Newsletter 20 – 7th February 2014

Dear Parents

Half Term Break is from 17th February to 21st February. Holiday club will run through this week. Please sign up online if you are interested (we have some letters in the office) – it is a very popular club and the children who attend have a great time.

Charity Afternoon This was a wonderful event. My thanks to our extraordinary children and to those who offered to come along and help them. We had 10 stalls, with a great variety of activities on offer – including cake sales, spin the wheel, tombola, treasure maps, puzzle and colouring sheets, lucky dip, tattoos, target hitting, Guess the Name of the Teddy and Guess How Many Sweets in a Jar, a raffle and pin the flag. The charities that were supported included Dog’s Trust, WWF, Water Aid, Children in Need, Dorothy House, Help for Heroes, Cancer Research, Oxfam, Hope Trust and Nestlings.  It was really moving to see how beautifully the stall holders worked with their customers, especially with the youngest customers who needed a lot of support. They made sure each child felt important and valuable and enjoyed their experience.  The stalls had to be set up in half an hour and taken down in ten minutes – they managed this flawlessly. The planning and preparation had been meticulous, and the team work was outstanding.  They have raised well over £200 in total – a remarkable achievement! Well done to all our outstanding children. Thank you to all who sent money in, in carefully marked and easy to manage containers.

Sharing Assembly Do come along on Friday afternoons at 2.15pm to watch Sharing Assembly. This is an event where a few children from each class share with the whole school some work they have done in the preceding week. It is not a performance, just a celebration of great learning. It is lovely for parents to see what has happened in school over the previous week and to see the progress children make as they move through the school. You might occasionally see your own child sharing something if you happen to be present on that particular day, but you will always see someone’s child sharing something wonderful whenever you come, and you can celebrate with the whole school community.

Willow Structure My heartfelt thanks to Ms Bates and Mrs Read, Ms Newmark and Mrs Elliot who spent a cold morning trimming our willow den and modelling it into something even more wonderful. The children love playing in these structures and they look beautiful on our field. We are very fortunate to have so many generous volunteers in our school and we are grateful to all of them.

Infant Free School Meals If you have not yet sent back your reply, please do so – we would be very grateful for some idea of how many extra meals we need to prepare for. Please tell us whether you will be having schools meals for either your Infant child/ren (in which case they are free) or for your KS2 child/ren.

Some important dates

  • Braeside residential trip for Year 3 children: Wednesday 5th March – Thursday 6th March
  • Braeside residential trip for Year 4 children: Thursday 6th March – Friday 7th March
  • Parent/teacher meetings: Wednesday 12th March (3.00pm – 5.00pm) and Thursday 13th March (5.30pm – 8.00pm)
  • End of term: Friday 4th April


From the Great Cheverell Community Speedwatch Team

You will have noticed that Great Cheverell now has a Community Speedwatch (CSW) team, and that they are taking a keen interest in the road outside the School, especially in the mornings when children are arriving. This is helping to address a very serious problem with traffic at that time – for example, over the week 20-24 January, 718 vehicles drove past the School at that time, 44 of which were exceeding 24mph (allowing an approved margin of error) – the fastest was recorded at a truly shocking 44mph. An impact at that speed would kill a child instantly.

The CSW team is made up entirely of local volunteers, most of whom are retired, and all of whom really want to make the village a safer place to be. All of them have been trained by, and work to the standards set by, Wiltshire Police. All the readings taken are sent to the Police for action, and may result in the Police themselves taking speed readings at this point. While CSW readings will only ever result in a warning letter, the Police have the authority to issue a Court Summons.

So, please regard the CSW team as an important safeguard for our children at the most dangerous time of their school day.

School Packed Lunches  Thank you for always providing such great packed lunches for your children – many schools struggle with inappropriate food being sent in for children’s lunches, but in this school the lunch boxes are all always a model of healthy eating options. This contributes to children enjoying school, enjoying their learning and making great progress.

Slipping Please note that the slope leading onto the field can be very slippery when it is wet. Try to avoid walking on this slope and rather use the path across the top of the field to get from the playground to Sarum/White Horse class doors, or use the perimeter path around the school if it is dry enough. It is almost always possible to access the back of the school by coming past Stonehenge classroom. This is usually an easier route for buggies and prams as well.

Chicken Pox We have several cases of chicken pox in school at the moment. Please be aware that children with chicken pox must stay away from school until every spot has scabbed over (they are welcome back with a few scabs in place – these can take weeks to heal completely). If you are pregnant, check with your midwife.

PFA – Dates for Your Diaries

Textile Recycling – The PFA have organised for recycling to take place on the first Monday of every month so the next one is on Monday 3rd February.  Please bring your textiles to school, bagged up and ready to go!  Collection will be at the playground gate.

Fairy Cake Friday Friday 14th February.  Mixing bowls at the ready – be totally imaginative with your cake donations please.  Cakes will be for sale after school and all donations are much appreciated and can be brought in on Friday morning.  Thanks.

Second Hand Uniform Sale – The next date for this is Friday, 28th February.

Best wishes              

Mercedes Henning



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