Newsletter 21 – 27th February 2015

Dear Parents

Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) We had the inspector in school on Thursday – and the process went very well. Her report will be published in a few weeks and we will make sure that copies are made available to all parents. My thanks to the parents who came in to talk to her, and to our tremendous children and staff who make our school such a wonderful place to be.

Stonehenge Library Visit The children in Stonehenge class took a coach into Devizes to visit the library and had a lovely morning there, learning about books and stories and having fun with the huge selection of books available. If your child is not a member of the library, please consider signing up and letting them borrow books – there is a vast selection of both fiction and non-fiction books to choose from. My thanks go to Miss Nisbeck, who organised this trip, to Mrs Kamei and Mrs Trusler who managed the preparations so effectively and to our volunteers, Mrs Graham Wheeler and Mrs Hiscock who accompanied the trip. My thanks also, as always when we organise a trip, to Mrs Yates and Mrs Edwards who administer the money, arrange the coaches and do all the other administrative work  necessary when taking a group of children off site.

Pancake Day What fun this event was! Although we missed Shrove Tuesday because of the half term, we ran these relay races on Tuesday this week instead. Each child was involved, running as fast as they could with a pan and pancake – with much flipping of the pancakes, of course! Congratulations to Blue team on winning this event. The points will be added to the final sports day totals, as will the points from many other sporting events throughout the year. I am very grateful to Mrs Ackerman and the other members of the PFA who supported this event so ably. And thanks also to Mr Amor who organised the races and to all the teachers and support staff who made sure the children had fun. One of our parents remarked, “It is interesting to see how kind the children are towards each other whilst being so fiercely competitive!”

Online booking for parent/teacher meetings We are going to trial an online booking system for the parent/teacher meetings in the coming term. We are using the same system that Lavington school use and hope that it will facilitate parents choosing a time slot that meets their requirements precisely.  Please log in on  and book your slot. We recommend that parents with more than one child in the school book as early as possible so that they can secure slots that are close together in time. If you do not have the internet at home, please come into school and our office staff will help you book a slot. The Parent/Teacher meetings are on 11th and 12th of March.

World Book Day One of the suggestions that came from our parental canvassing this year was that we should involve the children more in national and international events such as World Book Day. So this year we invite your child to come to school dressed as a book character and to bring the book from which they drew their character into school. This event will take place next week on Thursday 5th March. Please do not go out and spend a lot of money on a costume – just use what you have at home. It does not have to win a competition! We would like children to have the chance to think about books and reading for pleasure and this is another way of supporting that outcome.

iPad apps There is a rather good music app which allows children to compose and perform music on the iPads and you might like to download this for your children to enjoy at home. The app is called Garage Band.

Super Stars Holiday Club Holiday sports club will run from Tuesday 7th April to Friday 10th April this year and again from Monday 3rd August to Friday 7th August and from Monday 17th August to Friday 21st August. Children had the opportunity to find out a bit more about the holiday club experience this week on Wednesday as one of their coaches held workshops for each class. The feedback from children who attend is always positive. If you would like your child to attend, either for the whole week or for specific days or half days, please sign up at .


A note from the headteacher at Lavington School:

Lavington School 6th form consultation

As you may be aware we are starting the consultation process for extending our academy age range to include a 6th Form. We feel that having a 6th Form will enable our Year 11 students to continue in high quality education without the need to travel variable distances to 12 further education establishments in Wiltshire.

We believe that during the 5 years our students spend at Lavington School we get to know them well and enable them to fulfil their potential. Ofsted commented that “relationships between students and teachers are very strong”, “students consistently demonstrate outstanding attitudes towards learning” and “students’ behaviour around the school and in lessons is excellent.” We feel that we are best placed to build upon the strengths of our students and to ensure that all our students continue to make great progress during their 6th Form studies.  Our ex-students constantly tell us that they wish they could have stayed on to study at Lavington post-16 and many say how difficult it is to start all over again at a new school/college.

Therefore we feel that is in the best interests of our students and our community for Lavington to become an 11-18 school and we would appreciate it greatly if you could complete this very brief survey as part of the consultation process (by 10th March).  Please click on the link below.

Thank you

With kind regards,

Sarah Lowkis   Headteacher

Best Wishes

Mercedes Henning

PFA News

So much fun was had at pancake races on Tuesday! Thank you to the PFA helpers.

Thanks also go to those that helped on Thursday provide tea and biscuits to the SIAMs inspector and parents.

We also raised an amazing amount at Fairy Cake Friday before half term – £125.20! Thank you to cake providers, sellers and buyers.

Don’t forget the next Textile recycling on Monday 2nd March.

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