Newsletter 21 – 9th March 2018

Parent- teacher meetings Thank you to all who have booked their appointments – most people already have their slot for these meetings next week. We ask you to respect the 10 minute time limit we put on meetings – we have to make sure that others are not kept waiting. If you feel that you need a longer meeting, feel free to make another appointment with your child’s teacher at some other time.

If you are bringing your child to the meetings but do not want them to come into the classroom with you, please make sure that they are settled with something that will occupy them for those ten minutes. There is no crèche and there are no school staff to look after children at these sessions.

Visit to the Church Children in both White Horse and Stonehenge classes have walked down to our local church, St Peter’s in Great Cheverell, recently to enjoy exploring the area. Children in White Horse class used the site to find out more about various building materials as well as something of the history of the church. They also did some cross stitch sewing whilst they were there. Children in Stonehenge class held their daily act of worship there and then explored the setting. Since the refurbishment, the church has become a lot more accessible for longer visits.

Wheat Sowing On Thursday 8th March, all the children had the opportunity to sow some of the wheat seed which we are going to grow this season up on our field. Liz Read, leader of our Gardening Club, has contacted Devizes museum and they are happy to lend us a quern stone (for hand milling) in September and we hope (and expect) to have grown, harvested, threshed, milled and baked our own bread by the end of the year. We are very grateful to the Pepler family in Edington who farm Ballard’s Farm and who have supported us strongly with this project. The children have been very excited by the project and it was lovely to see how carefully they sowed their seed. One child told us, “This is one of the most exciting days of my life!” (We hope that the birds, the slugs and the weather do not impact too much on our final outcome. This is the reality of farming.)

As well as learning about the science of growing things from seed, children will be given the chance to explore very ancient farming methods and compare them with more modern methods, they will find out about nutrition, strains of wheat, bread making and the impact of weather on growth, amongst many other learning strands. Our school council asked us to have more whole school projects and learning opportunities and this is one of the projects that has come from that request.

Holy Trinity Daily Mile Track Following a discussion with our older children, the decision was made to invest some of the PE grant in increasing the size of our all-weather track around the school field. If children run twice around the entire track (old and new) as well as the playground, they will have run about a mile. The work on building the second track is due to start on 19th March and should take about 9 school days to complete. There will be some restrictions on the children’s access to the field in this time. We look forward to this track encouraging children to run further and faster and more regularly. The 50m – 100m markings should help even the weaker runners to set themselves goals for running and keeping active. There is very little childhood obesity in our school and we are glad to see our children running freely and enjoying our beautiful grounds – this will make such activity even more fun and purposeful. My thanks to Mr Amor who, with the older children, designed and planned this track and who has pushed the project forward.

Charity Afternoon We have over 80 children in 18 teams preparing their stalls for the Charity Afternoon to be held on 20th March. Each team will raise funds for a charity of their choice and will sell some item or game experience to their peers.  If you are one of the responsible adults involved with a team, please make sure that your team is busy preparing for their event so that on the afternoon, everything will run smoothly. The doors will open for setting up at 1.00pm, and the first customers will come in at 1.30pm. The event closes at 2.30pm and the stall holders have about 20 minutes to clear everything before home time. We do not want long, involved raffles to draw at the end since we will be very tight for time – please make sure prizes are awarded as the afternoon progresses. We can announce one or two winners at the end if necessary.

Waste Audit Children in Sarum class carried out a waste audit of every bin in our school to find out how much rubbish we recycle, how much should be recycled that is not, and how much we send to landfill. It was a very interesting survey and has inspired us to waste less and recycle more.

School Dinners Lataca is making an appeal to our parents to make sure they order their children’s dinners the week before they are needed (or even a term before). Of all Lataca’s schools, we have the largest number of children whose parents have not ordered meals in advance! It makes things very difficult for Mrs Hayward as she tries to stretch the food to feed extra children who are not on her list. Whilst Lataca are very good about sending extra food, especially to our school where this is such a problem, sometimes it still is extremely complex to manage. Please remember to order the Friday before, (or on the last day of the previous term) at the very latest. Please make sure that your child is involved in ordering their dinner. We have a few children each day who look with dismay at their meal and say that they do not like it. If we possibly can, we try to offer them something else, but this is not always possible.

Upcoming Events (Calendar of events is available on the website at www.
Wednesday 14th March Parent – Teacher meetings 3.10pm – 6.00pm
Thursday 15th March Parent-Teacher meetings 5.30 pm – 8.00pm
Thursday 29th March Last day of term
Monday 16th April Children back in school
Tuesday 22nd  May Music concert 5.00pm
Weds 23rd May – Fri 25th May Forest of Dean residential trip
Friday 25th May Last day of half term
Tuesday 5th June Children back in school
Friday 29th  June Children’s reports published for parents
Week commencing 2nd July Parents invited to French Café experience, class by class. After lunch each day
Tuesday 3rd July and Wednesday 4th July Summer performances by Years 3 and 4
Wednesday 11th July Sports Day followed by picnic on field 9.15am – 12.50pm
Wednesday 18th July School Eucharist – Archdeacon Sue Groom 2.00pm
Monday 23rd July Parents’ welcome meetings for new academic year 5.00pm – 7.30pm
Monday 23rd July Leavers’ Assembly 2.00pm
Tuesday 24th July Last day of term


Best wishes

Mercedes Henning

PFA News


Thursday 22nd March – EASTER DISCO! – £1.50 per child to include drink & snack

– 5:00-5:45 KS1 (Foundation to Year 2)

– 6:00-6:45 KS2 (Years 3 to 6)


Friday 23rd March – FABBY FIZZY FRIDAY! – 7:30 until midnight, Little Cheverell Village Hall. Tickets £5 in advance or £6 on the door.

An evening for the grown-ups! Drinks, nibbles (please donate a plate) & music! All welcome!

We welcome and value your opinion. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Head teacher or Chair of Governors.

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