a home test kit from a test site
  • by ordering a home test kit online

Get a test through your employer

Your workplace may offer rapid lateral flow testing to you. Contact your employer to find out more.

Take a test at a rapid lateral flow test site

You can take a rapid lateral flow test at a local site. Testing at these sites is assisted, which means you will swab yourself under the supervision of a trained operator.

You may need to book an appointment.  Find your nearest rapid lateral flow test site.

Collect test kits

You can collect 2 packs of home test kits at a local collection point. Each pack contains 7 tests.

Anyone 18 or over can collect.

Most collection points are open from 1.30pm to 7pm. You can check online if the location is open or busy before you go. You do not need to make an appointment.

Do not visit a collection point outside opening hours, as it may be used to test people with coronavirus symptoms outside these times.  Find your nearest home test kit collection point.

Order home test kits online

If you cannot get tested at your workplace, or are unable to go to a test site or collect test kits, you can order a home test kit online.

Do not order online if you can get a test through other methods. This frees up home delivery for those who need it most.  Order rapid lateral flow home test kits

From the Piano Tutor Piano lessons will be starting up for everyone after the Easter holidays. Mr Broomfield will be contacting everyone over the next few weeks with details and invoices.

Scams We have been asked to remind people to be very careful of falling for scams online. These often appear to come from Royal Mail, HMRC, your bank or some other reputable source. They often have the correct logo. NEVER click into these mails or texts. Never give over your bank details. Never give them your personal information. Never give your password. Sadly, a lot of people are being taken in and are losing money through these scams.

Best wishes

Mercedes Henning

Upcoming Events (Calendar of events available on the website at www.
Monday 8th March Everyone back in school! See detail in this newsletter!  
Thursday 1st April Last day of term  
Monday 19th April School re-opens  
Monday 3rd May May Day Holiday  
Friday 28th May Last day of half term  
Wednesday 9th June Everyone back to school 7th and 8th of June are TD days
Tuesday 6th July Sports day and picnic on the field afterwards 9.15am – 12.00 Sports Day 12.00pm – 12.45pm Picnic Parents welcome if restrictions permit
Monday 12th July and Wednesday 14th July Parent/Teacher meetings 3.20pm – 5.50pm – we will keep you updated as Covid restrictions change
Tuesday 20th July School Eucharist 2.00pm with the Bishop. All parents welcome if restrictions permit
Wednesday 21st July Leavers’ Assembly 2.00pm – Year 6 parents welcome if restrictions permit
Thursday 22nd July Last day of summer term 23rd July is a TD day

We welcome and value your opinion. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Head teacher or Chair of Governors

PFA News

PFA on hold

The PFA activities are currently on hold. When school returns we will continue to make plans for fundraising, and fun events and activities which benefit your children at Holy Trinity

If you would like to help or have a question please get in touch at

or on our Facebook page Holy Trinity (Great Cheverell) PFA

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