Newsletter 21 – 26th February 2021

Dear Parents

BACK TO SCHOOL! We are so looking forward to having all our wonderful children back in school on Monday 8th March! There is great excitement and preparation going on here in school! Teachers have got amazing projects planned that will allow children to spend time making and creating and exploring and investigating while chatting to their friends as much as possible. We know that this is what they have really missed over the lockdown. Teaching and learning sessions will be shorter for the first few days/weeks as well, so that children can rebuild their stamina for the longer learning sessions we would usually expect at this time of the year. We know that they will have an amazing time when they return with so many things to look forward to.

We will return to exactly the same routines as we had through the Autumn term from September to December 2020. It will be very familiar to all of you and to our children. We will continue to work in our Class Bubbles, with staggered drop off, pick up, break and lunch times so that we can avoid any cross infection between Bubbles.

Children may not bring things from home unless absolutely essential. Please dress warmly – windows and doors will be open to improve ventilation. Please wear school uniform with trainers. No adults are allowed on site without an appointment, and any essential meetings will take place outside. Please do not stop and chat when you drop off and pick up your children – go straight home. And please maintain strict distancing from each other and from our staff. We ask that people wear face coverings if at all possible when dropping off and picking up their children, as an added precaution for the safety of our staff.

If your child shows ANY SIGN of Covid infection, they must not come into school! This is really important! Any temperature, cough or change to sense of taste or smell requires a test and isolation. Keep your child at home if anyone in your house has Covid (10 day isolation), or Covid symptoms until a negative test has been returned.

• Remind your child about washing their hands properly and regularly.
• Remind them about catching their coughs and sneezes in a tissue, disposing of that safely and washing hands.
• Remind them to try to stay 2m away from other people if at all possible. (We know that for our younger children this is not feasible and we don’t really expect it.)

We must continue to bear down on this virus so that we do not have any new surges of infection as children return to school. We don’t want any increase in infection to interfere with the time line back to normality.

If you have forgotten your child’s drop off and pick up time, please consult this table.

Class Arrive at school Leave school Entrance/exit point
Stonehenge 8.20am-8.30am 2.30pm- 2.40pm Pedestrian Gate
White Horse 8.30am- 8.40am 2.40pm- 2.50pm Pedestrian Gate
Sarum 8.40am – 8.50am 2.50pm-3.00pm Pedestrian Gate
Avebury 8.50am – 9.00am 3.00pm-3.10pm Pedestrian gate
Silbury 8.50am – 9.00am 3.00pm-3.10pm Vehicular gate on field

Please order lunches from Lataca as usual if you want your child to have school dinners from 8th March.
The school bus will run as usual from 8th March.
Wrap Around Care will continue, so if you require this provision, please book in as soon as possible.

Spring in Your Step Thank you for all the AMAZING displays we can see, not only in our local villages, but all the way up to Devizes. You have brought cheer to so many people in these dark days. It is lovely to see that most of our families joined in the fun. And lots of people who are not part of our school joined in as well! Do send in photos for the Sharing page on Moodle.

Book tokens It’s World Book Day on 4th March so celebrate with a fabulous book. The lovely people at World Book Day would like every child to have a new book to go on an adventure with. This link is for a £1 voucher towards the cost of buying a book from a shop. If you’d like to support a local business, Devizes Books are taking part and you can phone/message them to order a book. However, there are also some great books on World Book Day’s website which you can have for free with the voucher so take a look at them too – the link is under the voucher. Happy reading!

Stonehenge Class Performance Poetry Competition The 2 winners of the Stonehenge poetry competition were Joseph Noad Yr1 & Nell Wilson FS. Well done to you two, and to everyone who submitted an entry – they were all amazing and we are very proud of every one of you! You will all get a certificate to celebrate your great performances.

We look forward to enjoying the virtual performances from White Horse and Sarum classes soon.

Best wishes
Mercedes Henning

Feedback on Equalities Survey
Thank you to all those who responded to the Equalities survey. We received 24 responses, which is around 25% of our families. Each response was worth about 4%.

The overwhelming majority of those who responded (79%) are satisfied that the school promotes successful learning for all pupils to achieve their full potential taking into account the 9 characteristics required under the Equalities legislation. Two respondents did not agree with this assessment and their comments have been noted and will be discussed and fed into our future plans.

92% of respondents agree that children learn effectively about different religions.

Three respondents would like to see more use of social media in school communication – again, these comments will feed into future discussions and plans.

Parking and crossing to the school were highlighted by a small minority of respondents. We note these remarks and will include them in our discussions, though we are severely limited in what we can do about these matters.

The majority of respondents saw no barriers to learning in our school, although a few respondents mentioned the parking and some physical and other aspects of the school as possible barriers. These again will be noted and fed into our future plans.

As you will be aware, as a school we always welcome warmly children with special educational needs and other characteristics highlighted in the Equalities legislation. The outcomes of all our children are very good academically when measured on Government assessments and on outcomes in secondary school and beyond. Also importantly secondary schools often comment on how well prepared our children are socially, as independent learners and courteous, responsible citizens.

We are, of course, always ready to improve our practice, and staff are regularly involved in CPD (we have had recent training on Speech and Language Therapy, Autistic Spectrum Condition, Attachment Disorder and Dyslexia) to ensure that our practice is modern, up to date and as good as possible for all children, especially those who find things more challenging.

If you have any further comments or suggestions, please do email the school office.
Kind regards
Claire Goddard

From Mrs Woodman Please have a look on Moodle (Whole School Page, under Sharing) or on Facebook for a beautiful video made by Mrs Woodman to celebrate our wonderful school. Mrs Woodman has done a superb summary, in images and music, of all the very best things about our school and we think you will enjoy watching this. We are really enjoying working with our new headteacher elect, whose wise, sensitive and intelligent leadership will take our school forward from September.

We welcome and value your opinion. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Head teacher or Chair of Governors

Upcoming Events (Calendar of events available on the website at www.

Friday 12th February Last day of half term
Monday 22nd February Home schooling starts again
Monday 8th March Everyone back in school! See detail in this newsletter!
Thursday 1st April Last day of term
Monday 19th April School re-opens
Monday 3rd May May Day Holiday
Friday 28th May Last day of half term
Wednesday 9th June Everyone back to school 7th and 8th of June are TD days
Tuesday 6th July Sports day and picnic on the field afterwards 9.15am – 12.00 Sports Day
12.00pm – 12.45pm Picnic
Parents welcome if restrictions permit
Monday 12th July and Wednesday 14th July Parent/Teacher meetings 3.20pm – 5.50pm – we will keep you updated as Covid restrictions change
Tuesday 20th July School Eucharist 2.00pm with the Bishop. All parents welcome if restrictions permit
Wednesday 21st July Leavers’ Assembly 2.00pm – Year 6 parents welcome if restrictions permit
Thursday 22nd July Last day of summer term 23rd July is a TD day

PFA News

PFA on hold
The PFA activities are currently on hold. When school returns we will continue to make plans for fundraising, and fun events and activities which benefit your children at Holy Trinity

If you would like to help or have a question please get in touch at
or on our Facebook page Holy Trinity (Great Cheverell) PFA

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