Newsletter 21 – 26th February 2016

Dear Parents

Parent/Teacher Meetings You are formally invited to meet with your child’s class teacher again on Wednesday 9th March and Thursday 10th March. You will need to go online to book an appointment slot for this meeting using the website: Each appointment is 10 minutes long and we are strict about adhering to that time. If you wish for a longer appointment after that meeting, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher to arrange this.

Clean for the Queen with Claire Perry Next Friday, 4th March, Claire Perry, MP for Devizes, will be visiting our school to talk to the children about her role and about British democracy. She will then stay on to help us carry out a littler pick and clean the grounds and surrounding areas as part of the “Clean for the Queen” campaign being run in honour of the Queen’s birthday. The older children will be doing some work in the playground across the road – they will wear protective gloves and will be carefully supervised. It is important for our children to gain an understanding of their role as stewards of our planet and this helps them in a practical way.

Outreach into other schools We regularly have teachers from other schools come to our school to watch best practice and to discuss outstanding teaching and learning with our teachers – we are always very happy to share our practice with others and to try to raise standards for all children in the local area.

iPad apps There is a rather good music app which allows children to compose and perform music on the iPads and you might like to download this for your children to enjoy at home. The app is called Garage Band.

Holiday Club A reminder that our very popular holiday club will run from 29th March – 1st April during the Easter holidays. Go to to book or phone 0845 2413682. Free water bottle for all bookings before 12th March.

A summary of the Behaviour Policy The school has a set of rules for behaviour which are aimed at promoting kindness, generosity, honesty and good relationships, so that people can work together in a supportive atmosphere with the common purpose of helping everyone to learn, to be creative, to grow emotionally and physically, and to be happy. Behaviour is this school is outstanding, which is why learning and enjoyment of school are rated so highly by children, by parents and by other stakeholders who work with our children. We regularly have wonderful comments from coaches and other visitors to our school, commending the behaviour of our children and comparing it very favourably with other schools and other children.

We praise and reward children for good behaviour in a variety of ways: teachers and other staff praise children; teachers run reward schemes of their own choosing; special certificates/stickers can be awarded; children might visit a leader of learning or the headteacher to celebrate with them; sharing assemblies are held and examples of children’s achievements are shown.

Occasionally it may be necessary to sanction a child who has misbehaved or disobeyed the school rules. The sanctions may take the form of a non-verbal reprimand (meeting the child’s eyes) or verbal reprimand, isolating the child for a few minutes within the classroom or on the playground, an interview with a leader of learning or the headteacher and/or playtime detention – either by staying inside or remaining near the adult on duty. Sometimes children will be asked to complete a piece of work in their own time if it was not done satisfactorily in lesson time. Should behaviour not improve, parents will be called in to discuss ways in which they can support the child and the school in their efforts to improve behaviour. This happens extremely rarely, but, if the parents support the school, the child’s behaviour always does improve remarkably quickly.

The full behaviour policy is available on our website – follow this link:

Wake and Shake Thank you to our wonderful Year 6 children who have suggested that they include some of our youngest children in the Wake and Shake programmes each morning. These young leaders collect the little children from their classroom, help them learn the routine in the hall, and deliver them back to the classroom with great care and gentleness. The children in Stonehenge classroom love doing this and it is a tribute to the values that our older children have internalised, that they would take on this responsibility so generously and with such tenderness. My thanks to all the adults who join in with Wake and Shake on the playground – the children really like to see everyone taking part, and will join in more enthusiastically if all those around them are having fun and joining in.

Upcoming Events(Calendar of events is available on the website at www.


Wednesday 9th March Parent/teacher meetings 3.15pm -6.00pm
Thursday 10th March Parent/teacher meetings 5.30pm-8.00pm
Thursday 24th March Charity fund raiser for outdoor classroom – for children and their helpers only. 1.00pm – 3.00pm
Thursday 24th March Last day of the term
Tuesday 29th March – Friday 1st April Holiday club
Monday 11th April Back to school
Tuesday 24th May Music Concert 5.00pm


Best wishes


Mercedes Henning

PFA News

Tonight’s the night!! FABBY FRIDAY is here! Tickets available on the door. A fun night of  prosecco (beer and soft drinks), music and friends so put the date in your diary, buy your entry ticket from School Reception and come down to Little Cheverell Village Hall and help us raise funds for the Outdoor Classroom. We have a Champagne Raffle tonight as well! Friday 4th March: Special Mother’s Day Tuck Shop – Ssssshhhh! Don’t tell your mums or grannies but there will be pocket money flowers and cards for sale and some yummy Easter Nests alongside the normal tuck shop goodies.

Monday 7th March: Textiles Recycling – you can recycle clothes, shoes, belts, handbags, bed linen, towels, curtains (NO duvets/cushions/pillows/rags/offcuts of material or toys).

Friday 18th March: Junior Bake Off and Easter Disco! Watch this space for The Big Spring Clean Easter Clear-out, Beer and Bid Night in April and First Aid Training Course! Our Facebook page is regularly updated with the latest news and what is happening. So ask to join the group, Holy Trinity (Great Cheverell) PFA.


We welcome and value your opinion. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Head teacher or Chair of Governors.


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